Why do we celebrate halloween?

Halloween is celebrated with candies, bright costumes, black cats, pumpkins etc. It is believed that 2000 years back Halloween was originated from the Celtic festival of samhain. They worship the nature’s beauty, the sun and also samhain who was believed as lord of dead pupils. These people also believe that samhain calls all the dead souls on 31st October and all that souls would come back to the earth and take shape of animals or humans.

November 1 was the New Year for Celts. It is marked as the end of summer and harvest and start of winter which is mostly associated with death of human. These people thought that during night before New Year the boundary between worlds of living people and world of dead gets intermingled. So the spirits of dead people return back to earth. But living people does not want them to come back so they extinguish fires to let them feel cold if they enter in their places. They are dressed in strange way and create noise in order to frighten spirits searching for bodies.

The custom of practicing “trick-or treating” was probably originated from the soul’s day of English. In this day poor people come to beg for food from the wealthy families. This food is called “soul cakes” and in return the poor pray for the dead relatives of the wealthy family.
The tradition of celebrating Halloween is going on from ages. We are celebrating it in same ways as our father used to celebrate but Halloween has passed through a large span of time. So gradually many distortions and new additions has changed its originality and we hardly know about these distortions and additions so we are celebrating it as it has come to us.

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