Who invented Ferrari?

The name Ferrari is associated with the world famous racing car under the same name. Enzo Ferrari of Italy, born in Modena, was the founder and creator of the first Ferrari car in 1929. Enzo Ferrari worked for Alfa Romeo and headed the motor racing department there. He then left Alfa Romeo in 1939 and began work on a 12 cylinder engine and in 1947 displayed it followed by other releases.

Scuderia Ferrari produced a number of sports cars which won several races with its own teams and became an icon in car racing. Ferrari also supplies Formula one race cars to other teams. Ferrari manufactures road cars with 2+2 seating with front engine as well as mid engine. Their 12-engine model Testarossa became very popular over the years. The Ferrari Millechili is the latest concept car produced by Ferrari. Ferrari has announced plans to make hybrid and bio fuel cars by 2015. They had exhibited a model which runs on ethanol fuel at the Auto Show in Detroit in 2008.

The famous Ferrari race team sports the symbol Cavallino Rampante meaning ‘prancing horse’ etched on a shield and is yellow in color with stripes of green, white and red. Ferrari racing cars are painted in race red color traditionally.

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