Why do people hiccup?

Hiccup is also called as neuroaccoustic diafragmacontractions and some people call hiccups as hiccoughs.

With the contraction of diaphragm by spasm (diaphragm is a muscular sheet that separates chest and abdominal cavity) the inhaling of air is stopped suddenly. The gap in the vocal cords reduce during the contraction of diaphragm which causes a hiccup and this process is repeated by spasm after few minutes.

It can be caused due to the full stomach like eating too much food, smoking, drinking too much of alcohol, excitement, anxiety, stress and it is caused due to the gas problem in the stomach. Sometimes it is also caused due to empty stomach. In many people hiccups occur because of eating hot meal and cold drink at the same time, spicy food, eating very hastily, laughing and coughing.

A hiccup that goes on for more than 48 hours are known as persistent hiccups and for month are known as intractable hiccups and very rarely they can cause the weight loss, lack in sleep etc. consultation with doctor is required in this case. Causes of intractable and persistent hiccups can be cancer, infection, injury, problem in central nervous system, surgery, mental problem etc.

There are many ways to deal with hiccups but not all are suitable for everyone. It depends from the person to person. A particular way helps the person but it may not act in the same way for others.

Most of the people are cured by holding the breath. One way is to inhale till you cannot breathe more air inside and hold the air as long as it is possible for you. Other one is to exhale the air out till your lungs are completely empty and hold the position for few seconds.

Getting a sudden shock (it’s not the electric shock) you can ask somebody to make you feel shocking but this is somewhat difficult method. Another method is to sit on the floor cross legged and put drinking straw in glass of water then place the glass between your legs. Now try to take the water sips. As you come up you will feel that hiccups are gone.

Sometimes none of the above formula works. It is also possible to cure hiccups by surgical methods by which phrenic nerve gets crushed that allows diaphragm to remain relaxed.

But usually hiccups diminishes after few minutes and it does not require any kind treatments.

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    People also have nightmares because of a scary movie and feel like there their being stalked, watched, followed and sometimes feel like their being stabbed or hit or you know other things.

    i was siting at school and wandering how to get rid of the hiccups and i found the method that works for me. breathe all air out of lungs and hold position for a few seconds. so i did as it said and it worked for me. thanks now my teacher wont send me to the nurse. by the way please don’t ever close this web site down cause some people may need it more than others. like old people will need it more than others. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!$$!!!!!~~~

    One way that I know that will work is drinking water upside down. So basically, you fill a glass with water to the brim, put your head down and start to drink the water without moving you head up. This has worked for all my friends and myself.

    Have someone hold there hands over your ears so that there plugged then get a glass of water and drink it while there plugging your ears it works!!! your hiccups will be gone.

    I’ve always been a chronic hiccup-er, even when i was still in the womb and there is never a week that goes by with out me having a case of the hiccups much to the annoyance of my family. I’ve tried the above mentioned curse but none of them ever worked. it wasn’t till i heard of a great method that I can get rid of the annoying hiccups every time: a teaspoon of peanut butter or sugar chewed slowly works like a charm 🙂 try it, it works!

    Try drinking about a glass of water without breathing. It works! And I think if you’d be surprised, hiccups will be gone. But I suggest drinking water without breathing.

    I get hiccups all the time but I only get two to three hiccups and then they stop. I also can always tell when my hiccups are done. My friends laugh and count my hiccups because they still can’t believe I only get two or three but everytime I proove them wrong.

    pluging your nose and gulping, legit gupling, also helps its pluging ur nose doesnt help plug your ears, they bothh workk <3 thnk for this web site! keep it going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i drink water upside down. an easy way to do this is to fill your mouth with water, turn upside down and swallow. it usually works. but i have on and off hiccups all the time and i dont always have access to water. at school if i ask to go to the water fountain and use this method, people will think i am completely insane or mentally retarded. it may also be funny to see the look onsomeones face if i do that, but, not taking chances.

    Ever since I was a young lad me mother always told me to plug my

    LEFT ear, let in a big breath, hold me breath, drink 5 ounces of water (give or take), then let out me breath. It always works.

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