Why people use marijuana?

Marijuana is also known as “ganja”. And is one of the most widely used illegal drugs all over the world. It is easily available in United States. That is why almost everyone is having this drug and the number is increasing day by day. Marijuana is the leaves in dried form which are sometimes filled in the cigarettes. The most common reason why people smoke marijuana is that it relaxes the mind of smokers and they completely forget about their tensions, troubles and problems.

Different people take different amount of this drug. Some people always remains under the influence of the drug, other take small quantities of it every day and many more are occasional smokers who smoke at different times in a week or a month.

There is no concrete reason why people smoke marijuana it may be due to peer pressure, a habit inculcated from someone in the family or just a try to taste the drug.

Affects of marijuana
1) Marijuana directly affects the heart and greatly increases the chances of heart attack. It makes the person feel high and excited which simultaneously increases the heart rate up to 25 to 50 %. Research has shown that it also affects badly on the supply of oxygen.

2) High quantity intake of marijuana can cause lung cancer. The level of carcinogenic hydrocarbons is very high in marijuana smoking as compared to the normal smoking. It also affects respiratory system and causes a feeling of burning in the throat and tongue.

3) Marijuana affects badly on the brain too. A person cannot concentrate, talk and even he is not able to see things clearly after taking this drug. The person under the influence of marijuana becomes more emotional and sensitive and many times it increases stress too instead of decreasing.

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    While I agree with your affect, this is however only prevalent in occasional users, maybe just a few smokes a year. The first and second affects are either your own misguided assumptions or mainstream propeganda. I’m no doctor the the effects on the heart rate you state are exorbitant. The cancer causing effects are not caused by the marijuana it’s self but from maybe mixing it with tobacco to aid burning. To totally avoid this isssue anyway just smoke a bong or any other method used to just smoke pure THC. (”,)

    Although there are some facts in your column that are correct (basically only the part about Marijuana also being called ganja is correct but besides that), I have to post on here that I disagree with many things on here and it is reasons like this post you have posted why marijuana is looked so badly on by many Americans. To start off with, yes marijuana is dried leaves, but it is a plant that is naturally grown called cannabis. It is rarely ever used in cigarettes, for marijuana is illegal and cigarettes are legal. A very popular and known reason (for ones that actually do their research) is that marijuana acts as a medicine. It can stop pain temporarily and that is why in some states doctors prescribed it to patients that have had bad accidents or diseases that cause aches throughout the body. It also helps with stress and anxiety and as for you facts on the affects of marijuana, I have no clue where you got them but they are off and you are mistaken. As for the heart rate, like ‘yourfactsare wrong’ states, I am not a doctor either, but if anything, the marijuana would slow down the heart rate, not speed it up. It isn’t an upper like cocaine or anything. It relaxes you, makes you enjoy life, and opens your mind to see things from other perspectives instead of thinking what you think and believe are the only right things out there. And the chemicals mixed in cigarettes cause lung cancer, and it is legal whats the difference in that and making it legal and not marijuana? And as for your 3rd affect, people react differently to marijuana so I don’t suggest making it a known thing that is affects someone and basically makes them ‘dumber’ so to speak. Some people concentrate better under the influence and your vision is just fine. You haven’t heard of anyone dying from JUST marijuana have you? I don’t think so, or any car accidents caused by someone under the influence of marijuana have you? Nope, but the number one cause for accidents is drunk driving and yet alcohol is still legal. Overdosing is impossible with marijuana and you can’t say that about Alcohol or any prescription drugs. Anyways, I just wanted to straighten you out on some of your facts and let you know that it is people like you that give the cannabis plant a bad name.

    FYI, to avoid affect #2, use a vaporizer, it is one of the healthiest ways to smoke marijuana or tobacco.

    i agree that your “facts” are far from being factual. all of that has already been said. i am writing more in response to “i don’t agree completely.” there are actually thousands of car accidents reported each year where the driver was under in influence of marijuana. one i read recently actually involved a highway patrol sergeant in nevada who was under the influence, causing a three-car crash that killed one person. aside from that, i agree completely with the other 2 comments posted on this page.

    i agree with the comments on here.

    weed does not mess up your vision or make it hard to concentrate or talk.. unless you smoke ALOT

    marijuana’s a drug that helps people out, when your in pain from an accident .. it makes it not hurt.

    it opens your mind to new things, and you have realizations that you never would sober.

    don’t post facts unless you’ve smoked it and auctually know

    Obviously the individuals here are on the side of an illegal substance. Marijuana disturbs the neurotransmitters which in turn disturbs various parts of your brain which has to do with reaction time, yes vision, hunger, motor and sensory areas. . . Medical marijuan is I beleive a different issue. If it helps people who are in need of it as a prescription drug then I agree with legalizing in that way. But be honest, how many of you really care a d___ if it is legal for medical reasons? You probably just want it to be legalized so you can enjoy it out in the open without hiding from society in general.

    I have been smoking for 30 years. I smoke it to relax. I smoke a 1/4 bag every 8-10 days. I do not smoke cigarettes, (use to but quit 3 years ago). I will occasionally drink a beer usually at cookouts. I am 48 years old. I have stopped smoking pot several times for months at a time. I am healthy, but a little overweight. The one negative side effect that may be due to smoking pot is my ability to stay focused. I do realize that. I am high as I write this. I think Marijuana should be legalized and when selling and buying TAX the hell out of it!! Just like cigs, beer, and pop and soon to be tanning salons.

    look. i’ve been smoking this for about 2-3 years now. first off, its not dried leaves. the plant produces a “bud” from its stem which is removed and dried then consumed. usually in some sort of smoking device such as a pipe, bong, or rolled up in a tobacco leaf or rolling paper. it can also be eaten. second, the burning sensation in the throat and lungs?? its not from the weed. the burning sensation is from the heat when it’s lit. you would get the same result if you smoked tobacco the same way. most persons who consume marijuana do not get “emotional”. the only emotion i have EVER experienced is happyness. most persons do not get “sensitive” either. its relaxes your body and eases your mind. i and anyone that i know that has consumed marijuana has NOT lost the ability to concentrate on something. however, you can loose concentration, IF you let that happen. And “cannot talk”?? WTF?!?! it doesnt take your ability to speak. i talk plenty when i am high. and i have a friend who won’t shut his mouth when he’s under the influence and what he says still makes sense. and i don’t know anyone who has had ANY problems with vision, whatsoever. one night i smoked a joint [ marijuana cigarette (marijuana rolled in cigarette paper)] and then drove for 20 miles straight, in the dark, and never had a problem with sight. my friend, apparently your report is biased and it seems like you have never personally consumed the plant in your life. i think you should gain some experience and fully review your report.

    Well honestly if you think smoking a bong will not give you cancer than you’re an idiot

    I smoke weed myself and i am clearly aware of what it can and cannot do to me

    If you inhale anything that has smoke there is that chance of you getting cancer because in the smoke there is carbon-monoxide which is what gives you cancer

    Now the only way to prevent that is to smoke weed out of a vaporizer

    which just heats the THC

    I have nightmares and sleep paralysis caused by an accident. Antidepressants took my appetite away and I was asleep at work the next day (as well as other bad side effects). A joint before bedtime is the only thing that works. I am not proud of this. The downside of course is the cost 🙁

    pleaaaase, i beg u dont chat shit if u dont knw shit about marijuana. this thing here that you legalize is the realest medicine in this world, as it comes frome GODs LAND who gives us this medicine to cure from alot of things, i am aware about the carbon monoxide, but trust me these days there are more chances that u get more carbone monoxide when u walkin on the streets or havin a BBQ, so there are more chances of people surviving these litle carbons. the only reason that the government legalized it is that they dont want everbody to be rich n havin alot of money n they blessed. they jst hatin on ethnic minorities and the second reason is that the states couldnt figure out how get herbs like that grown in there countries.

    everyone reacts differntly to marijuana. some react in which there heart rate increases and the person cannot control themselves, in contrast some people get relaxed and get into a state of pure mellowness. point being, every person is different and reacts to marijuna in different ways

    i love my pot it is a drug that keeps me relaxed and it helps me to be laid back . I smoke alot of pot and i still go to school and get good grades and now im in college doing good there to i like to smoke weed beacuse i like the way it fells when im high i am always laughing and im always just chill. pot is not back it is a good thing im not saying that everyone its good for but it is my drug of choice if i had i choice of a drug but i love my weed.

    Marijuana was made illegal for the wrong reasons 70 some years ago and has just gotten worse over time. Things that have been proven wrong.

    1 Marijuana does not kill brain cells. The test was done in a way that killed brain cells by starving them of oxygen. So results were false.

    2 Typical recreational use 2-3 times a week similar to having a beer or glass of wine at dinner does not make you stupid. Yes heavy sustained use can cause problems but the same goes for alcohol.

    3 Marijuana has not been shown to cause cancer EVER not a single marijuana smoker has ever had cancer directly related to use of marijuana. Ever think that it contains a substance that has anti cancer agents?

    4 Crime will not increase it will decrease. People who are going to be criminals will be criminals and if I could go down to the local head shop and pick up a 1/4 every week or 2 then I would never become a criminal. By keeping marijuana illegal you are allowing 100’s of millions of dollars to go to the mexican drug cartels who do support violence and crime. Now if it was legal who would be getting the money? Marlboro or maybe a small time grower similar to a local brew pub type establishment? So the money would be funneled back into our society and not to criminals.

    5 Marijuana is not a gateway drug nothing in marijuana makes me want to shoot heroin nor would I ever want to. The illegal market leads to drugs like heroin, crack, meth and other harmful drugs being available along side marijuana. Marijuana illegality creates an increased market for those substances which otherwise would not be as large.

    Because if you are an adult smoking herb will make your life more enjoyable and only has temporary effects mostly associates with relaxation. Herb was made illegal for purely racist reasons and it’s continued prohibition is endorsed (paid for mostly by) booze and cigarette companies. Two industries that kill masses of people with drugs that are far more destructive than any plant. The prohibition promotes violence and killing in the same way that the Al Capone types did back in the day when they ran the booze. Tax it and put the criminals put of business. The drug war is far worse than drugs, I fought it in the front lines and was part of a system that only made the situation worse. Now, I am going to make up for doing the same thing and expecting something different in the drug war. No more violence, no more profits for drug lords.

    we should not do drugs at all…eat nice food stomuchfull, watch comedy movies and rome some beautifull places , play with your petdog ,play some different types of boardgames with friends or family ….just be engaged with something for time pass in life and for recreation God bless. Aish

    okay first of all none of this is real its stupid im an everday smoker and im only like what 17 ive been doing it nonstop for two years and nothing has happen to me it doesnt give u cancer or anything people that think that are stupid everything they tell you all these things about it and you belive it all they try to do is keep you away from it. so stop beliving everything you hear weed is not a drug whats so ever. a drug you have to have a sorta way to make it weed grows natrual yeah you can add things to help it grow and to make it healthier but that doesnt mean it makes it a drug. cocain extacy alcholo tabacco all those things are drugs.

    I think that smoking weed can cause alot of different affects on people. People smoke it to realx and then others use it to get stonned. Personally why is that people need any kinds of drugs to live a happy and successful life. Drinking smoking pills and etc… why do we need such things to be happy. Isnt life enough to be happy. Life is so short and wasted on things that wont matter when your gone. Ive smoked three times and each time i did it, it got worse. I didnt like how it just made me feel numb. No happiness no relaxation no nothing. I dont understand what the big deal is. Im not a drinker all like that. Maybe im just boring but i dont need weed or any kinds of drugs to open my mind to new things or to understand what life is like. I’m not saying that it should be illegal becasue it shouldnt its not that harmful.But i just dont see the point. My boyfriend smokes it and he loves it. He tells me it makes him calmer and more relaxed. I hate him smoking it doesnt seem nessecery.

    get a ******** vaporizer and there’ll be nothin wrong. i get high every night and i feel more awake in the mornings and more focused. I’m actually motivated to try at skool and it’s just awesome no people dont do it for peer pressure and all this other shit it’s because it feels great. why do people masturbate b/c it feels great same reason for weed

    After reading through the original post and the following comments it seems that many of the people posting here are in agreement regarding marijuana and it’s benefits. So what if smoking increases your heart rate, so does exercise and that’s not bad. Carbon monoxide…you can get that walking down the streets of NY city. Smoking out of a bong doesn’t stop cancer but it removes something from the smoke, just look at the water after a few days. Vaporizers are awesome, I use one myself and can still run, swim, and perform rigorous exercise without difficulty. I’ve been smoking now for 37 years and MJ reduces my stress at the end of the day. I don’t smoke during the day and am able to concentrate without difficulty. I hold down a job, manage to pay my bills, and am a respectable member of society. BTW: If you’re smoking the leaves then you’re missing out on the good stuff. Where in the hell did you get your information from anyway. More refer madness if you ask me. Long live marijuana! If more people smoked pot instead of drinking this world would be a much better and safer place.

    for all those people who think weed should stay illegal they are idiots….there are many more thinks that effect your body and all weed does is relax you and make you feel better.

    i have toked for 32 years and it has fucked my life up like treating my family like shit bad mood swings temper tantrums now i am clean for 20 days very depressed iam crying alot cant hold a job but i know that i will have to face my fears and get on with my life without weed it is like i have a new lease on life and can start to love my family again so i recomend not to take that first toke you might become dependant like i did p.s. see my brain is so fucked up i cant even use my computer properly.

    I agree with most of the people on this forum. I don’t consider bud to be a drug or anything because yes, it’s just a plant and calling it a drug just makes it seem a whole lot worse than it really is (if it is at all). If it became legalized, there’d be a whole lot less crime because obviously you don’t have to be all sketchy about it and get involved with the dangerous kind of drug dealers. And if someones gonna make money off of it, why not the government instead of the drug lords? It only makes sense. I’m not exactly sure if it affects your brain cells and I’m assuming it has to have some sort of effect on your lungs because it is smoke, after all. Also, if you just do it out of a bong or something that involves a filter such as water, it won’t burn your throat.

    Would you give marijuana to your kids or adolescent?

    If marijuana make you happier why don’t you try to find a way to be happy everyday all the time? Marijuana help you to spend a nice time, lough, relax etc but the effects are just a few hours..what about everyday all day long?

    I smoke a few times and it feels great for diff activities but quite honest I don’t need to have it for feel just alucinations, relax or else..

    The food taste fantastic, the movies effects are awesome, and sex is even better but do I really need it? I guess sometimes explore different feelings in our body make us feel good and why not use it but create an addiction of it to scape of reality because stress, boredom etc is the big question. I think that any sustAnce that affect our brain or body is not good for us . Use it for medical purposes like one of our friends here commented is definitely a great solution and we are bless for having it in. (is definitely from God)

    Instead of judging or fighting for this why don’t we take a look and ask ourselves why we use it?


    I have smoked weed for about 9 years im 21 so i have smoked it from a young age and to be honest i talk more when im high and have never expereienced any negativity from the drug.

    Wow, just reading all these posts ( I’m sober BTW) makes me shake my head. I would say 99% of these posts are for Pot, which to each it’s own. And while Yes the writer of this article is off on many accounts, truly you guys DO sound like a bunch of loadies. Many can’t spell, assume that just because nothings happened to me, or, “I don’t have these side affects.” that others don’t. It affects everyone differently. My husband smokes daily in the late evening probably to deal with issues he never delt with when he was younger and his mom was killed driving to work. Back in the day I smoked with him. I had no idea that I would get pregnant after being on birth control for 10 years, but I truly believe our sons learning disabilities, lack of concentration, time management, etc are due to his saturated sperm and my 4 or so bong hits in my last trimester. I’ve stopped since my kid was born, my husband has not. He’s an asshole when he’s not high or misses a night. He has no ability to carry a conversation and all he does is eat and eat. So much fun for us. What’s NOT fun is looking at what we both could have done differently so our son would no havevto struggle as much as he does now. Do what you want, say it doesn’t hurt you but do know that you could be hurting those around you and please don’t smoke while your pregnant. It’s SO not worth it in the long run.

    My comment is not to offend anyone, but merely to understand, why people honestly smoke marijuana.

    I am just curious, that everyone here saying that weed/marijuana/ganja or whatever name you give it, seems to be either high, use it off and on, used it for severeal years and so on.


    I also see and wonder if many of the people here will be ok to allow their kids or approve of them to use marijuana. I can tell you this, my good friend sees her husband spending more time with the marijuana smoking friends than with the sober ones, also she complains of her husband weight going up… IF PEOPLE THINK OR SAY THAT MARIJUANA IS NOT BAD, WHY MOST PEOPLE THAT SMOKE WEED ARE NOT AS MOTIVATED AS THE ONES THAT DO NOT?..

    Another friend, complained to me that her sexual life is not as great as it used to. She claims that her husband is more sexually ative and there is more romance when her husband does not smoke weed… (Her husband has smoked marijuana off and on for about 25yrs)…

    I just wonder… People here make it sound as if marijuana is a basic natural need…as if we were born with such basic need….When does one determines when marijuana is not used as a recreational drug, but as a fullfilment of an addiction?

    i dont know why other people smoke marijuana but i know why i have before. i used to because marijuana is a plant that grows naturally so really no one person or government should be able to have say weather it is legal or not witch is why i think the government is shit. but also because im very stressed along with many other people and marijuana takes away my stress and takes my mind off from evry thing. also because when i smoke and go play a sport it helps me focus on that one thing and zone in on it witch makes me better, also it takes all the voices out of my head so i can do my school work and actually understand what im doing, plus i have alot of joint pain in my body and marijuana eases my pain and nerves witch helps me relax and causes me to not be so stressed all the time. also its not addictive at all i could smoke an oz right now then take a break for how everlong i wanted witch means that if ur lungs were starting to get bad then u could take a break for a year and ur lung would be brand new so no chance at all for lung cancer or any kind of cancer. also whenever im sick and i smoke all my symptoms disapear instantly, plus if the government was to legalize marijuana and sell them like ciggaretes than it would fix the economy in no time at all. p.s. no one cares if the government takes it we just want it legal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I find it hilarious that marijuana smokers will defend it to the death of them. They’re first response if anyone is in opposition to it is, “It never killed anyone.” Overall, marijuana is the most prevalent illegal drug detected in impaired drivers, fatally injured drivers, and motor vehicle crash victims. Disregarding that fact though, at the end of the day marijuana is still a drug and is morally wrong. If you smoke weed every day or feel like you can’t get through life without it, you’re probably addicted and being addicted to anything, especially a drug isn’t beneficial at all. Just how I feel about it and I agree completely with Martinique’s post.

    Lets see, ” Marijuana is not habit forming, I smoke it because I like it, I can quit anytime, spoken like true addicts. Spend time with your loved ones, play with your kids, hang out with your wife, go to school, and if you need marijuana to do these things that should be a sign that something is wrong.

    I get high as a kite every day i love it,it really turned my life around i

    used to be such a sour person and get pissed off about anything.but know its changed my life im a lot happier person..VIVA LA MOTA legalize it know!!!!!!

    God 4 give all bodyhead talking negtv about your HOLY SACRAMENT GANJA MARIJUANA CANABIS WEED e.t.c and not drug.GOD created and blessd herbs marijuana from the bigining,Adam and his mama africa used it Noah used it prophete Daniel used it Mandela is using it and i n i LEVY am using it 4 up presing the MOST HIGH KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.fire 2 u who is agnst the plant,i love the insperation which comes from it marijuna feed me,sch me it makes me have a good a good behaviar so why is it you dont like it?.4 some one 2 say or write bad thing about something he or she never created is wicked is more like a snake is evil and is not a tru brethren.Dont weset time surpoting dis stupid law burn it and let us unity as one and fight 4 ligalazation world wide and will shall see pease evry were.police man smoke marijuana, doctor smoke marijuna teachers smoke it lawers smoke it politicians smoke it evn you who is writen bad words about ganja u smoke it u are jst a agent u just want 2 mislead people be honesty with people this is a globo network write stupid words is your bedrooms so that you see alone.thank u. GOD PROTECT ME I TRULY WANT 2 SAVE U I ALSO THANK U 4 GIVING ME HERB MARIJUANA GIVE EVEN THAT ONE WHO TRULY NEED IT AMEN.

    Most of the people who defend marijuana’s use are addicts, so it is not a surprise that they will stand up for its use. I do believe that God created plants that are for healing but research is still very limited in this area. Our problem in society is that so many millions of people are unhappy with their lives and rather than look for ways to improve, they turn to addictive behavior to make themselves feel better. In reality, all they are doing is making their lives worse as they have become addicts, will spend thousands of dollars on their addiction, and are now constantly stressed as they look to buy more product for their addiction. Both of my parents were addicted to cigarettes. The pollution was unbearable in our household and when they were out of cigarettes or money to buy them, they were angry, stressed, and difficult to be around. As children, we had no choice in breathing that pollution. It hurt my lungs terribly and I had bronchitis year round until I grew up and could move out.

    If you think you are a happy addict, your relatives, friends, family etc. can tell a different story about your behavior when you are out of product, in withdrawal. I have relatives addicted to such things as cigarettes, alcohol, Percocet, marijuana, meth, etc. and their lives are not what they tell people…they act like they are so happy and content, relaxed, but in reality, their lives are wrecks, they will call you up screaming and crying and won’t remember it the next day. Their addictions make life miserable for those of us who are not addicts. I love my relatives but moved away to be away from their Jekyll/Hyde addictive personalities.

    Ok, I’ll weigh in on this one. I’m a fifty-five year old physician who has smoked pot since age sixteen (almost daily except for when I’m on call for the past ten years). Speaking for myself, pot IS addictive from a psychological point of view…I get a little cranky if I can’t have my herb. On the other hand, after a couple of days, it’s all good. From a medical point of view, yeah, there are some definite health hazards but MUCH less so than with either alcohol or cigarettes (both of which are legal and actually promoted in our society).

    well i think ganja does cure people with sleeping problems, trauma,stress , ect . not all people takes ganja for the fun of it. some people could went through a bad time in life , lost a friend or family member . we can take cannabis into many scenrios and circumstances and many can blame cannabis but, isnt also true that the way we perceive, understand, believe and think can also create our own mental state/illness. all the things we do habitualy are the things we first learned and perceived and because of it we create our thoughts and directions. what i mean is that if wesee things negative such as past events wer gonna be acting and approaching in anegative way due to the way we have programmed our minds, we struggled to walk, talk and eat when we babys but now all 3 can be acheived simultaneously and still think about other things, wel, themind works the same way. yes cannabis can cloud your judgement,but is it really the weed r the way you think?

    I can’t belive what some of you are saying. There is not one single case ever recorded of cannabis causing lung cancer…. Not one! There is not one single case of cannabis directly causing a death… Not one. Yes there might be road accidents from drivers who are high, which will be exactly the same when a drunk driver is behind the wheel. The simply answer to that is don’t drive while high. The same as you would expect from a dunk person. If cannabis was so bad then it wouldn’t be prescribed by doctors in the u.s would it. Hemp is one of the most versatile materials in the entire world. Cannabis itself can help Ileviate alot of sicknesses. (again prescribed to patients in the us) the only negative effects that have actually been proven is that when someone who is young is a user of the drug it can cause psychological issues. I don’t mean “the only” like this isn’t a big deal, but it is the only proven argument. Simple answer is, don’t sell to under 21’s. People will argue “well anyone else can get it for them” fact is, a dealer doesn’t give a shit how old you are. A reputable buissiness owner facing a fine or jail does on the other hand. The reasone why this is illegal is because for one the government can’t go back and say “hey guys this cannabis isn’t that bad, sorry for the billions of £’s we wasted trying to clamp down on usage” “also apologies for the hundreds of thousands if not millions of people we locked up due to cannabis laws” “we where wrong” also a drug which has been proven to aid against alot of illnesses that is easy to grow and a threat to pharmasutical companies would cause alot of problems. The fact is smoking tobacco is proven to kill, drinking alchahol is proven to kill. Smoking weed hasn’t killed one person. In fact it is used to help against illnesses. Btw I’m not a big smoker. Probably got high about 5 times this year. I am however open minded and frustrated with today’s society who blindly lap up everything they are told and act high and mighty talking like they know the worldly facts with no research involved. Wake the fuck up people, grow up and start seeing shit for how it really is.

    I agree it is stupid what people do with pot matter of fact I wish the government would get rid of those other pesky herbs like basil, sage, rosemary, thyme, etc. that way my food can be as bland as my life

    Perhaps one reason it is not legalized is that legality would take some of the ‘cool’ factor out of it, what better way of keeping people wanting something than to deny it to them? Must work as people are still smoking weed. Its natural sure but so is belladonna, nature works both ways.

    I’m 12 years old. I am reading about marijuana and my research show that people shouldn’t smoke marijuana. It could make you sick or you can die. YOu always get hungry, thrusty and sleepy when you smoke marijuana. So it is essential to not to smoke marijuana.

    to all the people who said smoke it and prove it wrong, you smokers dont know anything! leave it to the scientific professionals to tell you whether marijuana is bad or not. personally i see it as bad, because all these smoking losers dont do anything productive, they cant even drive because they are so high, just sit down and watch tv and eat

    I smoked weed for many years never did have any issues, worked hard payed my bills didnt take any medicine other than a few pain pills when needed.I have went thru alot in my years of living

    had fertility problems my husband and myself was not able to have children of our own. That was a very hard thing to deal with but with time and weed we was able to accept and look at other ways to be parents.we didnt get on any depresion meds or never really got depressed. now things have changed for the worst i have quit smoking weed for a few yrs now and i take deppression meds and all kinds of other medicine and my stress level is very high. my husband has a job that does random drug testing so we both quit but i am thinking about starting back and stopping all this man made meds and going all natural with weed no crazy side affects and I will be a less stressed and happy again person!

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