Why do people sleepwalk?

Experiments are still going on to know the exact reasons of sleepwalk but there are some of the possibilities which are known to us. Professionals say that it is a kind of disorder in which a person is between a state of sleeping and walking because there must be something that triggers the brain during sleep. They further say that it may be due to epilepsy, dissociative disorders or hysteria or may be their secret wishes.

Sleepwalking is more common among the children nearly in the age six to 12 as compare to the adults. As the children grow up they drop off this habit and only four percent of them continues with it. In children sleepwalk is may be due to anxiety, fatigue, immaturity of brain, less sleep or a child can inherit this from his parents. In adults it may be because of alcohol, drugs or disorder of brain.

Another reason for sleepwalk is REM (rapid eye movement) behavior disorder. During the phase of REM body is paralyzed by self released chemical. The people having sleepwalk cannot create this chemical in their body, hence exposed to this problem. In adults sleepwalk is mainly due to psychological causes. Some people say that sleepwalk is an act of dreaming but dreams occur during REM sleep when only our mind is active not the body but it is not very active during NREM sleep because during this time we change sides on bed. So it can be said that sleepwalk is not an act of dream.

It is difficult to wake a person in sleepwalk and if he wakes he appears as confused and for few minutes lost his memory of what had happened. A person in sleepwalk mostly have blank expression and appears awake and always acts in a clumsy manner.

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    I had a dream that I was outside and that these kids were up on a really high tree , and that my mom was next to me so I pointed up at the kids and said mom how did they get up there its so high , the next morning my mom said that I got up out of bed and that I ran outside my front house door and that I was pointing up and was asking her how the kids got up there , she said that my eyes were open as if I was completely awake . . . So if sleepwalking is not the act of a dream how is it that I was dreaming and sleepwalking at the same time ?

    One night I was sleeping over and my brothers house and I went to sleep and dreamt about it raining real hard outside and I was looking out the window in my dream and a lightining bold hit a guy and I wanted 2 go save him. The next day my brother told me that I woke up and was scratching at the window trying 2 get out.

    One night I was just sleeping and dreaming that i was just playing with this little girl that i dont know and when i woke up I was at my parents room and i didnt know what just happend so i asked my mom what happend she said that I was walkin to the living room calling someone’s name and my eyes were open and she couldnt get me to sleep and i just fell down and she carried me to the bed. PRETTY STRANGE HUH?

    every time this happens to me i wake upp screaming and in tears !

    one night i got up and went is into my dad & mums room

    screaming at my dad theres a banana growing out my dads head ………..PRETTY STRANGE ?

    and my dad &mum are losing sleep but i feel bad

    it aint my fault =)


    interesting i probably sleep walked before never knew details i scream in my sleep when i have nightmares and i cry sometimes awkward right? maybe u experience those types of feelings like anger in your dreams or having to kill someone u dont like or u do like its awkward and not cool why cant i have normal dreams

    one time i think i was 4 n 1 night i wint 2 sleep n i hada dream….. i was n my house i dont remember all of it but i whent 2 my bros room n i saw Geavoni n he saw me (from pokemon in team rockit) n i thought i was n truble so i said sorry n i thats all i can remember but i think that was it probly n when i woke up i walked in the hall way n my big bro came (i have 3 bros) up 2 me n he asked what i dreamed about so i told him n he said that i walkt in my bros room n my lil bro didnt hava room so he sleept n my other bros room but he was disabled n i hit the trundle bed ‘whatevet’ n i saied sorry lol n my oldest bro saw n he put me back n bed lol x)

    Well, I didn’t have the dream, but one time I went into my older sisters room at night to get my laptop while she was sleeping. She has this weird thing of getting REALLY scared when someone wakes her up while she’s asleep. So, I crept in and got it and tried to creep out, but then I heard her suddenly gasp and scream bloody murder. I was yelling her name and saying that it was alright, that it was just me. So she jumps out of bed and sprints down the hallway and was about to run downstairs while all the while I kept yelling at her that it was ok, that it was just me. So finally she stops at the top of the stairs, looks at me for a minute, then slowly walks back down the hallway grumbling about something I cant remember and, lol well, she pushed me before she went back into her room and fell asleep again. The next morning I asked her about it and she said that she did not remember a thing

    Well dreams happen in other stages of sleep too, not just during REM. I think they happen in stage 1 too. Can’t remember about the other stages…

    I used to sleep walk and talk when I was younger. I had a fight with my nanny actually in my sleep. I insisted my name was mud and I think my parents fought about what to name me when I was a baby.

    Wel 1 night i was sleepin nd wen i woke up i ddnt rem a thing that i dreamt about and then my mum tld m in da m0rning that al nyt ive been lukin 4 sumthng…she was awake makin biscuitz 4 christmas…then she said she was laufin and she asked wt am i lukin 4 nd i startd stressing and sd im lo0kin 4 a hair dryer:$ haha jah i kn0w hw random=)

    I’m 11, and I sleep walk. Last night I was up running around is a circle really fast, and mu bling, than all of a sudden I screamed out “IT’S BROKEN!” My dad was freaked out.

    I don’t know what to do, I sleep walked alot when I was a kid. My mom used to pile stuff in front of the door so I couldn’t get out. I used to walk to the store(never made it, mom always stopped before i got to far)in the middle of the night, washed my cloths in the toliet and took my levi drawer to the trash, just name a few things I did. As I grew up I would only walk once in a great while. Now I am in my 50’s and I have started walking again. I wake myself up by walking into walls and bumping into things. I don’t understand why i have started again!! Anyone have any clues? I don’t drink, smoke or anything else and i am single. I can’t understand why now.

    When I wake up in the morning either the hallway light is on or my bed room light is on. I asked my father if he turned the lights on and he said that that he saw me walking around the house flipping on lights watching Tv and playing with my cats weird. This is just a question but if you sleep walk are you possessed or what.

    My mom is 66 years old I worry because she sleep walks some notes r worst than others.my fear is that she smokes and I worry she will burn the house down,walk outside get hit on the rd or hurt her self so bad there no return.she been through all the tests,and sleep studies gave her meds which by the way dose not work.i just wish I could rest but I can’t she wakes me up or in to something constantly.i have try everything nothing working ,I wonder will there be cured befored something sever happen she had 5 percussion to the head from falling and hitting walls or doorways.i am at my weak end this is killing me to see her this way.i wake up the house is tore upside down and god food everywhere the front door wide open .so I know there has to be something these specialist can do. Any suggestions. She need rest in a worst way. Thanks lost cause of what to do about the clueless sleepwalking.

    Apparently, last night June 22,2013… I got up and was walking around with my eyes straight up open, my friend Bentley and izzy said that I started growling at them and they started hitting with pillows.. And whenever they hit me with pillows I chased them through the house with a broom beating them while I was asleep… Then Bentley grabbed me by my hair and I apparently slammed her head in glass when I was asleep and then fell Down, they said my eyes were open and huge like enlarged. We researched what sleep walkers do and the research said that if u mess with sleepwalkers u can get them where they hear stuff they’ll strike you out .

    A few weeks ago, my little brother (9 years old) ran down stairs mumbling something which I could not understand. It was actually pretty funny watching him sleep talk and walk, he was talking to me (while he was asleep) and I thought it’d be funny to ask him silly questions. So I said ”What are you doing?” and he said ”Be quiettt *mumble mumble*” Then he said…”You’re gonna lose…”, then I replied back saying ”What?” Then he carried on talking and said ”You’re gonna die. You’re gonna die today.” And obviously I was a scared to hear this…:S But I asked him how? And he told me ”Your toys are going to blow up and you’re gonna die.” I mean I don’t have any toys, but that was pretty freaky to hear, I’ll be honest, I was actually really scared hahaa, oh man :c I asked him about this the next day and he said he doesn’t remember :s

    But man oh man that was scary..

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