Why do people talk in their sleep?

In scientific terms sleep talking is called as SOMNILOQUY. Many people, mostly 50% children and five percent adults brain confuses and talk in their sleep. Sleep talk occurs in some people may be because of stress, anxiety, having less sleep, unresolved issues, eating in excess exactly before going to bed or it can be due to some unfinished task that has remained in our subconscious. Most people co-relate REM sleep with sleep talking. During rapid eye movement (REM) we have our most memorable dreams but truth is that sleep talking mostly happens in non-REM sleep and at that time our body is experiencing partial paralyses. Sleep talking usually happens during the change in stage of sleep.

It mostly occurs in children because of their immature state of brain and less sleep. It has also been observed that the person is shocked when he comes to know about his talks and behavior during the sleep from the other person because they had totally forgotten everything they talked in sleep.

When we are not in deep sleep there is a very thin difference between conscious and subconscious. At this time person’s brain goes through frightening hallucinations as subconscious is still active. Sleep talking is not harmful but can annoy the person sleeping next to him. Sleep talk may occur in the form of simple muttering, long conversations, aggressive talks etc. but in most of the cases it is calm. Aggression or yelling is seen in very rare cases.

Nobody exactly knows about the reason behind the sleep talk but to stay away from sleep talking one should avoid stress, relax before going to bed and must have the proper amount of sleep.

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    I sleep talk every night and always have, no idea why i do it. But i am told every night of the things i say or scream. i scream a lot i guess? I’ll respond to people in my sleep and not even realize it. I also speak like gibberish in my sleep haha I’ve been told its definitely not english weird…

    I talk in my sleep almost every night and sometimes i even realize that i literally talk. Its really irritating to the person i am sleeping next to cause i have experienced my brother doing the same.The funny thing is, no one has ever heard what i talk about and for that i don’t worry much about talking in my sleep.

    i have been sleeptalking a lot recently. my mother and my sister both tell me that i say really strange things. they recall me calling my sister once and saying “here, put ur gun away before u hurt someone” and then they say i gave my sister my hand as if i were giving her a gun. i still question whether they’re lying to me or not. but wat reason would they have to lie?

    I am staying with a good friend and if not for her I would be homeless. However, she talks 99% of the night

    even though she is not spanish and speaks spanish fluently (never had a lesson and is amazing) she even

    speaks in spanish while sleeping. She giggles and carry’s on a full conversation’s. So is there anyone else

    who does this? I have to sleep on a mattress on the floor next to her. Not complaining just wondering what

    is going on.

    Apparently I talk alot while I sleep. I am 39. My question is can people who are not sleeping make you say things that really aren’t true. Like my husband thinks I have like all these boyfriends, I think he pushes me to say things while I’m sleeping, any non talkers try this. By the way I like when I wake up talking, it makes me laugh. The other day I said go put the carrots away.

    Is there anyone that knows how to get a person to talk in there sleep? my spouse used to talk in her sleep, when she was an active alcoholic. Also, she was an active drug user and is was hardcore stuff.she used to talk in her sleep all the time, until she went into recovery. now she doesn’t hardly ever talk in her sleep anymore,(not that i’m complaining….lol) but, i feel she is being untrue to us and am hoping that there would be a way to get her to talk about it in her sleep. can anyone help?

    Im 13 and i rarely sleep talk but when i do its mostly cuz of lack of sleep. or im home sick or im really sick with the flu or something…… i talk on the phone untill i fall asleep on the other person(i feel safer) but sometimes at night i sleep talk and when then call me in the morning they tell me “why the heck were you bitching at me last night” and i would say ummm i didnt… and we would just fight about it .. then after a while we realized i sleep talk ..

    Thanks for the info. Am 21 but still i sleep talk a lot. Most of the things what i speak is exactly what i had spoke in the daytime it seems as my room mate have said me. This may be because of my stress at work i guess. but why do i speak everyday. This is bothering me a lot…….

    I never recall sleep walking but the past few weeks have been. I have been extremely tired and my husband tells me I have repeatedly been saying the name “Tim” in my sleep. He is getting very annoyed and thinks there is something behind this. I am not cheating, nor would I ever! I know a few guys named tim but are not close with either of them. My husband is mad and thinks there is more to the story. We have been married for 12 years and have 3 beautiful children. I am very sorry for how I am hurting him but have no clue as to why this is happening and what is the big deal… I tried to reassure him that I don’t have control over what is said when I am sleeping. This doesn’t seem to make him feel better. I’m almost afraid to go to sleep now because I don’t want to hurt him anymore. We have very close friends of ours that are going through infidelity right now and I don’t know if that is clouding his judgment or what? HELP!!!

    hmm……….what kind of people talk in their sleep because i read some where that the people that talk in their sleep are INTELLIGENT . Its that true??:p

    I sleep talk and sleep walk but not every night. One night i got up and started walking to the bath room and my bro stopped me and said what the hell are you doing. At that time he woke me up. After that i just looked at him. He said “what the hell are you doing”. I said “taking my contacts out” and then i went back to sleep and the next morning i remember the whole thing so yea that’s whats up.

    To anser the person question above, my husband is very Intelligent! Not sure if it has been scientifically proven that Intelligent people talk in their sleep but….stress I believe might be a reason but I am not a doctor.

    My dad lost his car keys one day in my childhood. he worked till quite exhausted and was dark then couldnt find them. After recruiting neighbours with lanterns and still no sign at the front of our home he reluctantly gave up. With all options seemingly exhausted my Mum decided to ask us kids, but we had all already gone to sleep. she whispered so as not to wake us, but only get an answer if we were awake. When she asked me (I never recalled this) my SISTER replied – she not even in the same room! Mum went to her and repeated “Linda, do you know where Daddy left his car keys?” As she slept she said “Fence-post, left side of front garden, fifth one along from the side of the house, on top of the post….” Mum went straight out in pitch dark, counted along the fence posts to number five and put her hand straight on them. Later, over some years when we lived in a bigger house still, I had a bedroom on seperate floor from my sister, but my parents from time to time would each stand – one in my room and one in my sisters – and listen to us whispering in our sleep. we were found to be holding coherent conversations, but were inaudible to anyone stood on either landing! As an adult I have been told by several flatmates and one wonderful wife that I speak out loud sometimes while deeply asleep. Often it sounds distinctly German, occaisionally Spanish, but I have no training in either. (I think my sister has). I never recall these events. We are not twins and I am a qualified Scientist with degrees in Zoology and Biochemistry – its hard not to be curious about things like this, I try to keep a reasonable but open mind…..

    I have been sleep-talking for years, i’m 17 now and just this morning my brother said he kept hearing me talk and talk. Its quite embarrassigng to hear it, when I never knew i did it. Now I know why i’m sleep talking-because of stress, and excesive eating. I have been depressed for a while because of so many issues. I’m really going to try to sleep better, and eat healthier.

    mum says i sleep talk. but when she tells me what i speak, its nothing related to whats happening in my life and nor is it something i thought about. though i mutter out my close friends names. she says i even respond when she asks me questions. i find it very weird. being a teenager, i wouldnt want to spill my secrets, would i?

    I have been talking in my sleep since I was very young. My mom have some funny stories to tell and she even wrote down what I said when I was living at home. It was basic ramblings but one could understand the content what it was about. I am now 38 and still talk in my sleep. I sometimes just talk, and sometimes yell. I have scared my hubby more than once and sometimes I have screamed so loud that I woke up myself from the loudness.

    About 2 months ago I sleep walked as well (I did it frequently when I was a little girl, but grew out of it) and that really scared me that I had done that, so my doctor is sending me for a sleep study next month. I don’t know if I have sleep walked more than once but it scares me to know that I rearranged things and did things I normally would not do while being awake.

    I have been having some episodes of sleep talking for the past week. This is new to me because My Partner told me about all of the things that i have been saying. I could not believe my ears when I heard some of the things I said. I will try to relax and read a good book before I go to sleep tonight

    My dad sleep talks. He usually talks with some body else dont know who is that. Last nignt he was shouthing arrogantly and beat my mother hardly who was lying next to him. We got scared coz his behaviour was not normal. Kindly help if someone know about this arrogant behaviour at nights.Pls friends


    i began sleep talking last year actually and i’m only 15.

    i began to worry about this trouble after i woke up saying no at around 3:00-4:30am today.

    that probably happened because the dream felt so real.

    at some point i felt my leg shaking when i was sleeping.

    Now I am 18. I speak when I am sleeping. I don’t know why, may be bcoz of so many issues in my mind or secrets . But it distrubs my friends and then they distrubs my sleep by slaping me. Please anyone give solution for this

    I have always been a silent sleeper and never really done anything out of the ordinary. i know there are a few times where i have said like one word but rarely. anyways most people who sleep in the same room with me in the past have actually commented on how they thought i was dead bc once i got into a position i seemed to like i wouldnt move at all and you wouldn be able to hear my breathing either.

    well now i’m in college and my roommate commented a lot during my first term at how i would talk in my sleep. she thought maybe it was bc i just wasnt used to my new home yet (i’m no longer in my home country)..and i would periodically ask her what was new ya know and she said a few weeks ago that i hadnt spoken in my sleep that shes noticed at all or rarely. until the other day that is when i very politely asked her to turn the light back off. i dont even have a problem with the light!! and she knows this bc we’ve had that conversation.

    I experienced SOMNILOQUY almost every night.. may i just ask, is the thing/statement that I’ve said while sleeping is true??? I mean does it really connected to me or does i really experience it???

    I do speak in dreams this recent months, but I don’t actually remember that i speak before getting married? Last night i speak a lot in dreams, it was like i was talking very loudly “Ok every thing will be fine”. Last few days before i was speaking as if I’m talking with some person in front of me. but i have not taken this think very seriously and why should I if there is no harm only my partner gets disturbed thats it…

    i sleep talk all the time.

    ive shouted for help alot of times, especially when im about to go away somewhere.

    i dont know about it but my friends and family tell me about it as they can hear me throughout the night.

    im known to yell and shout i dont know if its bad or not?

    i’m 15 and i just found out i’ve been sleeptalking since i was little! my friends mentioned it when i was on a school trip and when i asked my dad he said i’d been doing it for ages- i had no idea. it seems really weird that i’ve been doing things and not known.

    OMG, I’m 15 and I’m like really into this guy, but none of my friends know. So I went to a sleepover with all of my friends, and I ended up sleep talking. So as soon as I woke up they were like, “You like Collin?” Way embarrassing! Is there like a way that I can stop it? Preferably before summer, because I’ve got to go to summer camp and I don’t really want any of my roomies to find anything out! PLEASE HELP!

    I have recently been sleep talking and I never talked in my sleep. I caught myself the other night talking and woke up . I honestly think it is because of lack of sleep. I have been working alot and not sleeping as much. My husband noticed the first time it happened and I could not remeber.

    i am a 21 year old and ive been talking in my sleep for years.but recently my husband has been telling me that ive been saying a specific name in my sleep every night and i have no knowledge of it i havent spoken to this person in a very long time.Do we know why we say these things in our sleep?

    i used to talk in my sleep when i was younger but now i seem to complain and sigh in my sleep a lot and that’s not to mention the fact that any little noise wakes me up and i either sleep very little or all i want to do is sleep all day … any ideas anyone?

    My husband of 3 years (I’m 50) talks in his sleep at times. Usually it has been angry talk, but recently he “purrs” and murmers in a sexual way. Last night he actually said “oh, Ally…delicious, I want you, desperately, etc., etc.” in certain graphic detail. I couldn’t sleep next to him during this and got up. When I told him the next morning he freaked out and called me crazy. He doesn’t talk to me that way. Am I crazy to be worried?

    Im 19 and never talked in my dream before, but just the other night i woked up with my phone off the charger i thought nothing of it til my mom asked me who was i talking at 6 in the morning? I usuali sleep late n wake up at 11 soo for me that was wierd because from what i know im sleeping at that time i even checked my phone and nopez soo i guess i was sleep talking its just really wierd for me

    interesting cuz i am in bed right now i share a room with my little sister she is 6 and she usually sleeps talk, and she just said about 5min ago “I’ll go hit you” and it scared me! so i wondered why it happens.

    i have recently been told i sleep talk last night i was in a hotel and my mom said i sleep talked, my brother does too but he speaks gibberish and apparently i speak in complete sentences and she said i was talking like i would do to my friends but she wont tell me what i said, unfortunatley i do remeber having a rather odd dream which is worrying as i do remeber what the dream was about, a convo about how annoying my mom is lol also i have been told when in a hotel family guy was on and i was asleep and apparently my brother said i started laughing in my sleep at the jokes. Its really creepy but i only ever sleeptalk when there is someone else in the room or im away from home. also does anyone know whether its a hereditary thing ??

    One time when I was spending the night at my friends house I said in my sleep

    “we need more seats” and he said “why don’t u use the chairs” wierd conversation, right?

    I’m definitely not stressful and recently my friend said I was talking like I was in war or something

    I am not surprised that I was surprised when I heard that I slept-talked, mainly due to the fact that I know people who do it and never remembers doing so when they wake up! The only thing is that my first language is english, but I was sleep-talking in french! That was what caught me off guard.

    A have always talked in my sleep saying random and silly things and holding full conversations to anyone who would speak to me. I have been told that sometimes if anyone walks into my room I sit up and swaer at them then drop back down again. My partner thinks its funny some of the crazy stuff iv said, and now I’m pregnant its getting worse with having weaird dreams. The other night I awoke to me saying- but I’m having a girl. And when I asked my partner what had he said he told me he had just come in and told me I’d missed mad max on tv. ???? I know some people say you talk about what your dreaming about but I never remember what iv been dreaming about before hand ever!

    i am a 16 yr old girl. i had the habit of sleepwalk from childhood.but thats nw turned into talk.

    My parents and relatives say that i keep laughing ,sit up on my bed and express certain emotions.i never sleep properly when in somebody elses house,thinking about their reaction about this on me.I really get upset about this and have a fear if this continues and affect my future.

    Please get me a solution.I really want to get rid of this.

    I am 45 yrs of age. I sleep walk as well as talk. One dream/sleep walk is still quite vivid, not reoccuring from the age of 5. These past ten years; I have had off and on dream/sleep walks. I wake in the midst of what I am doing realising that I am sleep walking. But; I still need to try and see it through as I’m half asleep half awake. I sit up at times gasping; talking and seeing that something is happening but sort of know its not. Knowing too that my husband or son is hearing or seeing me depending on if I have woke any one up with my antics. Sometimes Im told I carry on a conversation because they or he will answer me. And I think, they think I’m crazy to some point. As its becoming a nuissance, or I am. The doctor doesnt think its a big deal, I’m not hurting myself or anyone physically. Just bothersome. I also have been told that it usually happens in the first 30 mins of sleep. I know too that its happened later on hours after Ive went to bed to go to sleep. So not sure if there is a real set pattern and I have done a bit of research but really nothing as to pinpoint why I behave this way. Tonight I was told I did it last night 3 times and really pissed off my husband. He wasnt feeling well. First time it got to me. Came across here and thought Id put my thoughts down.

    Hi, my girl friend talks in her sleep every night to be honest lol, it dosent bother me but she normaly talks about other men and that worries me somtime’s. I no she wouldnt cheat on me. But i would like to know if anybody els has this same problem?

    i recently had an expierience while staying in a hotel with friends. I went to sleep on the floor and woke up in a bed, not being able to remember how i got there. My friends told me i had gotten up in the middle of the night and told them (quite rudely) to move over. Evidently i spoke a couple of very short sentences only “move over” “im uncomfortable” etc. I even semi-responded to questioning. my friends think i was really awake and just don’t remember, but i would never have gotten into that bed if i was even slightly lucid (the two friends in bed were spooning when i went to sleep). no drugs or alcohol were involved but it was a very late night most of which was spent dancing. it freaked me the fuck out: what if I had done something worse?

    My girlfriend told me I talk and sing every night. Sometimes I would fight and yell and have real conversation with people. Its funny I dont even remember anything when I wake up. Im 34 and still doing it.. I dont know whats going on but I really wanna know why it happends

    When I went away to college my roommate notified me of my sleeptalking habit. I can remember sleep walking a little bit when I was 5 but I never knew I talked.

    This article is a great relief, and sheds alot of light on my recently aquired skill of somniliquism. I am 22 years old, and i think i started doing it when I was 18, at least that’s when I discovered the trait. I can kind of understand why a lil bit, even though i dont know what i talk about. I have been under loads of stress for the past couple of years and i’m pretty sure thats would drove me to this estranged phenomenon… Im so curious as to what is the rooted meaning of all this… hmmmmmm…. lol

    Not only do I talk in my sleep but I sometimes scream or sing in my sleep and I am nearly 25! I have been told that most of the time it’s not English just mumbles and when I scream it’s very loud, blood curdling screams. When I am woken from screaming I have no idea that I was screaming or why. Oh and for some reason I sing what sounds like Disney songs most of the time lol.

    heys guys its very disturbing when i wake up sleep talk n my husband will wake me up worried asking wats wrong, n i just said i think i had a sleep talk, n its bothers him alot. the funny thing is sometimes i even do some actions like i was reciting rhymes n raising my hand n my husband wil get shock , thinking why im trying to hit him while im in deep sleep? i dont know y im having this sleep talks i dont remember having in my younger days. im not strees or having tensions. help!

    i sleep talk too and the last time I was sleep talking i was very stressed. I am 11 in middle school. I like a guy named jack and I think he likes a girl named jane. My dream was that jack asked jane out and i commited suicied. i was having a sleep over with my friend. She said that I said ” jack, jane please don’t, and no. My worst fear now is sleep.

    My husband is 64 years and very angry. It was explained that aggression and yelling is rare while sleeping, but he is very aggressive in that I have been hit, punch, kicked all while he is asleep. He has injured himself by walking when asleep. He yells, hides, talks and fights in his sleep, but does not remember anything. At some level, this has been going on for 7 years. We have talk to many doctor with little success. I need help.

    I found this information really interesting, i dont sleep talk (well i hope i dont!), but my sister does. She is only 6, and says things like “Mummy” and other things.

    I have learnt something new!

    Thank God for this website!

    When my sister was 6 or something we were camping and it was early in the morning when she sat up and turned around on her bed. She started stroking her pillow like a cat for about 5 minutes and i was asking ehr questions like: aren’t ypou going to get up, make your bed or brush you teeth but got no reply. the stroking then go more like punching really hard and that went on for another 2 minuted until she collapsed on her face, her bed, sound asleep. about 10 minutes later she woke up in a wierd position and i asked her what she dreameed about. she said she had 2 hubands and one was being really mean to her so she killed him (lol) and she lived happily ever after with her other husband. i tild her what happened and she was going: what??? noo!!! i dont remember doing that! no! me mum and dad gave eachother funny looks. ever since then she sleeptalks it is normally easy to hear and understand but its not evernight now.

    its a rare case!

    i live with my boyfriend,.he is an agressive type in his normal live. the first thing i knew about him when we slept together it was that he sleeptalked, he talked in a very clear way, i could hear everything he sad and understand everything.

    but it doesnt end with that…

    he wakes frightened at night, with opened eyes, and gets up, i dont know if this could be somnabulism, but i have been afraid sometimes by that. he doesnt recognize me , he looks at me but i dont know if he really does that…

    everytime he awakes scarred i talk to him saying that he should calm down, and that im near to him, and everything is alright, and he do really sleep after that, but whan night that i didnt stopped him, he got up, and went to the kitchen , took a knife, came to our room, and stared at me with the knife at hand. it was terrible for me, i got shoked. i didt talk to him, he moved a little bit away from the door, i got up and went to the bathroom trying to understand what would he do. i stayed about 5 minutes there, and then back to the room. he had left the knife on a table, got to bed, and when i entered the door, he moved to his place of sleep and slept. i took the knife back to the kitchen, and slept eventhough terrified, i was dying to sleep.

    in the morning, he didnt remember anything…..

    please give me an idea what its reallly happening to him, and what should i do in those cases, should i stop him, or just dont disturb him.?????????????????


    I had a glass sitting on my window-cil near my bed last night, and while dreaming, I woke up and threw the glass against my wall and shattered it. Woke up my roommates and what not, I had literally no reason to do so! It was pretty intense, and I can remember being extremely angry when I awoke from my sleep for that split second to throw the glass. It’s like my dream lead me to get super pissed off, so I woke up and tossed the glass. Cuz I was somewhat awake when I threw the glass… but not at all in control of what I was doing.

    I’m almost 20. I’ve yelled in my sleep three times in the past month or so. I think it does have to do with stress and sleep (or lack thereof -.-‘)

    I have moved in with my boyfriend but I am talking in my sleep about my x husband… I am having conversations with the x and saying not nice things about my boyfriend… he is listening to this and of course it is upsetting.. my x has cancer and thought maybe his illness is making my sleep talking worse as it is getting close to him getting his radiation and chemo… my x and I are just friends… our marriage has been over for a long time… I am the one that ended it…

    he does not have a license and I have been taking him to the docs and tests.. but that is all… I lost my father to cancer in august and now I am dealing with this.. why am I saying bad things about my boyfriend when he is the one I love… we are happy together and it makes me sad that I am hurting his feelings when I sleep..

    I’ve been talking in my sleep forever. My friends used to make fun of me. I got an iPhone a few weeks ago, and found this app ‘SleepTalk’. Now I can record myself when I sleep and find out what the hell I say! Boy, am I ever amused in the mornings. I do say the F word alot that bothers me! Its not really in my day-to-day vocabulary! Its funny too, its usually always around the same time, about 1 to 2 hours after I try to get shut-eye. Im going to keep using the app to make sure I dont spill some secrets in my sleep talk.. that could lead to disastreous things in the future!

    My sister sleep shouts she doesn’t know it, once she shouted”emily you b**** you bit me” it was so funny she’s only 15 and I’m 12.

    I am 21 years old and I talk in my sleep almost everynight. I don’t think it’s stress related nor is it because of a lack of sleep. I have carried on full conversations both while actually talkin to someone and “with myself” in my sleep. I used to think I would wake up tiered because I dreamed the night before but now I think it’s because I tales in my sleep all night. Some times I humb or speak gibberish and alot of times I say full sentences, words, and sing. Generally if isn’t violent or anything but I have yelled ( waking myself up) at my husband when he asked what I was talking about. Funny huh??

    I didn’t realize that I sleep talked until I started spending the night at my boyfriend’s place and now I know why my parrot (who I keep in my bedroom) says really weird phrases.

    I was once in a VERY bad abusive relationship and literaly had to escape to another state. Once i was at my safe place and trying to recover physically and emotionally , i started to do more than just talk in my sleep like i had done all my life. I was 29 at this time and i started yelling very vulgar words in the dead of sleep. so much so that my mom and step dad thought an attacker had come into the house. I am 32 now and pretty much recovered from that relationship. I am now married, but i still talk, cry, and yell obscenities, and have a few times slapped my husband while sleeping. I have a feeling that subconciously i hold anger towards the ex and all the things he did to me.

    hey im 12 years old and i have been sleep-talking since i was 9 and my mum says that i say how are you,what are you up to and like i have no clue how to stop sleep-talking because its really making me feel embarrassed and i am really angry because i cant stop it from happening and my mother sleep-walks and tends to turn light on and off the most and crashing into walls(its hysterical) and i tend to say to my mum when i sleep-talk can you clean out the cat’s litter tray for me please(so my mum says)!!!!! HELP ME!

    did you know that all the eccentric people, for example Thomas Edison who invented the globe, the guy who invented the periodic table and all of these other great inventories, were actually given to them in a dream as they slept….i think you should research being eccentric. you are not weird ,thats just what the world wants you to think…YOU ARE SPECIAL….

    I sleep talk, and have terrible nightmares and weird dreams. I often wonder if there is a cure but I figure that there aren’t any. I mean I’ve tried to relax and all but that doesn’t help. I think it’s just something that happens and I think more studies should be done on it. It seems that it’s causing more problems than I thought. I mean peoples spouses getting upset because of things said. I just wish I could make it stop.

    Recently (while going through a big life change) I’ve started to sleep talk every night. One time I screamed my husbands name. He wasn’t thrilled as it scared the #%^& out of him. And one night he got up to use the loo and I said “you woke me up” he said “no, you woke me up with your talking”. He doesn’t understand what I am saying…I have always dreamed almost every night. Some of my dreams I swear could be written into good movies. Does anyone every wake up and then when you fall back to sleep continue the dream? I do. For me I know I am under a lot of stress. Still weird.

    Hi my husband and i been married for 26 years and I am getting to a point that I dont want to sleep with him. He is just our of control with his sleeptalking and reaction. He gets very aggressive but the funny thing is that he also included me in his sleep talking i have to answer his questions. IT REALLY CRAZY & RIDICULOUS & IM FEEDUP.

    Please tell me what to do to help resolve his sleeping issues. Thanks

    I am staying in hostel,in room one of my friend in the middle of the night unknowingly kisses me on forehead and cheeks and even she always used to put her hands on me even though i remove,but it is all unknown to her in sleep.can anyone please give any reason or some explanation for this problem why she doing like that…………..

    I divorced in 2002 and was married to the high school sweetheart. He was a very sensitive sleeper and he would wake up telling me that he could not sleep because of my babbling, gibberish and conversations I was having. Of course when he would wake me up, it would stop I guess and I had no recollection whatsoever of doing this. I would then go into another room and sleep because I could see how irritated he was with me. Eventually, over the years he said I would have such creative wild stories and conversations, he said he would find ways to lead me on in my conversations etc. but, got nowhere. Now it is 2011, and I have a small dog that I have had sing 6-19-1999 and he is my absolute buddy and perfectly content with being alone and my career. In the last 5 months, I have been catching myself waking up or being completely awake, it is hard to explain and I am engaged in full active conversations, I hear myself, I do not understand anything I am saying, not that it is gibberish, it is very clear etc. But, it is about politics, an invention, executive meetings and I am arguing with whoever it is and proving why the expansion of something would be a cost factor to the quarterly report, or investigation of a murder or crime and finding out all the DNA results, the GPS etc. yet I do not watch any crime show etc. I do however work in Law and Legal. It is never love stories or anything like that, it is full blown trying to solve huge problems, where I am so stressed out when I wake up from that dream or I guess conversation that I am having, that even as I am waking up and fully awake, I know exactly that I am awake at this point, and I am actively answering the other side of the person and questioning them, saying for example “No we should do this instead? why don’t you want to? come on? At this time I am beyond awake and I completely know that I am sleep talking but, I do not care because I have to finish the conversation with this imaginary person and work out the details, etc. I will go on and on and will finish out this complete conversation and my eyes are completely awake etc. but, I must finish where I was with this person and we usually end up saying okay talk later or whatever. It is never a person’s name etc. or I see a face etc. it is another person because I hear my voice replying back and acting like I am completely engaged with them and saying for example why would he do that etc.? But, the good thing is I do not act out multiple people, it is just that I am responding to whoever or even multiple people in this conversation and they are never silly conversations, they are sometimes as mentioned mysteries, board meetings, even meetings with like big government officials and I am always solving their problems or helping them, I even have formulas for them to use, yet I am terrible in math, I use huge vocabulary words that I possess but, never use in a daily setting, and my organizational thoughts in my head are actually quite brilliant but yet I take my notebook out and try to write it down but, it was so complicated and intelligent that I do not even know what the whole thing was about. It is baffling too me and I feel nuts right now. Now I get up and about 10 minutes later in the shower, I ask myself why is this happening to me??? why??? why am I being tormented like this?? I am too embarrassed to tell anyone about this because I thought maybe it was a sign of mental illness or something, but I feel comfortable telling this site because of the privacy.

    this is Ozzy again, part #2..one thing I left out is that while I was married up until 2002 and during all those years if I was not sound asleep having those conversations etc.that he said I was having, I would get up and go to the other room but, would not be able to fall back to sleep and would have severe insomnia and I found myself at 2am wide awake, and could not sleep a wink, but the weird thing was my mind was so clear and it was just so smart and intelligent at that of the morning and I was so comfortable and relieved that my neighbors were asleep and the whole town, it was so soothing, I felt like I could relax, listen to my inner thoughts, I started going to my computer when I got one in 1999 and started writing stories, vivid imaginary fictional stories and the non fiction story was about my time living overseas and I ended up writing a full book, it took me 2 years but, it was a wonderful book. If I was not writing, these constant inventions, or ideas of improving things were constantly dancing in my brain and I could not sleep, I would get the notebook out and work out all the details of the invention or mostly a way to improve something, I have come up with internet businesses, ideas, solutions, and just a lot of groovy things, but have never done anything with any of it because obviously it would require a lot of additional awake time and monetary means. However, I noticed since divorcing in 2002, and finally by 2006 I do not have a lot of these inventions or stories to write etc. and I am not sure why I dried up in all this. I do know that I have lots of worries now because, I am completely on my own, yet self reliant etc, but I have a very high pressure job that takes alot of time and maybe that is what is suffocating my creative time now, not so sure but I sure feel nuts telling this site about all this, anyway thanks for listening and letting me express myself like this, what a great purging out of my system and telling others.thank you for your time Ozzy

    I’m 16 and i’ve been sleep talking recently, since i moved house with my dad.

    I once told my sister the combination to my safe and said she could have £10 out of it. And one time, i told my friend that my other friend was pregnant, apparently, I sat up, and said ‘Everybody.. everybody. Tinnie is pregnant’. I thought that was wierd, but it was on my mind.

    And I also punch and kick in my sleep, but it’s not a hard punch, just a jab, i’m told. I one hit my boyfriend, and my friend a couple times.

    And also i’m prone to take up all the bed, and tell the other person who im sharing a bed with to ‘move up’ even though they are hanging off the bed ( a double bed). I feel horrible in the morning. like i’d done it on purpose.

    I also shout and swear in my sleep. It gets annoying at times, because i’d call my boyfriend a ‘w*nker’, and i know in my heart he isn’t one bit. I’d swear at him and call him derogatory things. I hate it.

    wow interesting, it’s good that am not alone in this, many talk in there sleep, anyway i am 27 & still talk in sleep, and i do have stress and less sleep, and eat before going to bed

    I am a 37yr old solo Mum with a multitude of medical issues, but remain an upbeat person with a wicked s-o-h!! I am also a multi-tasker in my sleep. I am obviously unaware I do any of this but apparently I…sleep talk, snore (shockingly apparently) and grind my teeth. Am on to getting some medical attention for all this as I never wake up refreshed!! If I’m ever on a camp or staying away I apologise to those around me from the get-go and my ‘night-time multitasking’ has become somewhat of a joke and a bit of a giggle. I tell others ‘I am unaccountable for anything said while unconscious’ (and lucky to this date it hasn’t been too bad – or so they say!) I have been told quite often my sleep-talking amounts to quite dramatic outbursts of “A-hoy me hearties” and I’m hoisting the sails and waffling up a storm about ships and boats…Interesting as my main interest in life is anything Maritime and even used to dance a sailor’s hornpipe as a Highland Dancer as a child which my young Daughter also used to do until ‘retiring’ recently and this dance was one of my favourites!! Anyways, I’m waffling (yes I do this in the daytime I’m told too lol)…This is an interesting subject, at times humourous and I’m glad I’m not the only one!! I only hope all this is not the reason I’m still single lol, ah maybe it is??

    My 21 yr old daughter has been having bad dreams for years. She yells and screams and is very upset and angry sometimes kicking and punching. She does not remember them the next day. She has a lot going on in her life. Can you advise what may help her to have a nice relaxing sleep as it sounds like it would be very tiring night after night?


    I have been under a lot of stress lately at work,and it got so bad that I was put off work by my gp for 2 – 3 months. I am slowly getting better, but for some time now I have been talking in my sleep. I dont remember anything about my dreams or talking but its really upsetting my wife because shes says im always pushing her out of the way, and saying horrid things like I dont love or want you” or i love my daughter and not you. and apparrently I am sometimes making love to my daughter. This is obviously awful for my wife to hear and its also really upsetting me as thats the furthest thing from my concious mind. Yes I do love my daughter but certainly not in that way. please help!!!!

    Hi, I am 24 years old. I have been a sleep talker since I was a little girl. It has been much worse the last couple of years. My partner of four years has told me that I speak of different guys and say hurtful things about him. I don’t mean the things that I say in my sleep. I am trying to get him to understand that its not my fault that I have said these things that is is happening in my sleep. I do have depression, ptsd, and anxiety and I am raising two little girls ages two and three. Stress plays a big factor into it too. I am at my witts end. Anyone have any ideas on how to get through to him that I am not cheating, or hiding anything from him or being deceiving?

    I sleep talk. And sleep shout. And sleep laugh. I apparently giggle constantly throughout the night, and comment on curtains saying they’re tacky. I don’t really know what tacky curtains look like? To be fair I’m really stressed at the moment, with university and annoying/loud flatmates, but I’ve always talked in my sleep, since I’ve learnt to talk. My boyfriend will ask me questions when I’m asleep, and I full on reply and respond – he finds it hilarious. It’s quite embarrassing though sometimes, because I can’t control what I say, and I have no idea what I have spouted out during my sleep. I have no secrets, but there are always things that you’d prefer to not talk openly about!

    My husband & our daughter both talk in their sleep. Once my husband was saying something about finding midgets (no lie, but he was drunk lol) and my daughter once said “what the f#$k.” She was 6 and we had just moved accross the country… so, I guess I can understand where that one came from lol. She also sleep talks about her dreams, stuff like shes in Candyland. Either way, they both are entertaining!!

    I’m 24 yrs old & I have a very big problem..My husband tells me a sleep talk and most of the time I call out my x-boyfriend name..but i cannot remember my dreams at all. I dont feel anything for my x-boyfriend or have any unresolve problems with him..and its really upsetting my husband .. I dont know what to do!!! Any suggestions

    I laugh in my sleep sometimes. My husband woke up and lay on the bed listening to me laugh in my sleep. He said that whatever it was had me very tickled. When the morning came he asked me what was I dreaming. Some nights later, I found myself laughing again. This time I could actually hear myself doing it and I quickly woke up. I couldn’t remember my dream but I was just too tickled. I hate when I have a dream that makes me tickled but I cant remember what the dream was about. Its good to know im not the only person who does this.

    My now ex-girl friend, would have conversations in her sleep that sometimes appeared to be someone else’s voice at times. For the most part these conversations were sometimes very sexual, and always about other men. Im very cuddly so it was very hard to endure, I laid there alot of nights feeling like the relationship was just one big lie.Or as though i wasnt what she needed. It created alot of doubt and we are now apart! I held on as long as i could, but it affected every aspect of my life. Believe me I laid there many nights feeling as though I wasnt the person she loved….it hurts to think about it , but it is what it is!!!!!

    My bf sleep talk!!

    It’s been more than a month.. I dunno what to do??! Please give me some advice, good advice….

    He has the same dream almost every night, calling the same name(his EX’s )and other words.. But every time I talk to him about it, he just went angry, and he thought I might be crazy….

    hello!,I like your writing very much! share we keep in touch more about your post on AOL? I require an expert in this area to unravel my problem. Maybe that’s you! Taking a look ahead to see you.

    I have a small doubt to clarified hope i get the answer from you friends!!!

    During late night calls my girls keeps murmuring for long time –say 10 to 15 min about something.. But i never came across any such people around me ..

    Is it real?

    I’ve never sleep talkd b4 but i guess last night i did my boyfren of 7yrs said i was sayn a guys name that i jus startn workn with i told him u shuld’ve woke me up but he said i wantd 2 tell u in the mornin but we all knw it was guna be a arugement i think hez jealous cuz i work with all me so i told him 2 record me wen dis happens again he jus lookd shockd n walkd away he hasnt said anything about it again lol

    I don’t know when mine started I’ve just realized it’s happening and getting stranger every time. It’s like real so I talk to the person as if they were right in front of me. My husband never told me I do this…….I also remember some parts of it also. Isn’t there anything they can do to stop this.I also have fibromyalgia.

    Cool so I’ll be self conscious forever about this sleep disorder, and continue to be embarrassed and shy to sleep with any women. GOOOD!!!! Hahahaha (sarcasm). That sucks.

    Well this is strange thing of “sleep talking”… yesterday i had my cute dreaming of my best friend Criis and his best friend that is also my friend Mariio… the dream was colorful very green i can remeber, but i dont need to find significance… i dont know, i enjoyed this dream, whilst having fun with both illucinations, in my dream… later coming home late the next day, burned by the sun, my dad tells me to never lock my room door at night, as to why… “You were sleep talkin, having like a phone conversation outload with some people in there!”.. Sorry! I did’th know??.. Was i talking too outloud when i was having fun with my love triangle friends in my dream?.. My dad must of been trying to open the door, he also checked the phone, How crazy can i get, when already am in personality, but with sleep!!?? My mom also has her “sleep talking” days.. Does it also run in the family? I think this “sleep talking” also acurres when you must be having a present or future problem unknown… preview

    i have always slept talk, ever since i was little. I also used to sleep walk. I grew up hating my adopted family and i had dreams of running away. I remember waking up with sand on my feet, and sometimes my adopted motherwould tell me that she would wake up to me unlocking the door. Really wierd because i would tell her when she would ask “what are you doing” i would say im going outside. Im now 21 and my husband tells me that i sleep talk

    I say the weirdest things in my sleep. I’m 18 now and still do it. My bro and mum always say I sleep talk- like swearing laughing, humming and once saying “he’s got boobs and a bum” I got an app called sleep talk which you should all get(costs 69p but it’s worth it) it records the loudest things that happen in the night, I laugh so much when I play it back each morning. I love that I sleep talk. 🙂

    I am recently divorced I am raising a 4 year old girl who talks in her sleep at times ,now that I am with someone else the person I am with now says that I talk in my sleep and I talk about sexual things I’m doing with ex wife. I’m at wits end trying to apologize for everything I have done in my sleep we have come to realize that I do drink 64 ounces of juice water sewer and eat in my sleep anybody somebody out there can you help me is there some type of treatment something is it stress what is it please someone help me

    Im only 15 but I have sleep talked since I was very young, my sister says that when I first start speaking it’s slurred and then becomes more clear and that I have held a conversation during my sleep, that I answer her if she talks back to me.

    We were laying down watching tv, and I started talking. it wasn’t about the movie and my husband looked at me and wanted to know who I was talking to. I do it over and over. have conversations like I am talking in my sleep but I am wide awake. In fact, I would be talking about where something was located or giving out a recipe, talking about a movie or anything. It was like I was having a conversation with someone and only I was talking. It has gotten where I’ll talk for a minute or two, then look at him and said I was doing it again, right? Suggestions anyone?

    My fiance was sleeping last night, i was reading. I turned off the light and cuddled up to him, and he said “You alright Soph?” I asked him what he said and he said it again. He was then waking up because I was talking to him, and didn’t have a clue what he’d said or what he’d been dreaming about. He says he doesn’t know anyone called Soph and has no idea why he would say that. I am worried – if I am to marry this guy in 2 months, why is he calling me another woman’s name? Help 🙁

    I’m 16 and my mom tells me that I sleepwalk and sleep talk when I get stressed. Over the summer one of my friends was going to throw a party and get me drunk (I’ve never drank before) and I didn’t tell my mom directly, but I sleepwalked into her room, woke her up, and told her she was going to be mad at me, then went back to bed. Apparently I also did that after seeing some movie a few years ago that I suppose scared me, I did it the first night of summer camp about two years ago, and I’ve done it randomly a few times when I was younger; one time I sleepwalked down the stairs, another time I started crying in my sleep and talking about neglected kittens (I honestly have no idea where that one came from). My little brother has night terrors when he’s sick in which he runs around screaming about either bugs or something chasing him, so sleepwalking/talking might run in my family somehow… Otherwise, I would say that I do it now as a teenager because I’m sort of an uptight and anxious person and I don’t tend to get a lot of sleep.

    My grandson just started talking in his sleep and I think it has to do with meds his on cause he is adhd he never did this until the doctor switched switched his meds

    Im a 30 years really confused my husband wakes me up all the time, when i ask him why, he said im talking in my sleep, its really irritating. What is the course of it, and how do i cure it. Please help me.

    I came arcoss this forum because last night as I was laying next to my husband, he turns over to me and wispers in my ear “she knows”. I was like, what? Then I tried getting him to tell me more, like “who knows”? What the hell was he talking about? Lol. He was sleeping but I thought it was the strangest thing ever. Then this morning I confronted him about it, he started laughing and kind of acting defensive, and denied even having a dream last night.

    Greetings from Los angeles! I’m bored to death at work so I decided to check out your blog on my iphone during lunch break. I enjoy the information you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m shocked at how fast your blog loaded on my mobile .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, superb blog!

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