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How to test the purity of milk?

Generally, to test the purity of milk, an instrument called ‘lactometer’ is used. However, a lactometer is not a very feasible instrument for household use; also there are various types of milk products with varying fat and cream content. Thus, it becomes too hard to […]

How to get rid of garlic smell?

Garlic is an important ingredient to add flavor to many dishes. Other than adding flavor, it has medicinal properties. It helps to protect us against heart diseases, effects of high cholesterol and fights against high blood pressure. Garlic has a very powerful smell, which is […]

Who invented Hot Dog?

Hot dogs are also known as frankfurters because it is believed that they were invented in Frankfurt-am-Main, in Germany approximately in 1484. There are also claims that Johann Georghehner who was a butcher in Coburg, Germany invented hot dogs in 1600. A hot dog is […]

Who invented frozen food?

The method of freezing food was first invented in 1929 by Clarence Birdseye a popular American inventor in order to preserve the food from decomposing. He developed and commercialized a method which quick-freezes food products into convenient packs by converting water into ice. This freezing […]