Why did war of Vietnam begin?

The incident started in the beginning of 20th century when a Vietnamese nationalist Ho Chin Minh was studying in U.S and wrote to president to seek their help to run the country which was then under French but all this was not attended by U.S that time. Afterwards they approached this same man and said that after their help to fight against Japan U.S will definitely help Vietnamese to get their independence. But U.S moved from its word then people in Vietnam united under Minh to stand against France. At that time a treaty named S.E.A.T.O. was signed by Vietnam. North was the communist and south became democratic.

Truman and western allies took communism as the big threat after World War II in December 1949 Chinese communist forces met victory in the civil war. Now France tried to capture the control over south East Asian countries including Vietnam in 1945 after the world war ended. U.S feared that the communism may spread to the other countries. U.S felt that they should now fulfill the needs of Vietnam to avoid it going into the hands of Ho Chi Minh which will again unite the Vietnam and form communist rule. So they started supplying weapons to south to help them so that they can protect themselves from rebels. U.S sent combat troops to South Vietnam. So the two groups started clashing.
War started in 1959 and was one of the brutal battles fought between Democratic Republic of Vietnam and Republic of Vietnam. It was ended after 16 long years. Many men lost their lives. Finally a treaty was signed in which U.S army has to move out of Vietnam and it was united again.

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    The above information is inaccurate. The first error is the statement that ” Ho-Chi Minh attended school in the United States” is absolutely the opposite of the truth.! Nguy?n Ái Qu?c, also known as Ho Chi Minh, was educated in France.; and, later in life would receive a supplemental education in the Soviet Union.

    Omg this is all wrong the war lasted 25 years and vietnam signed a treaty with france in the summer of 1954 called the geneva accords which stated that vietnam would temporarily seperate in the until their national elections in 1956 to reunify their country! the reason the war started was because Ngo Dinh diem convinced south vietnam that the North was attempting to attack and that it was time to counterattack so that’s why north vietnam attacked! damn yall need to get yo facts straight!!!!!!!!

    this website is alright, it has saved me a lot of time you should do a lot more stuff on history but get rid of those stupid errors ive found like four!!! 😛

    Dont forget that the Majority of the people in So. Vietnam were Buddhist while Diem a Catholic and his brothers- Archbishop and Head of Secret Police- arrested and executed many of their own Buddhist citizens. This tends to turn people against a government. Hello?

    We live in a democracy where more than 60% of US were against the War, and even more Viets opposed the War in So. Vietnam. Also this little fact- Congress granted Johnson expansive war powers but without a congressional deceleration of war! Hello?

    This tends to turn people against the Government. Even Johnson is on tape wishing he could get out! Westmorland admitted in a statement that Bombing would not have brought war to end. Kissinger in writing stated that American troops were not suited to this type of war. Sometimes a quick Cost/ Benefit analysis is useful guide to planning!

    Other than the $120 Billion down the Drain and the 2 million Viet lives lost- it was a Grand idea!

    All this leaves out the facts how we got into a combat role. Eisenhower signed a treaty with the South in 1958. We had military trainers and an array of support personnel in country. That’s about it, no combat role. LBJ pined for a larger U.S. role, but Kennedy refused. I joined the U.S. Navy in February, 1964 and had never heard of Viet Nam. Remember, Kennedy was assassinated in November, 1963, refusing to expand our role past training/assistance. In April, 1964, we got word one of our destroyers had been attacked in the Tonkin Gulf by North Viet Nam. LBJ proclaimed it an act of war and immediately started preparations for the build up to half a million troops throughout South Viet Nam. Basic training was cut from 12 to 9 weeks. Basic Training Company’s went from 85 recruits to 110. It was the talk of everyone on base (Great Lakes NTC). History has revealed there was no firing on a U.S Warship. Many people I’ve talked to and info from Newspaper/Magazine articles over the years raise suspicion that LBJ had something to do with JFK’s killing. And within 6 months created the very escalation he wanted from the start. LBJ owned stock in Bell Helicopter, and this was a Helo driven war. He owned stock in Philco/Ford Construction, the only civilian construction firm in Nam. LBJ was the Devil in Disguise!

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