Why does my computer freeze?

Sometimes your computer freezes while you are working on it. Mouse, keyboard stops responding moreover everything on the screen stop suddenly. There is only one way to deal with this problem is to restart the computer. Nothing else can be done; proper shut down is also not possible. You have to lose all the work that you were doing that time.

There are some reasons why your computer freezes frequently:-

There can be errors or bad entries in the computer registry. Corrupted registry can cause many problems like freezing. Most of the people are not aware of registry files and how to repair them. They are the files that give instructions to the PC about starting, running and closing of programs. After some time errors in the system increases gradually this causes the computer to freeze. Solution to this problem is to scan the registry with a good registry cleaner and your computer will run much faster too.

RAM (Random access memory)
If you are using a lot of RAM of you computer without sufficient free space then this may also cause your computer to freeze. This can be resolved by deleting the unnecessary data and creating more space. If your work is heavier and needs space then buy more RAM.

It can be due to the spyware. You must scan your computer after every two or three weeks and find out whether it is due to spyware?

Excessive heat also compels the processor to not to work at its stated megahertz potential. Solution to this is to upgrade the cooling fan of your CPU.

Always go for the correct and proper configuration of peripherals and applications. Incorrect configuration may freeze or stall the system.

System may also freeze because of incorrect drivers. So check your drivers

Try to keep your system clean by using cleaning tools. You must scan, clean and defrag the hard disk after two weeks by disk clean up and disk fragmenter. After this you will notice that the speed of processor has increased and computer freezing is reduced.

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