Why is the grass green?

Grass has green color because it has a pigment like other plants called as chlorophyll. This pigment is found in organelles (little factories) in a plant cell known as chloroplasts which is involved in the process called photosynthesis (a process by which plants make their […]

How do plants grow?

Plants grow from the seeds, and the seeds are covered by a natural coating known as seed coat. Water is very helpful to develop a seedling from the embryo of a seed and further helps the seedling to break the seed coat. This process is […]

How to get rid of algae?

Algae are a type of plant that grows in water. It is unicellular (made up of only one cell) or multicellular (made up of more than one cell). In oceans and seas algae is in the large and complex form known as seaweed where as […]

Why do plants need water?

Water is very important for the survival of human beings, plants and animals. There are many reasons why water is needed by plants. Solvent Water acts as the solvent for the minerals present in the soil and with the absorption of water from the soil […]

How do flowers produce seeds?

Every flower that we admire has its beginnings from a seed. A seed is sown in the soil from where it germinates and grows into a plant having flowers. The seed needs to be nourished with water and food so that it can germinate and […]

Why do trees loose their leaves?

Trees lose their leaves in the winter season in cold areas. The reason for this is to save energy in the unfavorable climate which prevents the tree from damaging. It starts breaking the organic compounds and the valuable nutrients present in it which are again […]