Why do people go hiking?

Hiking is an outdoor activity and generally a part of camping, climbing, mountaineering, paragliding etc. it is a very good source of recreation and we walk because of our own wish not because we are compelled to do so. The journey matters more than the destination point. There are many reasons why people go for hiking:-

Connects with nature
Most of the people enjoy hiking because they want to be connected with nature. During the journey they explore different aspects of nature and come in contact with different types of plants, animals, hills, deserts etc. This is really an amazing experience.

Hiking is a type of exercise which contributes a lot in your physical strength. Natural walking provides you stamina for your daily workout moreover pollution free air improves your health and refreshes your mind.

Increases knowledge
It is a good source to increase your knowledge because you visit to the places where you have never been before. It is also safe and easy as you have to walk through the proper defined paths.

Easy to manage
To go for hiking is not a tough job. It requires only few things like some clothing, hiking boots and your general outdoor equipments. No high tech equipments are used. The only thing required is that you have to walk which all of us had learned nearly at the age of one.

Relieves from stress
During hiking we are away from our work and stress. You can have great experiences during your journey which can be easily recalled afterwards and that will definitely give you pleasure and refreshing start for the next task. So it is one of the best ways of relaxation.

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    I personally think hiking is among the most boring wastes of time I can imagine. I’m always really turned off when people suggest doing so, but I often end up going, anyway. Wow, I’m walking… but in a new setting… so fulfilling? Watching television is more productive, educational and entertaining, just less physical (add a treadmill, and that changes).

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