What are airplanes made of?

Mostly all the airplanes are made up of the light and strong metal because the plane has to fly in the air and it is always tried that the weight of the plane’s body should be minimum. Its frame is mostly made up of aluminum […]

How a refrigerator works?

Refrigerator is found in almost everybody’s kitchen. It is used to store the leftover food instead of throwing it and helps to keep the things cold. Air conditioning and refrigeration work on the same idea. It does not cool but removes the heat so that […]

When was electricity invented?

George Carlin says “electricity is just organized lightening” or we can say that electricity always existed it was not invented instead it was discovered. It has become a very important part of today’s life. Most of the things and appliances we use run on electricity. […]

How does a camera work?

Photography is a passion shared by professionals and amateurs alike. With the advent of modern digital technology, it has become extremely simple to click, store, send and print the pictures. Photographs are an excellent way of storing your memories. Traditional Cameras use the varying light […]

How do we find directions in the sea?

Mariners have always used the position of the latitude and the longitude to seek directions in the sea as well as mark their relative positions in the sea. Historically, they would calculate their position by looking at the North Star Polaris with a sextant when […]

How does a ballistic missile work?

Ballistic missiles are large and powerful missiles that are designed to attack a long-distance target carrying a warhead that may also be a nuclear warhead. These missiles use a suborbital trajectory and may sometimes reach higher than space altitudes (over 100 km), exiting the earth’s […]

How does a laser printer works?

Laser printer works on a principle called the static electricity. A charge is built up on any object that can be a balloon, your body etc. we know that atom with opposite charge attracts each other and the objects bind with the others having atoms […]