Why do fish have scales?

Many fishes have scales but clingfishes do not have. Their body has a layer which is called mucous. Scales on the fish body helps fish in some ways like:- Firstly it acts as a protective layer so that harmful objects, fungus, bacteria and parasites cannot […]

How do we get afflicted from roundworms?

Roundworms are also known as nematodes and can affect both adults and children. These worms will usually live in the human intestines after they have come in contact with humans. Even pets can get affected by roundworms and even pass the same to the humans. […]

How to get rid of chiggers?

Chiggers are also known as harvest mites and red bugs. They are very small in size which makes them hard to see with naked eyes. People call them tiny lobsters. Chiggers live in damp and shady bushes, tall grass, weeds, fences, leaves, bark and dense […]

Why do tiger have stripes?

Stripes on the body of tiger mainly help them to hide. Stripped body cannot be easily recognized in the shadow of forests. It helps the tiger to escape from the predators and himself can easily hunt for its prey. Scientists say that color blindness is […]

How to get rid of flies?

Flies in the house always irritate and disturb you when they buzz around, particularly if they are in large number. Moreover some of them can transmit disease causing microbes that can be harmful to our health and can cause diseases like cholera, tuberculosis, food poisoning, […]

How to cut dog nails?

It is important to cut your dog nails and it is important too to know when to cut your dog’s nails. If you are not aware of the proper way of cutting the dog nails then it will cause crippling pain in the paws of […]

How to get rid of silverfish?

Silverfish is not harmful for the humans but they may do harm to your things like books, clothes, food etc. Here are some ways to get rid of silverfish:- Proper sanitation is important as it prevents reinfestation. Silverfish are attracted towards moist places like sinks, […]

Why do cats cough up hairballs?

Your cat appears to be normal and suddenly it feels irritated and after few minutes again return to her normal behavior this is because of hairballs which are irritating her. These hairballs are very common especially in the long-haired cats. When a grooms itself with […]

How do Parrot and Myna speak like us?

It is really very fascinating to see how birds such as parrots and myna can talk like human beings. These birds can imitate the voice of human beings. These birds can speak small words and very short sentences if they are taught and trained well. […]