What effects does smoking cigarettes have?

Smoking is basically an addiction to nicotine (an active ingredient in tobacco) which is more addictive than cocaine and heroine. This is one of the main reasons why people cannot quit smoking. Most of it stays in the lungs and rest goes to bloodstream and reaches the brain in nearly 10 seconds and disperses in whole body within 20 seconds.

Almost every smoker knows that cigarette smoking is bad for health but only few of them know the benefits of quitting and what the bad affects of smoking cigarette are. Here are some of them:-

Stomach/ throat/ lung/oral cancer etc can be caused by the chemicals contained in the cigarette. Carbon monoxide and tar are present in the smoke of cigarette. Tar deposits in the lungs and can cause lung cancer.

Smoking also causes many other health problems like gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular diseases including coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis which is a disease related to hardening of arteries, stroke and respiratory diseases (asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis)

If you smoke just before going to sleep then you cannot have a deep sleep but remain on the level of light sleep which will makes you feel restless and not fresh even in the morning.

Cigarette smoking can cause early signs of aging like wrinkled skin.

It not only affects the smoker but also to the people around the smoker.

Nicotine can harm the inner walls of arteries where the fat builds up.

Teenagers who smoke have more chances of coughing, colds, flue, pneumonia, dizziness, breathing problem and other respiratory problems.

Some evidences say that smoking can also cause impotence in men.

1)Smokers have more chances of gum and bone disease which is known as periodontal disease.

2)It can cause tooth loss, jaw bone loss, mouth sores, sinusitis, root caries (cavities), brown hairy tongue, bad breath (halitosis), stained teeth and an increase of calcus (tartar) build up.

3)Smoking can cause oral cancer because while smoking temperature of mouth increases which kills and harms the important tissue cells.

4)It also affects the lip of smoker and it appears like a burn.

5)Mouth wounds heal slowly in smokers and they also have altered sense of smell and taste.

1)Smoke of cigarette has the carbon monoxide that reduces the flow of blood and oxygen which is very important for nourishment of fetus. This can also lead to miscarriage.

2)It also causes cognitive deficiencies.

3)Smoking can harm fertility, making it harder to conceive.

4)The women who quit smoking before they get pregnant have less chances of having a low birth weight baby.

Some researchers say that a person who starts smoking at an early age has greater health risk than the person who is a heavy smoker.

Quit smoking is the best way to improve your health. When you quit your body will start cleansing itself from tobacco toxins and the chances of heart attack will also start decreasing.

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