Who invented the dictionary?

Dictionaries have been around since 2300 BC and the oldest dictionaries were discovered in Syria. Over the years Chinese, European, Arabic and English dictionaries were also written. Robert Cawdrey, an English school teacher published the first English alphabetical dictionary. However it was Samuel Johnson who […]

Why is it called good friday?

Not only by the name of “good Friday” have we called this day. In different countries it is known by different names. In Latin America, France Italy, Vietnam, Japan, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Philippines is called as “holy Friday”, “Mourning Friday” in Germany, “long Friday” in […]

Why the Roman Empire fell?

Two thousand years back when the civilization was developing roman republic was the one who became strong and created an empire. Life started in the Rome which leads to many achievements and inventions. Everybody was happy and earning enough money including the rulers of empire […]