Why do we celebrate Flag Day?

In 1885 B.J Cigrand, a teacher and his students observed as 108th anniversary of official adaptation of the “stars and stripes” as the flag in year 1777 and after a year later got independence from Great Britain. President Henry Truman signed an act in which 14 June was taken as the national Flag Day in 1949.

“stars and stripes” in the flag represents the liberty, freedom and economical opportunities for the helpless, poor, hungry people all over the world who are in pitiful conditions due to natural calamities, war etc. and it gives the hope to the downtrodden, poor and safety for all the people.

George Washington the father of country says that the stars in the flag is taken as the symbol of stars in heaven , red color is taken from the motherland which is parted with white stripes in it and shows that we were separated from our mother country and white represents prosperity with liberty.

It is the day when all Americans show their respect towards their flag and country by celebrating this day. Flag represents unity and independence under god, indivisible. This flag leaded in all the battles fought and large number of people died for its protection and flag stands even on the surface of moon proudly.

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