How to get rid of toothache?

Sometimes toothache is very painful, uncomfortable and can disturb your sleep at nights. There can be many reasons for the toothache. And the amount of toothache is mostly dependent on the cause of the toothache. Sometimes pain is so severe that the sufferer is ready to try anything to get rid of it. You must know the cause for toothache to get rid of it.

If the pain is due to cavity and inflammation on teeth then your dentist will fill the cavity or take out your tooth. He will go for extraction only when no other way is left. But if the pain is due to the swelling of jaws then he will prescribe you an antibiotic to get relief from the pain. Most of the times toothache can be cured with pain medications and antibiotics but sometimes doctor have to give an injection around the tooth to control the pain.

Pyorrhea can be another reason for the toothache and is caused if we do not take proper care of our teeth and have the excess of soft drinks, sugar, processed food, polished rice and refined wheat and flour. In this, pockets of purulent material are formed in the teeth which cause toothache.

Toothache can be avoided by following some of the tips given below.

1)Avoid having very hot food or cold drinks because it will enhance the toothache.

2)Try to brush your teeth after every meal, especially after having junk foods so that the teeth remain clean every time. This will reduce the chances of toothache. In fact general neglect and not chewing food properly are the main reasons of toothache. Raw vegetable and hard crusted fruits should be chewed properly.

3)Use good quality tooth brush and toothpaste. Never brush in a hurry causing extra pressure on your teeth and gums.

4)Use toothpick to remove any embedded food particle left in the cavity. Also avoid having chocolates and other sugary foods at night because some particles remain in the spaces between two teeth and help in the microorganisms breeding. This cause cavities and toothache.

5)Take nutritional diet like green leafy vegetables, cereals, grams and include vitamin C containing food to your diet like tomatoes, citrus fruits etc. because they can fight against microorganisms present in the cavities and reduces toothache.

6)Our body requires 10 grams of calcium daily for healthy teeth and bones. Dates cabbage, carrots, cucumber, flour, unpolished rice, spinach are the good source of calcium.


1)You can get relief from toothache by biting a cloth soaked in oil of cloves. Or you can add a pinch of pepper in clove oil and apply it directly on the cavity. Clove oil gives relief from pain and fights against germs and cavities.

2)Stem treatment is also gives relief to the swollen or bleeding gums

3)Mix a pinch of salt in 3-4 drops of mustard oil. Apply this on your jaws and massage gently. This will help to reduce the toothache. Apply this before going to bed.

4)For temporary relief you can apply an ice pack on the paining tooth from outside.

5)Place 2-3 seeds of garlic and salt on the cavity or the tooth that is paining. This will kill the germs and bacteria and is very effective to reduce the toothache.

6)You can apply a paste of vinegar and bark of bay berry to get relief from the toothache.

7)Asafetida is rich in vitamins and mineral. It makes your teeth strong enough to fight the pain.

8)Chewing a small piece of onion for at least 5 minutes daily is very beneficial. It kills all the germs hidden in the spaces between teeth. To get relief from toothache chew it on the paining teeth or cavity.

You must consult your dentist if the toothache is severe or not getting relief.

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