What are the effects of high cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that forms in the liver of our body. Actually, some amount of cholesterol is needed by our body for certain body functions but if the level increases it can cause many health problems.

Studies have shown that in U.S out of every 10 adults, 2 are having the high cholesterol level. Doctors check the level of cholesterol by simply doing a blood test. It is measured in mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter of blood). In other words, we can say that how many milligrams of cholesterol are present in one deciliter of blood. If the number is above 200mg/dl then you have the high cholesterol level.

Obese people, women above 55 years of age, men above 45 years of age and especially the people with family history of high cholesterol have more chances of it.

Effects of high cholesterol depend on some factors like from how long you have the high cholesterol, how much high is its level and also your present health conditions.

High levels of cholesterol effects badly on the circulatory system of the body and further cause serious heart problems.
This waxy substance known as the cholesterol move in our arteries with the blood. When the level of cholesterol rises in the blood, it hardens on the walls of arteries and becomes hard plaque thus making the passage narrow for the blood circulation. This condition is known as atherosclerosis. As a result the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart reduces, which leads to serious heart problems like fatal heart attack, and angina pain, etc.

High levels of cholesterol increase the blood pressure as the blood reacts to the resistance caused by the hardening of cholesterol on the walls of arteries.

When the cholesterol level reaches to extremely high levels then it may cause the plaque formed in the arteries to rupture. This rupture releases many harmful substances in our body.

Lack of exercise, having processed food, stress, inherited from the family, having food that contains saturated fats, poor diet, drinking alcohol, smoking, etc are the main causes of high cholesterol.

If you have a moderate level of high cholesterol then you can reverse its effects by changing your diet pattern. Do not eat foods that contain saturated fats, like milk, dairy products, Some types of meat, egg yolk, etc. also avoid having processed foods like fast foods, food cooked by frying. Eat only those foods that contain unsaturated fats, fiber and complex carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables. Include salmon, walnut, almonds to your diet as they help in lowering cholesterol level but do not eat excess of them as they may increase extra calories in your diet.

Another thing an overweighed person can do to lower the cholesterol level is to exercise regularly because it helps in weight loss, which further reduces the cholesterol level.

If the cholesterol level is too high then you should immediately consult your doctor. He will recommend you some medications to lower the cholesterol level.

Remember that most of the times high cholesterol levels have no symptoms, and it works silently in our body and goes on increasing day by day if we do not keep a check.

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