What can we do to preserve the forest?

Forests all around the world are getting destroyed for one or the other reason. In U.S.A one billion acres of land was covered by forests and now only five percent of it is left.
Tropical rain forests are destroying at the rate of 80,000 acres per day. So we have to take steps to preserve the forests else it would affect very badly to humans and other species on the planet.

We can teach the people about the importance of the forests and how they help in balancing the eco-system and climate of earth. And also support the societies and companies which have came up for saving the forests. One more thing which can be done is to plant trees on the land where once there was forest.

The destruction of forests can be slowed, stopped or even can also be reversed by planting more and more trees. Forests should be rehabilitate and restore damaged forest lands with the protection that they are not further destroyed.

Permaculture techniques should be promoted because the poor farmer’s finds their way for cultivation is by cutting the forest and leaves the land exhausted. By this technique they can raise the money and can enhance degraded soil by restoring nutrients. These types of techniques also help to maintain biological diversity, forest systems and soils.

Greenhouse effect has started by planting trees and the large scale. But in some places it still had to take a start.

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