Why do people smoke?

Smoking is an addiction and is more addictive as compared to alcohol, heroine, and cocaine. World health organization had studied that most of the people all over the world are killed by smoking than any other disease. Generally the smokers get into the habit in their mid teens. At that time they think that they will try once and then leave it but it does not happen in the same way. It gradually becomes a habit.

There are many reasons why people smoke:-

Peer pressure
Mostly teenagers start smoking because of their friends. They compel them to smoke. So to maintain their friendship teenagers start smoking. They think that they will appear mature and many times they also go against their parents. It is also very common that the children start smoking because their parents smoke.

One of the major reasons is addiction. Nicotine which is used in cigarettes is very addictive substance. It just takes ten seconds to reach your brain. When a person quits from the cigarette then symptoms like sleeplessness and cravings start to emerge which further increase the urge of having cigarette and nearly seventy percent of them again start smoking.

Social activity
People think that drinking and smoking is a good way to start interaction in parties or in the groups and is called as “social smoking”. Here smoking and drinking is taken as an activity of mature and intelligent man.

Stress and relaxation
Some people cannot quit smoking because they think that it helps them to get relieve from the stress but it is not so. The withdrawal of nicotine feels them like suffering and they smoke to cope up with it moreover smoking increases their blood pressure and heart beat which makes them feel better.

Glamorous advertisements of cigarettes influence the people a lot. They advertise it in such a way by saying that smoking will make people appear more attractive and sociable. That is why in some countries cigarette advertising is banned.

Other personal reasons
Some people smoke when things go wrong and they get more confidence by smoking. They do not feel bored or lonely and some people claim that cigarettes help to keep their weight low.

It has been proved that smoking is very harmful and it can cause lung cancer. Passive smoking is also very harmful for the persons who do not smoke.

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