How do forest fires affects humans?

Forest fire is both bad and good for human. It is bad because it destroys many valuable trees and plants while it is good because of forests regeneration and give tangible benefits to local communities.

1) Forest fire releases biomass smoke which has pollutant in it and has very bad affect on people’s health. It can be a small eye, nose or throat irritation or may have serious affect on body causing persistent cardio-pulmonary conditions and can even reach to premature death in very rare cases. The biomass smoke generally enters by the inhaling process. It also enters by ingestion and dermal absorption.

2) The smoke that rises from the forests fire can cause accidents on the nearby highways as the visibility of the drivers of vehicles is distracted by the smoke

3) Forest fire can disturb the eco-system of the neighboring areas and also affects the climate. It can harm the lives of animals living in the forests, buildings, plantation and crops. It also affects on the fertility of soil.

4) Forest fire harms the water bodies making it fouled streams, changes the taste of water and also increase the growth of bacteria and pathogens in water.

Feller says that some trees, plants, flowers depend on the fire, heat and sunlight so that they can get favorable conditions for the germination and the animals for e.g.:- deer, elk etc thrive on the plants that grow after the fire on the burnt land.
Fire is a cheap and simple method for clearing the forests and sometimes become the only option.

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    Ok like you people know arizona isnt doing so good

    With the fire and its going to

    other states will I live in new mexico and its really bad

    over here I want to know what are the signs that its

    affecting people from a bad fire forest?

    These answers are pretty good and true but what i think you ought to do is narrow it down to actually how devestating it would be for people. Like when their families are gone and they not only have that to worry about, but they also have to rebuild there house and community, this process would be awfully long and painful. This is what i think you should include!!!!:) Jess

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