Why do people blush?

Why do we blush? Scientists are not able to find the definite answer about this but some theories about this are very common.
The system that activates our “fight-or-flight” response, embarrassment and blushing is called the sympathetic nervous system. In this system an action in our body is created automatically or we can say involuntary actions happen which are not under our control.
People blush not only because of embarrassment but also by drinking alcohol, when they are sexually aroused or feeling angry. The blushing caused by embarrassment is due to the ADRENALINE hormone. It speeds up breathing, heart rate, helps to widen the pupil of eyes, slows the digestive process and dilates blood vessels for more transmission of oxygen and proper blood flow to the muscles and prepares you for quick action. The chemical transmitter ADENYLYL CYCLACE send signal to the veins in our face. Now adrenaline starts working causing our cheeks to redden which proves to other that we are feeling embarrassed but it has a very negligible affect on the veins of other parts of body or we can say that the adrenaline does not affect the other parts and hence they do not blush. Blushing is very rarely seen on the neck, chest, and sometimes on legs. Blushing becomes the non-verbal apology of our mistakes. A psychologist says that blushing is only our response to unwanted social attention.
It starts at a very early stage when we are a child. It is on its epitome during youth and then gradually decreases with the age.
We cannot avoid blushing but by relaxing and taking deep breathe we pass the embarrassing situation with laughter or in light mood which appears charming. There is nothing to worry about blushing because it will pass away with the situation.

Blind and deaf people also blush. Blinds blush more easily than the people with sight.

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