Why was the Berlin wall built?

After the second world war Germany was fragmented into two parts i.e. east Germany under the communist rule of soviet union and the west Germany which was democratic country supported by U.S.A. Berlin lies in the centre of east Germany so it was divided for the occupation by Russia, U.S.A. and England. The relation between West Germany which was democratic and East Germany which was communist was getting bitter. So a wall was built which separated east and West Germany. This wall prevented the people from the East Germany to enter west Germany and enjoy freedom. East Germany had already lost many workers who went to other part. The higher officials of East Germany thought that best way to prevent the flow of manpower to west was to build the wall. The wall was constructed on 13th august 1961. It was one hundred and seven kilometers long and four meters in height, built with concrete. On the east part of the wall a trench was made so that no vehicle may hit the wall and to restrict the people from jumping the wall. If somebody tries to cross the wall then he was shot without asking any question.

Before the construction of wall nearly 2.6 million people came to West Germany because that was the place where people can live with freedom but in the east there was communist rule and the public had to suffer.

The wall separated these two countries for 28 years. Finally on 9th November 1989 East Germany decided to open the borders between east and West Germany. That day was celebrated by the people of both the sides. They greeted each other with flowers and danced on the wall.

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