How does cancer attack the body?

Cancer is a type of disease in which mutated cells i.e. cancer cells in our body starts increasing very quickly which can harm the healthy cells and can be dangerous to our lives when it becomes uncontrollable. It may be surprising for you to know that our body develops near about one million cancer cells per day and destroys them every day. Fifty million cells are created per second in our body and with that some cancer cells also develop but our immune system checks it out and destroy those cells. Cancer may happen in any organ or part of the body like skin, breasts, lungs, blood and digestive organs.

When the new cells are formed in the body then sometimes an agent called “carcinogens” attack the cells and the healthy cells change to cancer cells. They form a group and start multiplying more quickly than the normal cells and they do not perform any function of the tissue in which they are present. Moreover they consume nutrients and do nothing. After that they start destroying other healthy cells of that tissue. Ultimately they collectively forms tumor. Sometimes cells from this tumor moves to the other tissues and organs through lymphatic system and bloodstream. This process is called metastasis. This may further lead to cancer.

Some doctors say about cancer that it can happen due to genetic reasons also which means that you might have born with the genes that already carries cancer If one of your close relatives is suffering from it.
Here is the description how stomach and blood cancer attacks the body:-

Researchers tell that there are nearly 760,000 people are diagnosed with stomach cancer all over the world.
Helicobacter pylori bacterium thins the lining of stomach and can result in cancer. You may have chances to get infected by helicobacter pylori bacterium if you are living with the person in a small place infected by this. There can be other reasons also for stomach cancer.

Protease called Spycep (strep pyogenes cell envelope protease) or it is also known as “flesh eating” bacteria which attacks the body and survive by causing harm to the immune system molecule. It inactive the power of white blood cells to fight against disease and they become weak. “Strep” bacteria are responsible for many diseases which can be dangerous to life too.

Some of the causes of cancer:-

It is something that harms the normal cell and makes it cancerous cell. More carcinogens more are the chances of cancer. It can be some chemical like formaldehyde, benzene, asbestos or radiation of UVA and UVB, radioactive elements etc can cause skin cancer.

Tobacco smoking is other reason for cancer in your pancreas, lungs, throat, mouth, esophagus, and bladder.

As you become old your immune systems also weakens and looses its ability to fight with abnormal cells or damaged cells. As a result these cells remain in the body and leads to cancer.

Eating excess of fatty food can increase the chances for cancer; drinking alcohol; no physical workout and obesity also contribute towards cancer.

People having hepatitis B and C may lead to cancer but other viral and viruses cannot cause cancer.

Immune system fights with the damaged or mutated cells. Poor immune system may lead to certain kinds of cancer.

Sometimes abnormal cells are inherited and trigger the child’s cell causing cancer in specific part or organ.

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    I believe that there should be more information added about cancer like is it treated because some people don’t know that. And you should also include the causes of it because i am having trouble on how it was caused and i don’t know these things and maybe someone else don’t either. Also how it is created, people would like to know the details so they can prevent from getting it.

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