Who invented Gasoline Tractor?

A vehicle used for various purposes such as hauling machinery or a trailer or used in construction or agricultural purposes to perform a number of functions is known as a tractor.

John Froelich of Clayton County, Iowa, America invented the first gasoline powered tractor. After finishing his college he decided to develop a tractor powered by gasoline engine which can be driven both forward and reverse. Along with William Mann he designed and built such a tractor with 16 horse power in 1892. Though he did not get recognition for his invention till he died, he was ultimately given his due place in the Iowa Inventors Hall of Fame in 1991. His invention paved the way for modern farming techniques.

The first gasoline tractor was built by Froelich by mounting a Van Duzen gasoline engine to the chassis of a Robinson and he built his own gear train for the drive. He then connected it to a threshing machine by a belt successfully.

The John Deere two cylinder tractor was a subsequent development. Earlier in 1900 the Hart-Parr Gasoline Company had set up the first dedicated Gasoline traction engines plant in USA. The gasoline traction engines were subsequently named as tractors by them. Henry Ford’s gasoline powered tractor was made in 1907 and was called an automobile plough.

It was only after 1910 that gasoline tractors became popular and were used extensively in farming. The introduction of gasoline tractors into farming changed the face of agriculture to a large extent.

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