How anxiety effects the body?

The word “anxiety” has been taken from “Greek” which means “to constrict”, grab the sensation of tightness physically. We are living in the age of uncertainty, quick life and technology which leads us to anxiety, fear and depression. To get rid of these feelings people start taking drugs, alcohol etc. In scientific language anxiety is known as “fight/flight” response. Many times anxiety is normal and a part of human living but if it is more than the normal level it affects our daily activities and then it becomes a disorder. Normal anxiety is a protective response. Anxiety affects the body both physically and mentally.

Effects of anxiety on nervous system
Whenever the body perceives some danger our brain give signals to the nerves of autonomic nervous system that consists of two parts i.e. sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. The first one gives out the energy for “primed” action of body. Anxiety sometimes immediately shifts the attention to the environment and surroundings because of which a person cannot think about the daily routine and work. The other one helps the body to come back in normal state. Severe anxiety can cause depression, disturbance in relationships, tension and the person may remain in the constant state of worry.

Effects of anxiety on cardiovascular system
Adrenaline is released into the blood which compells the sympathetic nervous system to heighten the rate of heart beat which further increases the flow of blood and the transportation of oxygen to the different parts of body. The increased rate of blood flow strengthens the muscles of biceps and thighs for the quick action. And if the heart rate decreases you may feel alarming but there is not much to worry about because your heart won’t stop beating.

Effects of anxiety on chest
When the body experiences anxiety it heightens the breathing rate and the action of body quickens. This can even cause choking, breathlessness, pain in the chest, gastric problem etc. when the breathing rate increases and body performs no quick action then the supply of blood to the brain decreases which cause dizziness, confusion, blurred vision etc.

Throat lump and difficulty to swallow
This symptom is known as globus hystericus. In this case throat muscle contract because of anxiety. It makes you feel that you are not able to swallow food properly. It will not cause any harm to you and with the anxiety it will also go.

Effects on sweat glands
Because of anxiety body sweats more making the skin slippery so that it cannot be grabbed easily and also cools the body as it gets heated.

As the flow of blood is more in the muscles it decreases in the fine blood vessels which cause a slight change in the color of your skin from pinkish to white. When your body comes to normal state the skin regains its color.

Effects on respiratory system
During anxiety the rate of blood flow is increased in the muscles whereas blood is needed in the digestive system so as to absorb nutrients from the food. When required amount of blood does not reach to the digestive system then the rate of digestion is slowed down causing diarrhea, heartburn, constipation, indigestion etc.

Dryness in mouth and sore eyes
Because most of the body fluids and blood is sent to the muscles for quick action so your mouth feels dry during anxiety. The best way to get rid of it is to drink water or take some sweets so that your mouth gets lubricated. The dryness will pass away with the anxiety and causes no harm. Anxiety also decreases the lubrication of eyes which make them feel sore and dry.

Sometimes anxiety causes sleeplessness or excess of sleep which is called insomnia. Anxiety and stress also causes bad dreams which may disturb us but have no direct affect on the body.

Depression and suicidal attempt
Severe anxiety may lead to depression and compels the person even to commit suicide.

Effects on endocrine system
The work of this system is to release hormones for the different parts of the body. Its work is only to secrete hormones but cannot control the amount of hormones to be released. This work is done by brain. During anxiety the signals from the brain get distracted and effects slightly on the secretion of these hormones. When the body comes back to normal state the secretion also returns to its normal rate.

Effects on behavior
Anxiety makes the body to act quickly like: – to talk, move or respond in a quick manner. Many times you behave in confused and irrational way. This may also make you to do things which you usually avoid. If no action is performed then the body responses in shivering, tension, stress, guilty, foot tapping, improper speaking etc. These things help the body to give away the feeling of anxiety.

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    i think i suffer from anxiety im not sure, my symptoms are all the same i was wondering if it ever goes away for good because its driving me to think im going mad and my surroundings seem unreal is this common because its scares me.

    Hello Denise,

    I hope that by now you have recieved help for the symptoms you mentioned before. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t worried about something. Anxiety has been a way of life for me, and the amazing part of it is that I am only just understanding that it is not all of who I am. I have blindly gone about my life without really doing much about it. Then, my husband of 13 years died in the latter part of Marchof ’09, and I feel devastated because I have a young daughter to raise now. I can no longer hide from the world. My shield (husband) has been plucked from me. I had become quite comfortable with my avoidance of the anxiety issues i continually shoved nicely under the carpet. Of course, it is much more complicated than that. With anxiety come self-doubt, actually I am not sure which comes first. I don’t believe it matters at this point.

    I am suffering anxiety since last 3 months

    Now i am able to sort out how to re-cop myself. First of all find the cause of anxiety what is the fear what are the thoughts which are teasing you. These thoughts are not in your conscious mind but in subconscious mind. Take them in your conscious mind from subconscious and accept them as they are. Don’t try to avoid these thoughts just accept them as they are.

    I lost my job in April and have been unemployed since then. I had a lot of stress at work before but somehow I managed to deal with it. Now that I’m not working, I have too much time for my mind to focus on all the negative things around me. I don’t think that my life is all that bad, but that’s just what seems to stick in my head. My anxiety comes and goes in waves – along with increased heart rate and palpitations and trouble getting to sleep. Since this started, I feel like no one around me takes the way I feel as seriously as I do. I feel so weak because I can’t control my own thoughts. The only relief I get is when I have something to do that takes my concentration or the occasional anti-depressant. I don’t want to keep taking them because that seems like just a bandaid. STRESS SUCKS!!! Tom Petty said it very bluntly – ” you don’t know how it feels…to be me.” I hope everyone finds that one thing that makes a difference. good luck!

    this article explains alot of the symptoms i am curious about. ive had some hard sicknesses with the flu, thoat infection, and a cold. my stomach is i guess “damaged” and is getting more acid than normal, therefore i am on an anti acid. this will take a few weeks the doctor said. not really going into this concern too much i became worried and questioned the doctor. (not to his face haha) i kindof then searched for something to explain why i get feelings of grossness at moments. i get like some common effects on my body like headaches which i make into possible life threatening illnesses just by worrying. and with the stomach acid i am nautious at times and have been having anxiety attacks usually when i am out doing something. i have no reason to believe it is something seriously wrong with me because of multiple doctor visits and 2 blood tests quite recently and all signs told me i am ok, but i do hate it alot and worry. so anxiety does effect “sick people” i guess is what im trying to say

    Hi im 17 years old i suffer from anxiety. What i feel is pain in my chest everyday. My heart beats soo fast and so much that it hurts. Sometimes i’ll lay in bed for up to five hours just shaking and feel very afaird. I know that this anxiety is all in my mind, but it seems that no matter what i do or try in think. I just can’t seem to turn it off. I went to the doctor for this but all they had gave me was tips on how to ease the anxiety. Not much help at all. Sometimes i feel as if im losing my mind. Sometimes i do ask myself that have i gone crazy? I know im not. I just wish there was some kind of help. Because coping with it is not very fun. All i want is a break from this. Cause im 17 i shouldn’t feel like im dieing everyday:( Well its idk if this is wrong to say but i kinda feel lil better to know that im not the only one who stuggles with anxiety, because it is very real and needs to be taken seriouly…

    Its pretty insaine, it sounds much like me, every thing down to a T. iv been going threw this for quite some time now, and its effecting my relationship severly.iam very confuised during an argument, my mind gose blank and i get everything mixed up and my heart constanly hurts. its effecting my sex life as well,its as if i suddenly turn shy and dont know what to do or some thing. with the dream issue, i have very desturbing nightmares hadnt had a good dream in a very long time. all i do is worry, mostly about my relationship present and future of it. Im becoming worried now that hes not going to want me any more beacuse of this problem. the stress and worry is getting out of hand i cant controll it. i really need some help

    hello i am 16 years old and i am suffering from anxiety. my whole body feels heavy, my stomach is tight, im not taking deep breaths, i have a lump in my throat, its difficult to swallow things, i feel

    nerves tingling everywhere in my body, i have extreme fatigue, my chest feels heavy, i hardly have an appetite and i get naesous sometimes and sometimes i have insomnia. Im going to start thearpy next week i really hope it helps me

    i guess you can tell i cant sleep and when i take valium i cant get out of bed its a bugger iim constantly battling this overwhelming feeling of butterflys which makes me tingle down the arns and chest i smoke and i think that dosent help any suggestions from you guys about another type of antianxiety tablet i could take, as for you 17 year olds suffering anxiety hang in there my lovellys youve got your hole life ahead and trust me ive been coping this condition since your age and im now 52 . i love you all for being honest and able to speak up as i find you often feel lonely or no one understands and just thinks your a pain in the bum bye take care .id love to hear someones response if you dont mind

    Hi, I have had anxiety on and off most of mt life, I am now 56yrs old, nearly 57yrs old. My youngest daughter suffers it too, and she tried to commit suicide at 11yrs because of it. Struggling on ones own is common as we all feel we are odd at times for the things we feel anxious about. My family, eg. other sibblings, mother and father all poo poo it, but now that I let the secret out when I feel like I do, it’s easier, and also my daughter and husband share how they feel a times, the 3 of us have become very close these days. My youngest daughter collapsed with severe ME 11yrs ago and has not walked yet again since, my husband suffers ME too but manages to continue working. like depression, anixety is a hidden illness, and it is real, we need to seek the help we need without shame if we are to manage to conquor it. We live in an ever unstable changing world, where the goal post of security keeps on moving, no wonder so many of us suffer with it. Admitting how we feel is real is the first step to seeking the help we need if we’re to learn to overcome aniety. We all suffer this state from time to time in our lives. Keep your chins up folks, and realise you are not alone.

    I have been struggling with anxiety for some time now. Most recently it seems to be at its worst when im working. I am an Assistant Manager at the Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets which is a very busy mall. Being the person I am I want to try and help every person I can and deliver the perfect sale. I know in reality it is impossible for one person or even three or four to help all of say 40 people. But still the drive is there. The store I work in is always a mess and for myself I am a very neat person..this drives me nuts…..While at work almost as soon as I walk in the door. I can feel my body tense up, my vision glasses over a bit and I even feel dizzy. Its horrible and scary and depressing and discouraging….and honestly makes me feel that this high volume atmosphere just isnt for me. It has been making me feel like I want to quit retail immediately. But all in all I march on… and all of us here march on… because its what we have to do…. there are ways to cope and relieve these feelings and I personally have been educating myself. Ive researched online breathing and relaxation excersises. Ive even been doing yoga. Anxiety is a horrible feeling and it does make me focus on just the feelings I get. And unfortunately I spend 40 to 45 hours a week at this mall. And as we all know feeling like this makes us extremely tired so it is definitely a large part of my life. But I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and life is great that it is just another bump in the road… a bump that needs attention but just another bump and I can and will overcome. We all can and will.

    Hi I am 20 years old, I have had anxiety for the past few years, it has gotten worse just recently. My heart started hurting, I couldn’t breathe as good, I have diziness. A few weeks ago I had some chest pains, and I stood up to go use the bathroom and I felt really dizzy, I freaked out and went to the ER immediately. They did some x-rays and they said everything was fine. I just feel scared for my life every single day, and it’s terrible, anxiety sucks, it runs in my family. This article was really helpful and reassured me that I am going to be fine, but it is still hard to get it out of my head. Hopefully someday it will go away when I’m not so stressed.

    i have anxiety for more than 300 years now sex is slow but times are hard but if you have a chance drink more energy drinks to make you feel more relax and this will cure anyones anxiety at leat one gallon of red bull a day will make you feel relax and with no anxiety


    I just read all of your comments, I’m afraid for Joe, because a gallon of red bull, would not calm me down, but make me more anxious and nuts. Sharing your comments made me feel “not alone and just crazy” with the anxiety. The extreme adrenaline rushes for things that do not call for it is really affecting me emotionally and phycically. The insomnia, the gastritis from strees and adrenaline, the lowering of my immune system…..It’s really bothering me that I can’t handle daily life like I did for most of my life. I’ve had a lot of loss in my family and post traumatic stress disorder stuff throughout my childhood, young adulthood, and my forties. I was never a nervous person before. I would deal with life head on, pray, have faith, move on. I fear nothing and am a strong person, I thought….I was everytbody’s rock, until a recent stressful event was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I didn’t snap back. I didn’t feel strong or have my fighting spirit anymore. I lost hope, didn’t care if I lived or died, because everyday was a job, just getting through anxiety. I still don’t understand how emotional trauma finally BROKE me….like I can’t stop sweating the small stuff. I can’t turn off the heart palpitations, the nausea, dizziness, feeling freaked out! I am a secure, successful, talented, business woman who suddenly is trying to mask how crazy my anxiety is making me. Reading your comments has helped me not to feel alone…but how do we truly address HEALING our nervous system disorder instead of self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, yoga, deep breathing, exercise etc? I do some of these anyway, for a healthly lifestyle, but how can I go back to “letting stuff go”,stop stressing, stop over-thinking, stop being overwhelmed with too much adrenaline poring through my veins? This is so unlike me…like post traumatic stress disorder…my nerves feel shot. Somebody out there must know how to return a person’s mind and body to a normal reaction to stress and anxiety. We’ll always have it,but it shouldn’t cripple us with overwheming anxiety, depression and physical conditions.

    Someone out there,…please give us an answer and some hope.

    Hi I’m seventeen and have had some weird thoughts during the day I’ll feel normal then sometimes I feel like I’m in a dream or confused my vision feels weird and during the nights when I try and fall asleep sometimes the room feels like its spinning and I’ll get a weird ball in my throat that feels like I have to force myself to breath what exactly is that ?

    Hi I’m a 22 yr old female suffering from anxiety I often worry about my health infrared that I am going to die…I don’t know how to desk with this I don’t have a appetite i feel weak al the time my mouth stays dry tingle in my body blured vision and all the other…and I just wanted to know if anyone else have this experince

    alright heres a concept smoking weed if it causes ur heart rate to speed up do you think that it can cause anxiety which causes the dry mouth after ,soreness dizzyness once in awhile and eventually depression? its a weird concept but i think that it could be true

    I feel like a lot of u guys and women everyday we all just got to pray andd keep faith in god. Cause he will never put to much on us that we can bear.

    Its been a month or so i’ve had symptoms like heavy head,body shaking ,stiff shoulder and neck and blocked ears partially..but its been 2 to 3 days i m not being able to go to sleep coz m scared for no reason.could it be anxiety.?

    Every night for about two weeks now ive been having this weird.feeling my heart rate increases ans i feel anxious and i start to scratch myself cus i feel really itchy do you guys thi k i suffer anxiety attacks. I think its some diet pills i started taking but idk

    hi kim in response to your comments i have been struggling w/ anxiety for a yr now i had a spinal cord injury. i’m much better now although now i have this fear inside of me i’m afraid of what’s learking around the corner its scary.when i wake up in the morning i’m shaking inside not knowing what will happen next , but i wanted to let everyone know that passion flower works great for anxiety . thers also st johns wort there”s a whole bunch of natural ways to calm yourself, a product called natural calm i haven’t tried it but i hear it works well, hope this helps, i wish everyone the best defeating anxiety i know how hard is to deal w/ each day good luck everyone

    I worry about things all the time,money,bills,too much on my plate to deal with right now. I have recently been hospitalized for a doctors error of prescribing me too much of the medication I was on and it went toxic in my system. Now I don’t take it anymore and I feel constant worry,panic and just overwhelmed with my life situation. It seems one thing after another is going wrong which is stressing me even more to the point I can’t sleep at all unless I stay up all night and exhaust myself… Getting really annoyed with this and nothing I do seems to help,hot baths,milk,reading,getting up,writing out my thoughts,soothing music,nothing works that I’ve tried. Any suggestions? Have been like this for almost a month and also having nightmares when I do sleep.

    I am the mother of a beautiful 23 year old daughter , that whom is suffering with severe anxiety! My daughter has got it so bad that she lays in bed of a night counting her pulse beats per minute ! My daughter took herself along to A and E Sunday evening and is convinced there is a problem with her heart! A full investigation was lead and blood tests ecg xray and nothing was found , other than a pulse rate a little high ( common with anxiety). My daughter is awake most nights and complaining of sudden pains and strange sensations in legs and chest and even made me look at her chest to look for these pulse like movements ! I saw nothing ! My daughter has never managed any kind of pain , even down to her monthlies , she has been known to literally strip off in public toilets in broad daylight , throwing what can only be described as some kind of panic attack ! My daughter leaves work quite commonly and books an urgent appointment and when prescribed either a prescription , she ever doesnt bother to go get it, or ignores the letters regarding attending councelling! Its at the point now where I could actually throttle her and it is driving me crazy! There are underlying issues regarding her father that she has bottled up and I know this is all part of it ! As a result of these issues and the fact that the anxiety has reached this point . I have contacted our doc and asked for help and explained how bad it had become! As a result of this she has seen the Doc, agreed to see a therapist to help deal with all the anxiety and hidden issues hat need to be bought to the surface and dealt with once and for all ! The Doc has for now prescribed Beta blockers a low dosage and she almost had a panic attack before taking one ! I just hope this gets sorted because watching someone with this is so frustrating !

    I also suffer with the same thing anxiety and pantic , talking to people who have walk the same path helps!! I am currently out of for because of this, the dr says I need to stay on medication , okay , finding the right one is hard !!! I live a day at a time now , my family understands some what , it is a genetic disorder and we should really take it to thought , I will pray for all and I ask you please pray for me !!! I want my life back , the best I can have it would be nice , please don’t give up , there is HOPE!!!

    I don’t ever feel like im in my head , I feel like I don’t know who I am , & I can be at home and not know where I’m at , & I don’t know who my own boyfriend is sometimes !! Is this apart of anxiety ?? I’m 17 and pregnant

    Hi i’ve been having anxiety only during the night and i feel it may be because i have nothing distracting me and it makes me focus on the bad thing more. my main problem is my shaking and heart rate which is one of the syptoms which im relieved where it said your heart wont stop beating because i’m still very young i’m 13 and i may have some advice that may help, make observations on what distracts you and if your ever feeling anxiety coming on use that observation to help distract yourself, it may work for some but not always just some advice or another silly way is if u have a pet just talk to them for a while and cuddle with them but yeah it might not always work but just some stuff that may work depending on your anxiety.

    I’m a 23 year old man and I’ve been struggling with this for about a year I get a really weird faint feeling and feel weak sometimes dizzy as well I sometimes think this is a real illness it’s so intense

    You are all having the same problems as me. I’m currently doing therapy (only did 2 sessions though), and it was good to learn a bit about how anxiety works, but I still dont know how to control it. Any tips? I’m 30 years old and have anxiety sympthoms since I remember, the only problem is that it’s getting worse, and in the last two days I really feel like it’s the max. I can handle, it needs to stop! I wake up already with these feelings, and my mind is working 1.000 km/h, worrying about everything, health, family, relationships, etc. In the last year I have been ALWAYS worried about something and I also physically feel it.

    let me tell you,i am 42 years old and suffering from really bad anxiety.I sit all day on my bed or chair,i cant get up because my heart beats really fast,i am constantly scared.I went to the doctor and they did all kinds of tests,blood,ekg,sonogramm and everything came back fine.I went to my doctor the other day because i thought i was dying.My Blood pressure was high like 140/93 and my pulse was 102.I was scared as heck let me tell you.The doctor looked at my chart and said all my blood looks good and everything else.He told me its all anxiety related and i need to see a psychiatrist.So everyday i sit in my room because i am scared to get up and move around because of my Heart.And my stomach always feels like a knot.I dont know what is going to happen.I even told my husband i am dying.He is trying to help me a lot but i am so scared to take a step forward,i also cant eat and lost weight.Very scar stuff.I t all started when i stopped paxil like after 2 weeks all hell broke loose,body shacking severe anxiety i felt like my brain wasn’t function.Now i started Paxil 3 days ago again like 5mg a day.I feel anxious all the time and check my pulse constantly.I feel like i am nuts.

    I hope it will work again.I pray God will help me to overcome all this tests in life and be free of it on the end.

    Hi I’m Karina,

    This scared me on how I can relate to almost everything. I’ve been suffering with anxiety for months now. I have trouble sleeping, panic attacks, it’s harder for me to talk to people I used to be so comfortable with, I feel like some things feel so unreal for some reason, I’m always worrying about something, my body shakes, I do that thing you said where your body does things quickly, i feel like someone is looking at me sometimes & so much more things I just haven’t been myself lately. My parents have noticed it too because they always say “you need to talk to a therapist because that isn’t normal!” I was doubting that I had anxiety even though deep down I knew I probably did. But after reading this I know I do. I probably should talk to my doctor about it its just NOT normal at all! Thank you for this it opened my eyes.

    Hey peeps I just cannot sleep I’m too afraid because of the nightmares I have. Its been 4 days and I haven’t slept soo my question is if I sleep my nightmares won’t make me faint or anything? And my method is to read about the anxiety disorder we have and I recommend to read “Meditation” by swami bhaskaranada… it will relax you plus its interesting.

    My name is yessie, recently I was feeling weak and dizzy, I was also shaking and felt like trowing up, and my stochmic felt upset, so I couldent take it no more I hade to go to the ER and they did all this tests but every thing would came out normal, and this hade all ready happen to me when I was 14 years old. But after all them tests they just told me the I suffer from anxiety and it SUCKS ! I hate having some symptom every day 🙁 but I hope the pills their gonna prescribe me help 😉


    im Junior im 18 and have been struggling with anxiety for about 1month i know how you guys feel at times….my symptoms at first were my heart beating so fast that i thought it was just going to stop and i was going to collapse. after that i started getting really deppressed, i wouldnt see the world the same as i used to….it would be hard to sleep because all i would do is think negative and worry….now i started getting little pains in the back of my head and started panicking.. i would feel like this is it im going to pass out…..there is younger people that left comments here that are struggling and i want to tell you guys that its important to just accept what you are feeling..i know it sounds very hard but anxiety is all in your head,your health is good, we are too young and heart problems are soo rare on young people so dont fear accept your feelings dont try to fight them, you will not feint, our fear only makes it worse…please dont panic young ones it is hard i know but it will be ok…THESE ARE THINGS THAT HELP ALOT….(1)EAT HEALTHY……(2)DO EXCERCISE-(WALKING,JOGGING) …and (3) MEDICATION…eating healthy and excercising helps just as much as the medication>>>STAY UP MY FRIENDS IT IS HARD BUT YOU WILL OVERCOME IT….=)

    This is addressed for Ulrike Struck….you sound just like me with the unability to move without heart racing, tight stomach. I noticed if I took my anxiety pill which is clonazepam it has a muscle relaxer in it that relaxes stomach muscles. I have been through many tests nothing, it feels like im full of gas when I get it out it seems to stop the heart racing. I guess when stomach is tight and full it restricts the heart and diaphram making it hard to breathe and heart races. I hate anxiety, it goes for a bit and comes right back, hubby tries to be supportive but sometimes I think he thinks Im crazy lol….hope you get better soon….everyone…and I…find something out there that works.

    I am 31 and have suffererd from anxiety since I was 21 I’m at the point where I can’t stop my mind from racing w negative thoughts like I’m gona pass out or choke or my heart is gona stop I see my family look at me and I feel weird bc I walk nervously and just don’t act like I used too I just want the irrational thoughts to stop!!

    I am only 25 years old and have been dealing with anxiety for about 1 year and a half. My grandma passed away and I was sad but fine then a month later I was in a car crash a horrible car crash where I felt I died because after that I seen the world different. I felt as if I was in the sky looking at life watching my kids play and family talk but it felt like I wasn’t there like it was fake and one o those days I had my first panic attack I had smoke marijuana earlier so I didn’t know what was going on I thought I was going to die went to ER and they said I was fine. EVER SINCE THEN MY LIFE HAS NIT BEEN THE SAME… Any little thing my body feels I worry about I worry so much about my health I

    So tired of it… I don’t get panic attacks much no more but I live in a constant state of anxiety, fear, and worry, my nerves always feel messed up and my heart rate is always slightly up the main thing I hate is everyday I have shortness of breath. I’m a musician and man this is not the disorder to have for the career I chose. I pray to God this goes away I seriously don’t wanna bear it for the rest of my life.

    There is not much u can do I was diagnosed with anxiety panic disorder and IBS. IT IS A HORRABLE FEELING. I have every symptom that has been said pn this sight. I have my light days and my days when I can’t move. It feels like aheart attack. But one thing my doctor told me is drink ice water because. The insides pf your body is heating up. It woeks for me when I am going through on. I get ov’er heated, shakes, diarrhea. Heart beats fast everything. I don’t. Even know what I am afraid of. I have depression meds, Xanax and a few others. I really think it is a mind

    There is not much u can do I was diagnosed with anxiety panic disorder and IBS. IT IS A HORRABLE FEELING. I have every symptom that has been said pn this sight. I have my light days and my days when I can’t move. It feels like aheart attack. But one thing my

    doctor told me is drink ice water because. The insides pf your body is heating up. It woeks for me when I am going through on. I get ov’er heated, shakes, diarrhea. Heart beats

    I am 39 yrs old and i have been suffering from extreme anxiety for about a year now. I experience severe symptoms and there are days when i can’t even get out of bed or function.I am seeing a psychiatrist who has prescribed 5 different medications and we still can’t find the one that’s going to work the best for me. The good thing for me is i have a loving and helpful family who helps me cope with it everyday. I just pray that one day my anxiety will go away and never return so i can return to a normal life…

    Hi. My name is james and im 17, recently I was hanging out with my friends when out of nowhere I went inside my head, it was like I was playing aa game I can’t remember, all I know is I kept losing and getting electrocuted for it. My friends said that I was shouting weird stuff and all they could make out was satan is alive. Since than I’ve been scared it would happen again, it hasn’t but something else has, I was sitting down and checking my pulse because it was racing, suddenly it slowed down and felt like it stopped, as soon as this happened I got really dizzy and was sure I was dying, this has haappened many times since and sometimes I see some really demonic things, the most reent one I had was of these doves flying, and jesus came down but he wasn’t a man, he was a bomb and eve rything ble up but the doves. After this

    Hi. My name is james and im 17, recently I was hanging out with my friends when out of nowhere I went inside my head, it was like I was playing aa game I can’t remember, all I know is I kept losing and getting electrocuted for it. My friends said that I was shouting weird stuff and all they could make out was satan is alive. Since than I’ve been scared it would happen again, it hasn’t but something else has, I was sitting down and checking my pulse because it was racing, suddenly it slowed down and felt like it stopped, as soon as this happened I got really dizzy and was sure I was dying, this has haappened many times since and sometimes I see some really demonic things, the most reent one I had was of these doves flying, and jesus came down but he wasn’t a man, he was a bomb and eve rything ble up but the doves. After this there was this puzzle missing a piece, and than the piece just cme and went into place it played this over three times and than my anxiety attack was over. Please let me know if anyone else has been having any visions with there attacks. `

    I suffer from bad anxiety which lasts for more than a day I get it more in the throat the feeling sick in the throat just the throat tho so I have suck on cough lollies always need to have something in my mouth please help me why I can’t get rid of it?? It lasts over 2 days just sick of having this…

    wow ive been feeling like this for nearly two years now and never understood what was happening to me and felt that if i told anyone they would think that i was crazy. My symtoms are so serve that i can get that worked up and worried from the sound of a door shutting that it brings me to tears, im now a cranky person and cant handle some of the most simple tasks because of it and also have problems with sleeping but now after seein that im not alone i have the confidence to go to my doctor and ask for help thank you 🙂

    I’m feeling stresses because my husband is very stressed and anxious. He’s feeling a little better since he went on anxiety tablets. I am taking anxiety and B.P tablets. If he can stay on the anxiety tablets and I think he will. Things should continue to improve. I couldn’t cope with my husband and life in general without the tabs. To all under stress out there. there is no sham in taking anxiety tabs.

    I have terrible anxiety. I had a facial resurfacing in 07 that left me with scars all over my face. I was ok the first few years thinking it would get better but it hasn’t after so many treatments. Now I lost faith in ever being able to face people. In April something happen to me. I can’t sleep. If I do get an hour or two when I wake up I get a panic attack so bad I have to reach for my meds for irregular heart beats & either a valium or ativan. I’m not me anymore. I don’t go out, I lost friends. When i have to go anywhere I freak out. I forget how to be happy. When anyone talks to me my mind is on my face thinking their looking at my scars. I went to a therapist & she did nothing for me except make me feel worse saying, “Well what are you going to do if your skin doesn’t get better?” I thought she would help & she’s asking me what to do. I just want to feel calm again. I just want to be happy again. I want to sleep, it’s taking a toll on me. At times I don’t care if I live or die but my husband is great & I’m wearing him down which makes me feel worse. He’s so worried about me. My children don’t like that I don’t go out or go to their homes. I don’t because I can’t control the lighting & I can almost feel the dents on my face when lighting hits me the wrong way. I shake all day long, the only time I get some relief is when it’s around 7 at nite knowing no one will come over & it’s dark. Then when it’s time to go to bed the anxiety starts again knowing if the depression meds don’t work I’ll be up all nite. I tried listening to music, massages, hot milk, warm showers, natural remedies. I’m so sick & tired of being in. My mind won’t stop thinking of my face no matter what i do. I’m on the computer every day trying to find ways to help scars. If anyone knows what to do to make your mind stop & get rid of anxiety I would love to know because I’m out of ideas & can’t take much more. I try to be normal but inside I’m dying.

    Hello, I’m 16 and is recently coping with my mother that I don’t see everyday move into town and lives down the street from me! And also some other things.i think of all the negative thoughts about it and I think I’m going crazy .ill sit on the couch at night and my chest would feel like it sucked in and my heart beat was racing fast I thought my heart was going to explode.i thought to myself maybe I just need to calm down but I begin to cry and I can’t stop.Im in class all day plus drivers Ed and I wont get focused and makes it were I’m failing in my classes .i didn’t think it was that serious until I read this.thank you for helping.

    I’ve struggled with anxiety for years now. I have only just decided to go on medication. At first I was reluctant to do so, but it seems the only way I can live life in a relatively normal way. I noticed a huge difference between stopping my medication and my anxiety levels going crazily high again.

    Wow. Reading all of these comments, I’ve sat here and related to each and every one. I suffered from anxiety very badly when I was younger. I remember being in 3rd grade and it all started out of no where. I would cry and cry for going to school. I wanted to go home and stay home, I would tell my parents I was sick, I would be so worked up and worried about nothing I would actually get sick. My parents are wonderful and took me to see therapists etc.It eventually went away and I was fine. I wish I knew what I did to make it go away because it has recently returned, out of no where. I was sitting at work and bam. I felt this sickening feeling in my stomach and nerves tensed up and I just “had to leave” and once I was home I felt fine. It is very strange. I work a very high stress and fast paced job and have for 12 years. I really do love my work in general but this is keeping me from it. I am terrified over NOTHING. Depression def. has a slight grip on me and I am so confused by it all. I have nothing to be depressed over. I have a wonderful life with many loving people in it who all care about me. I wish I could control this. I have to. we all do. but how??? great question, right? My best friend really believes in meditation and I am giving it a try and seems to help but only for a short time. I have been at a point where I don’t even want to leave the house, just so fearful over nothing I know but still can’t control it. I WILL beat this. It will not over take my life. We have to think positive and stay strong. Get our lives back. We must and we can. Focus. Think of all the good. It seems to be helping some. I went to my doctor and he sent me home with pills for anxiety but I really do not want to be dependent on pills. I am almost scared to take them. I took one and it have me horrible diaherra. I didn’t like the way it made me feel. Sleepy, out of control. I really want to beat this on my own. It will happen. I know it will because it went away for many years. I just wish I knew what triggered this so recently and returned with a vengance. it is SO weird. good luck to you all. life is wonderful and we all want to live it free of this as we should.

    Hi I am 13 and I have anexiy it all started out of the blue I started to faint and I went to hospital thinking I was dying I get really bad head aches and really bad dizzieness i feel as if I’m not in my own body i just started getting it in my sleep I have no idea if it will go away i wish a lot that it will and I really need big help on how to cure it naturally

    Okay so ive been suffeing with anxiety for the past 3-4 months and its just killing me to get through day to day things. Im 16 so this includes school friends family and its just making life suck. I feel like im always panicking especially in moments of high stress, such as having alot of work and tons of deadlines. Its like the me im so used to knowing is just sapped away my friends think im avoiding them and not speaking to them, which has become a huge problem because i do try and reach out but with this anxiety thing going on all the time its nearly impossible to think of what to say alot of the times when before it was just so natural/casual and i just laughed along with my friends. Now im a buzzkill and i think my friends are talking behind my back about it, my grades are dropping as i cant even concentrate in class and im too scared to tell my parents as they will just tell me its nothing and its gonna pass. I have no idea of what to do with my life anymore the person i was a few months ago was so different, so carefree and i think my anxiety has also caused me to develop depression and i feel like life is going no where and im on a path to failure which is affecting my anxiety even more like they are both channeling each other. Anways ive got tons of work that ive put off because of this shithole im in and i just wanted to let some people know how i feel. It’s really helped me reading this, i understand alot more now although im still strongly struggling with the whole issue. Oh and ps its sort of a on and off thing so sometimes i can feel great when theres no stress or any worries but once something hits me i just snap and spiral right back into my anxiety/depression its like a cycle of hopelessness.

    I am 31yeard old. I just want to let the 17year olds know that the mornining anxiety do go away. I suffered the morning chest heaviness and very scared when i was 15 to 16. I think it had to do with being in a new high school. All the unknowns of what would happen that day. i didnt wsnt to crawl out of my bed covers. But i told myself i had to. When i got up in about half hour those strange feelings went away. Now at 31 i suddenly have these feelings again for the past week.

    Hello Im 33 and have two wonderful babies. I have had anxiety for a while now. I pray every day and even take medication for it, but here recently have been feeling worse. I do have a job, but have been out for over 1 week now. I work in a department that is somewhat like counseling for people going through financial problems. I love what I do, but here recently it just feels like I can’t handle hearing about other peoples problems or struggles. To be fare, I am going through a lot of personal problems with my marriage and also have chronic illness (which I have been able to manage good). I love my job, family, and know I have a great life, but I feel I can’t do anything right at this moment. How do I get this under control I feel like I am going to break! I have used breathing technics and they work for a little bit, but then start feeling the same. Does anyone have other suggestions?

    Hi! I been sufferring anxiety since June la

    st year i live with the symtoms everyday! It is jst. Like a cycle. . Anxiety is taking my life! only thing i notice if i have people around me. ..symptoms are

    not that bad! all medicines i’ve taking have side effect. I Read a lot information about

    anxiety to help me educate..And i still have hope! and smiling!

    It is great to see I an not alone I actually wakin up feelin crap everyday I have been like this 6months now I do not take any medication. I never stop googling things I then automatically think I have some serious illness that plays on my mind all day and night I hate feeling this way I want to feel normal again ;(( 23year old female.

    Hello everyone…i feel exactly as some of you guys do,im a 25 year old university student and i have that feeling that im going to die within the next moment as is my heart will stop i even thought that its best i quit my studies though i know it would be what i would live to regret,im currently on medication from the psycologist i thot i was mad or something..(amitriptyline).it makes me sleepy but i feel i m relived at times but it comes back again its been a month now! And i hope some of you on facebook could add me just to keep in contact so that we keep sharing our problem its realy relives to know im not the only one but hey i hope we will all be fine soon!([email protected]….at me on facebook) but acceptance is what we have to do first of which it still remain a problem i wish you all well !peace.

    I’m 17 and also suffering from anxiety I just discovered that after reading this article. My symptoms match all those mentioned above. I fear that it might affect my focus since I’m in my senior year. Are there any suggestions on what I could possibly do to be in control?

    Hi, my body and heart is shaking and have fast heartbeat, my mouth getting dried, and i loss some pounds weight and sometimes my body skin swallows, and i am getting tired by walking…. some time i think i have got heart problem and some time feeling of stomach diseases. i don’t know whats behind these all. I visited my doctor he prescribed me Clomfranil 10 (Clomipramine hydrochloride)…. i hope it will work but don’t know how much time will it take to work. i am taking this tablet for about 3 days..

    I think im suffering from a mixture of anxiety and depression. Its got so bad that I actually feel as if im going crazy and im frightened that this is who I really am. I feel nervous all the time, my heart races and I overthink everything but no matter how hard I try to switch off I just cant. I feel as though my mind is being teased. I think of horrible thoughts and then convince my self im a bad person for thinking like this. I have recently fell out with my boyfriend of three years because he is in the navy and we both feel we cant cope with the distance. I feel am lverwhelming feeling of missing him and just wish everything was the way it used to be when he wasnt in the navu but I know this will never happen again and find it hard to come to terms with. I was so happy and feel that all this anxiety is who I really am and that it will never go.i feel like I dont know my self. I really want to be happy. Im waiting to see a therapist but feel so low and trapped thaf I dont feel it will work. Help 🙁

    Have been to see my doctor i see him again in a month but i have just sat and read everything about the way i feel and i have the same i am not a rrinker but thevleast littlevthings get me down n i feel like people are pulling me down n that am not love with in the family i need something so i can get myself back to normal n so that i can laugh things off again

    Mfound and all … I have been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety from last 6 months . Before I was not been able to co op with the symptoms and thought I was about to die . But gradually I realised its all in my head . And now I don’t take no medicine and I control the symptoms because I know it’s all in the head .. I divert my attention by talking to friends or anyone around or go out somewhere or think something else and say to myself that nothing is gonna happen and I had all those symptoms stated above and trust me they are not easy to manage but one have to think that you are not gonna live a huge life like a waste … So come on friend we have to kill the anxiety from the root in ourselves before it kills u . I have practiced a lot and now I have managed to co op with it … My doctor gave me librax for It which I took for 3 months but now I have quit it and I am having withdrawal effects too but I have to bare it to have a healthy future … So it’s difficult but in your hands try to make up you mind it’s not an over night process but its not that hard too . Good luck every one !!!

    hi ive been having anxiety problems over a year now..chest pains dizzinss ..big eyes..stomach problems breathing problems nearly was that bad mt life been ruined lost gf quite sports afraid to do sports because of my heart rates everything bad..but ive realsed by being this for down i cant get any further and for the last 2 months i dont care about them if something as gona happen you it would of happened ..just let the attack happen dont fight it and when its at its worst tel it till do its best go on tell it its just a axniety attack in a calm way ..mine are beginning to go away they have ruined me that bad that i want a life i dont have 1 atm and i still take we attacks but im beating them because there nothing but all in our heads dont b afraid of nahn …what panic attacks to me are your afraid of yourself..learn yourself and tell your its only a panic attack they will leave i thought they codnt

    Hi there just read through the majority of posts here and listen here guys i suffered with anxiety for 6 years really bad at times also,after over 100 times in and out of the A&E they was really sick of me until one day i was talking to an old lady who had previously suffered in her early years and she actually shouted at me everyone was listening i was so embarassed her words were..sort yourself out are you catholic(me yes) well dont let the devil play with your mind stand up and fight him because if you dont he will poison you,after the embarassment of all that i had my heart checked plus everything else and all was ok.At night i thought of what that lady said and gave it a try,instead of two tablets a day i went to 1&half after a couple of months i was down to one through this time i was still having crazy thoughts before i used to sit and let it happen but this time i used to laugh when i knew it was coming or put the headphones on it was hard at first trying to block it out but you have to fight it guys dont say to yourself i cant(just like i did) but really you can just believe in yourself get your motivation back and get back on the road to recovery..well it took me about 6 months to come off the tablets and when i did i have never felt more normal..So please people dont be scared of being yourself again just get up and get back normal good luck 2 each and everyone of you..

    Hi I just got out of the hospital 3 days ago.. I felt my heart rate pumping really fast, I coyldnt breathe, my chest an stomache started to hurt very bad at first I even thought I was going to have a heart attack..I basically felt every symptom that I’ve read so far and it sucks cus I have a son who is 3 and a single dad an I been unemployed for the last 3 months and all this pressure has been building up inside me and its hard to control it…it sucks cus I’m scared for myself and especially for my son I want to be able to live a happy life and not always feeling dow. Hopefully this goes away soon and its nice to know that I’m not alone as well and hope everyone here overcomes anxiety as well

    Hello, I just turned 22 at the beginning of march. For about the past week I have been experiencing horrible anxiety. I have always been afraid of having some terminal illness or cancer, so every little bump or bruise I get I feel as though I have it. I recently went to urgent care because I was convinced I had lung cancer because I was experiencing chest pain shortens of breath and a mild cough. Chest X-ray came back fine and they put me on a depression/anxiety medication. I also do what no one should do and that is google all my symptoms because cancer ALWAYS pops up. I was still having anxiety that I had some type of cancer that I had another panic attack and had to go to the ER. They did blood tests and an EKG and again everything was fun. My white blood cell count was fine, even with knowing that I still had anxiety that I had something wrong. This pas week has been horrible for me! No appetite, body is extremely achy, night sweats, fast heart beat, no energy at all, all I want to do is sleep! I’m miserable!

    I just turned 22 the beginning of march. So for the past week I have been miserable! Feeling nervous, extremely tired, headache, no appetite, night sweats. Etc…I have a huge fear of having cancer, and I google all my symptoms which doesn’t help at all because cancer always pops up! I went to urgent care and got a chest X-ray because I was convinced I had lung cancer because I was experiencing a mild cough and chest pains. My chest X-ray came back fine and he put me on an anti anxiety/ depression medication. I’ve been taking it for about 4 days now, I know it takes a while to start working. Well I had a panic attack a couple days after going to urgent care thinking something was still seriously wrong with me, they did and EKG it was fine, then did blood work and it also all came back fine. And they just said I have anxiety. I still have been fixated on the fact that I have a terminal illness and its making me miserable! I made an appt with my doctor and she also thinks I’m experiencing anxiety and depression. I’m still not feeling myself and still googling my symptoms and its just driving me insane! Now any little thing I feel, I think I’m seriously sick. I can’t eat, I’m so tired, and my heart just races at times

    Hello fellows, My name is Patrick Bright I’ve been suffering from what I don’t really know. From my childhood I’ve been so weak, timid, shaky, nervous or what ever can be called. Now I’m 26 and I’m still suffering with these! And now that I’ve grown up, I feel it’s anxiety, but what about when I was a kid? Or how could anxiety be defined? What causes it? To read in the present of people, I’m shaking and sweat would run down my whole body, so embarrassing! The worst of all is that nothing I do in timing, example: I hardly sing to key, I hardly dance to rhythm (always off) because once I start, I’m weak and lose balance. same thing while singing, I easily forget things, sometimes I feel I’m having heart and stomach diseases, and if I miss any squaremeal, it’s as if I would fall even a strong wind can stagger my movement and my head and my entire body would be shaking. But I’m very athletic and handsome and people even without me telling that I’m a musician/actor to be, address me as one already. I’m a song writer, I really want to make my song perfect, I love music and acting but these things are keeping me away from bringing my potentials alive… Please what do I do? I’ve gone through a lot of comments here which even make me to know I’m not the only one suffering these, I know it’s anxiety, because I think a lot, my dad passed away when I was just a kid and my mum is not doing well and now very sick over years. I manage to see myself in a university which I’m in my 2ndyear now and I feel so bad each time I see people doing what is in me but I can’t do, because I don’t know where to start from and no relative that makes me feel among; I feel so much when I see poeple enjoying their folks and I have non that cares. So all these makes me think a lot. Please someone should help me at least on how to do these things that give me joy well; how to sing well and not off key and how to stop shaking/jittering thanks and God bless you all.

    I am 20 years old… I won’t think these happens along with me before,.. A kind of frightness by drinking water, by cooked foods, by heart burn…by a weakness …these things distrup my study, my relations, my regular activities totally making me unpotential to do my work…. I used to be afraid of small things..n still i am suffering from these problems… body is totally sinked… Day by day its in decreasing order … Will u please help me out… Nor i play any games nor i can watch movie properly,, nor it makes me to listen any thing in group properly… Totally frustrated, depressed Help me Out..

    …think I am seriously ill, dizzy spells.stomach pains. tingling and burning sensations over the body, going to the bathroom all the time,heart palpitations.tremors,shortness of breath…….ANXIETY………symmetry..female balance and st.johns wort works for me because i dont want to take the meds…..still trying to cope

    Hi everybody. It is interesting to read that there are lots of people having anxiety problem. I had this problem before and the symptoms are all the same (fast heart beat, choking sensation, feeling of lungs disfunction and all other symptoms which has been mentioned above). Had xray, blood test, scan, ctscan and some other tests just to confirm on my curiosity which was causing my anxiety. Every results turns out to be fine. Nothing is wrong. Its just your anxiety and your mind which is telling you that there is something wrong with you. You have been worrying so much over any teeny weeny bits surrounding you or what you see on you.

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