Why are people cutting down rainforests?

Rainforests are cleared up because of the following reasons:-

Cutting of trees in the rainforests by the logging companies is to obtain timber. They cut large trees like teak; mahogany for making furniture and the smaller one is used to produce the charcoal. The trees with quality wood are used to obtain timber and other is for wood chipping.

Rainforest are cut down for growing fruits, cereals, pulses. The area in tropical countries where all these things are grown was once a rainforest. Vast plantations of palm oil, pineapple, sugarcane, tea and coffee are done on these lands along with the cattle ranching and the soil gets exhausted and cannot retain its qualities for a long time. So the farmers move on for more land and cut more trees in the rainforests.

Rainforest of south and Central America has burnt to make the land for cattle farming so that beef at low cost can be supplied to China, Russia, and North America. For a pound of beef 200 square feet of rainforest has been cut down. The soil without trees becomes dry and exhausted very quickly. The grass begins to die and after a period of time the farmers have to move further and cut more forest because the earlier land has turned to a crusty desert.

Metals like aluminum, copper, gold; diamonds and oil are mostly found below the ground of rainforests. So to obtain these metals we have to clear up the forests. Sometimes chemicals like mercury is used for the gold to separate it from the soil and these chemicals further goes to river and streams and also pollute them. Harm the fish and other aquatic animals.

Oil companies are destroying the rainforests in order to find new oil deposits. Roads are constructed so that pipelines can be placed for the extraction of oil. Sometimes the oil rupture from the pipelines and get into the neighboring areas of forest which damages the wildlife and water supplied to neighboring villages and lands.

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    I think that not many people think that they all need to have a type of tree or fruit or something in there country or city where every they live and those who work as cutting trees don’t even think about the environment.

    people dont always cut down trees to get wood and funiture and all that other stuff! they cut down rainforests tomake space for farms. but i say to that… IF YOU CANT FIND ANY SPACE HERE GO TO A DIFFERENT COUNTRY WHO DOES HAVE SOME SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People that are cutting up the rainforest’s don’t even care whats gonna happen AFTER they have cut it down. For example there would be more global warming (when the ice on Antartica starts to melt). Then there would be more water than land and the land would be flooded more. millions of people could die. They do these horrible stuff just to get money.

    the reason for most of these is because countries around these regions are emerging economies or 3rd world nations and therefore need to aquire these resources if their nations are to ever develope, and no they dont do these things just to get money but to aquire a better quality of life and you might argue that they shouldn’t because it harms the earth but didn’t all 1st world nations such as canada and US cut down alot of their forests aswell so that they could become the global powers that they are today and now we are going to denie these nations the opportunity to rid them selves of porverty? and cause them even more problems than they already have by placing restrictions on what they can and cant do in their own country?

    I think that you should put more about LOGGING! Like are they planting more after and how much of the tree’s are effecting us human’s and some things like that as I am founding out information for a school newspaper for Geography. Thanks…

    I need to get more about who is trying to help and put more about logging and what i don’t get is why do people think they have any more right to the rainforest than all the other animals in this world. Thanks.

    The destruction of the rainforests is essential to many industries. Logging companies endeavour to obtain timber or use the poorer quality wood for wood chipping. The locations of the rainforests are also areas where the climate is perfect for harvesting crops such as sugarcane or coffee. Therefore many acres of rainforest are cut down every day to provide new plantations. Once the land has been used to grow produce it takes several months for the land to retain the same quality of soils, meaning that farmers cut down more trees to make more land available. Like the farmers, cattle herders have the same routine of using land for cattle ranching before moving making new land once the old is ruined. For each pound of beef, 200 square feet of rainforest has been cut down. The concluding reason to cut away the rainforests is that metal, such as aluminium and copper, and oil deposits lie beneath the ground of the rainforests.

    It’s obvios who the people are. Large companies trying to get money- I don’t know how they get the rights to do those things but I think they buy the land. But, yes, you’re right. People should never harm these forests, not only because of the animals, but because these are essential to our future, we depend on them to live.

    I got about 10 points I could make here. The main reason is if a guy cant feed his family, the government gives him a subsidy to chop down a portion of rainforest to farm so he can keep his family alive. The problem there is that he gets only 3 to 4 years before the nutrients wash away and he leaves a quagmire of salty, infertile soil. Why? Because they chopped down the trees which had protected the soil for centuries. The rain takes the nutrients, then he moves on. Also, capitalist companies can get good deals on lumber for huge tracts of rainforest land. 100 years ago, native amazonians could re-use a piece of land without destroying the soil. Now, with denser agricultural and urban developments, these farmers exist only through massive imported subsidies of food and fertilizer. I’m writing a paper too, nuff said.

    why people need to cut down the forest?

    – They cut down it to build their houses

    – Burned the forest unexpected

    – Dealers cut down to sell for their own………

    i think that cutting down the rainforest can effect our econimey and not having the rainforest can kill thousends and thousends of plants and animals isent that aufffle

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