Why does alcohol effect your driving?

Alcohol is enjoyed by a lot of people around us which really affects on our power of controlling actions .

When we are drunk and are driving a vehicle than naturally our actions are not in our own control because it decreases our ability to do two or more things at a time and we even can’t concentrate on one particular thing. Our hands, eyes, feet control the car and they are controlled by our brain and alcohol reduces the power of brain to respond immediately for the change in environment. That time actions are not completely in our own control.

We cannot easily judge the distance between the other vehicle or object. A close object may appear far while we are drunk. And people usually become over-confident about the driving skills as compared to their normal conditions but in actual this does not happen as our power to judge is also reduced. So while driving alcohol can distort our vision, hearing, makes a simple work much more difficult and most of all causes dizziness. Relaxation while driving which can really have fatal results.

Driving with high concentration of blood alcohol content (BAC) will surely heightens the rate of accidents. While driving if you are drunk just check the level of (BAC) which should be under 0.05. Alcohol above this level can really be dangerous. Even for the most skilled drivers.

Not only alcohol but any drug, some prescribed by doctors may take you away from normal conditions i.e. start causing problem in hearing, speaking, vision etc acts in the same way as the alcohol and can lead us in a tragic situation.

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