Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is celebrated for remembering all those soldiers who had given their lives in war, battles and even in peace to maintain our freedom, peace and liberty. Those who have sacrificed their lives for us deserved to be remembered by us so that we can admire their courage and bravery.

The specific day for celebrating Memorial Day or we can say honor those brave soldiers is Monday. When this day was not officially accepted it was then known as “decoration day” in which people decorate the graves of soldiers. Historians mention that in 1865 first memorial day or Decoration Day was celebrated by liberated slaves in Charleston. And the place was former confederate prison camp and also there were graves of union soldiers who died in captivity. Parades of union soldiers in large number was held with the singing of patriotic songs. After one year this day was officially accepted and celebrated on 5th may in waterloo, New York. This day got its official name in year 1967 and in 1968 a bill was passed by the congress for the uniform holidays in which three holidays were transferred to the specified Monday that creates a three days weekend and memorial day was transferred to the last Monday in the month of May.

Many of us nowadays have forgotten the real meaning of Memorial Day. No doubt it was begun with the motive to salute and remember the brave soldiers but today most of us took it as a day off. Now this day is taken as the day to remember the friend or relative who had passed and not the soldiers.

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