What is child abuse?

There are many different problems in the world that have become common at global level and one of them is child abuse. Although, it is believed that child abuse is more common in developing, and third world nations, but the fact is that almost every nation in the world today suffers from the child abuse problem where children are mistreated physically, mentally and sexually as well. Child abuse is also very rampant in the United States and therefore, the government over there has come up with various new laws that protect the kids from any violation.

There are different scenarios in which child abuse is defined and therefore, elders might find themselves in a problem if they don’t take care of their kids. Child neglect is one of the most common types of child abuse where parents have no idea about what their kids are doing because they are too busy in their personal, professional and social life. Kids who don’t have any control often take up the wrong choices and decisions and that can ruin the entire future of the kid.

Apart from child neglect, any kind of physical abuse on the kid comes under child abuse definition. Hence, kicking, slapping, bruising or any other kind of physical assault on the kid can put their parents behind the bars under child abuse regulations. Kids who are often beaten by their parents have a lot of negative effect mentally and physically they might suffer from wound, internal bleedings, and vomiting problems. In some countries, corporal punishment is also seen as child abuse and therefore, corporal punishment in such countries is absolutely not allowed.

Child sexual abuse is also becoming very common these days as elders often vent out their sexual frustration on kids. Hence, the rate of child sexual abuse has gone up in recent years especially in urban areas. Child abuse can have serious mental pressure on the kid and therefore, kids can undergo problems like trauma and depression if they are pressurized to involve in a sexual activity or they are forced to show their genitals. Emotional child abuse is also considered as child abuse where elders normally mistreat their kids and ridicule them or make fun of their intelligence and the activities that they do. There are many causes for child abuse like incompatibility of parent’s relations, professional work pressure, dynamic lifestyle, and many other factors like consumption of alcohol, cocaine and various other drugs.

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