Why do people drink alcohol?

After researches many answers have come up for this question but the main answer for this question is socialization. People start taking alcohol just to get fit in the society. They took alcohol drinking as the status symbol and they also relaxed from the stress […]

Why do people dream?

Everyone has different ideas about dreams but in real they themselves are not sure about it. One of the theories commonly said by doctors is that when u are at any place, say office home etc. A lot many events are going around and you […]

How do forest fires affects humans?

Forest fire is both bad and good for human. It is bad because it destroys many valuable trees and plants while it is good because of forests regeneration and give tangible benefits to local communities. BAD EFFECTS 1) Forest fire releases biomass smoke which has […]

Why are people cutting down rainforests?

Rainforests are cleared up because of the following reasons:- LOGGING Cutting of trees in the rainforests by the logging companies is to obtain timber. They cut large trees like teak; mahogany for making furniture and the smaller one is used to produce the charcoal. The […]

Why do people go hiking?

Hiking is an outdoor activity and generally a part of camping, climbing, mountaineering, paragliding etc. it is a very good source of recreation and we walk because of our own wish not because we are compelled to do so. The journey matters more than the […]

Why do people smoke?

Smoking is an addiction and is more addictive as compared to alcohol, heroine, and cocaine. World health organization had studied that most of the people all over the world are killed by smoking than any other disease. Generally the smokers get into the habit in […]

Why do people bite their nails?

The clinical name for the nail biting is “chronic onychophagia”. Mostly nail biting starts from the childhood and it gradually becomes habit as a person grows up. And if this habit is because of nervous condition then instead of removing the habit we should try […]

Why do people sleep?

Sleep is very important for every mammal, reptile, bird, and amphibian. Bat needs 20 hours of sleep per day, human eight hours and giraffes two hours. The animals that are low in food chain sleep less and this protect them from predators when they sleep […]

Why do people lie?

Almost all of us lie when we are in one or the other situation. Behavior of lying starts from the age of four to five years when we become aware of that we can use the power of language to escape or to influence a […]

Why do people smile?

Our inner state of emotions are easily guessed through are facial expressions. So when someone smiles that shows that he is calm, not angry and have friendly attitude towards the other person and many more things can be depicted just by smiling at someone with […]