Why did the U.S enter the Vietnam War?

After the Second World War many countries of Eastern Europe had come under the communist rule like china, Russia etc. America, Africa and Asia were also coming under the influence of communist rule. U.S felt that if the same situation continues then they would lose the cold war. Cold war was about the communism and Vietnam War was part of it. So the people of U.S wanted to prevent the spread of communism and entered the Vietnam War. Also the president declared legally that they will definitely help the country who needs the help for preventing communism.

After the withdrawal of French from South Vietnam due to the money issue one part of the Vietnam was communist and the other was capitalist. North was communist and south was capitalist. North tried to unite with the south but U.S felt that if both were united then the south will also come under communist rule. People of Vietnam were trying to regain their pride and to make the colonial power stronger after the Second World War. They were not cared and concerned about communism but U.S was interested in the prevention of communism. America sent a large amount of military and war material for the South Vietnam to fight against North Veitnam and hence entered the war. Gradually the war became more intense between them and the troops were sent to South Vietnam. In 1969 nearly 534000 troops were sent to Vietnam by America. It remained in war until 1975 when southern capital at Saigon was won by North Vietnam.

vietnam war America dropped more bombs in this war than in the World War II. They lost the war because they sent war material and troops for conventional war but the other side was fighting gorilla war.

Communist rule theory says that no person will be richer or better. Everybody work together and share their profits, government will surely employ everybody and give medical facilities. However this theory doesn’t work in real. The officials were always better than the other people.

Other reasons for entering Vietnam War were:-

1) They wanted to show their economic influence.
2) The American ship was attacked by the spy and was fired by North Vietnamese in the gulf of Tong king. This incident contributed for entering the Vietnam war against north America.

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    You people are a still in the dark -Vietnam was a money making project, by bigoted rednecks in the U.S military- industrial complex. The history of that war is still an open wound for all the Americans and Vietnamese that suffered.

    I am doing a debate for school and the resolution is “Was it right for the U.S. to enter the Vietnam War?” This website has been helpful since I am on the affirmative team. Please publish more on the Vietnam War!

    I lik ethis website it shows me everything that i need at the touch of a button and i feel as in everyone suffered a tremendous amount and that it is an open wound for everyone who fought in the war and the family of those who lost veterans in the war. I have completed a research paper on this war and i would like if you published more on the Vietnam War as well.

    If you want some information about the Vietnam War, watch the documentary, “Hearts and Minds.” I saw it first in college in a film class in the early 80’s. I am watching it with my 19 year old daughter right now. Our cable company has it on HBO documentaries.

    Honestly America should just worry about themselves, and stop trying to fix everyone else’s problems when we obviously have enough here.

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