How does an atomic bomb work?

Every Matter contains vast amounts of energy. To understand it better, we must keep in mind Einstein’s famous E=mc^2 equation, where E means Energy, M means Mass, and C means speed of light. It means that when the speed of light squared is multiplied by […]

Why an egg floats in salty water?

You have always noticed that an egg sinks in the fresh water or plain water while it starts floating in the salt water this because when you add salt to the water you are adding more molecules to the water. Earlier the molecules were apart […]

What are the ways to prevent global warming?

The main causes of global warming are greenhouse gases which are released into the atmosphere through various human activities. We can take many steps to reduce global warming. On roads Carbon dioxide is released into the air by the burning of fuels which contribute in […]

Why does Easter fall on different days?

Easter is a festival celebrated all over the world by the Christians but the date of Easter changes every year according to the Gregorian calendar which is a calendar accepted all over the world for civil use. Gregorian ecclesiastical rules determine the date by going […]

What cause a rainbow?

We have often seen rainbow in the sky after it has rained. When the light coming from the sun passes through the tiny droplets of water in the air exactly after it has rained we are able to see rainbow in the sky. We know […]

How to clean plastic surfaces?

Plastics are used in many products. It provides protective surface for countertops and cabinets also. Plastic surfaces can be easily cleaned. Things required to clean plastics are:- Kitchen cleaner spray Mild detergent Warm water Sponge Nylon bristled brush Mild glass cleaner Soft cloths Plastics do […]

Who invented Eraser?

In 1770, a famous British scientist Joseph Priestly discovered a substance which he found was suitable for wiping the marks made by black lead pencil on paper. English engineer, Edward Nairne is also given the credit for inventing the first commercial rubber eraser in 1770. […]

What is water pollution?

Water is the most essential substance required by all humans, plants and animals. We cannot imagine life without water but nowadays water on earth is getting polluted which has become a topic of discussion. Polluted water can badly affect our health and also the animals […]

How do hurricanes form?

Hurricane is one of the most violent storms experienced by earth. These storms are cyclones, typhoons etc. they are called as tropical cyclone and that form over eastern Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean are known as hurricanes. For the formation of hurricane the water temperature […]

How do explosives work?

The main ingredients of explosives are inflammable chemicals that should be carefully handled and should be handled by experts only. If handled by amateurs, explosives can cause severe damage and innocent and property. During the process of detonation, gases get released that expand rapidly giving […]