Why do people loose hair?

When somebody says you that your hair has got thinner than before you will not feel happy and will try to find the reason behind this. If we will come to know the reason for our hair loss then we can surely work towards growing them back. Span of hair growth is two to six years. It grows with the rate of nearly half inch per month. This happens with 90% of hair. While other 10% hair can fell in two or three months which is absolutely normal and there is nothing to worry about. But if we are quickly losing hair and their re-growth is also inadequate then we must take it seriously and try to find the reasons.

If we remain in constant stress then it will surely affect our hair. After two or three months of the stressful happening rate of hair fall increases. This is because while stress adrenaline gland releases more amount of testosterone and noradrenalin which results in excessive hair loss. During stress our scalp muscle also come under pressure and which disturb the proper circulation and lead to hair fall

Sometimes particular type of illness can result in hair loss. Hair loss is due to the treatment we are getting for any kind of illness. So we have to discuss about this with doctor and mostly it is short termed and can easily treated.

Hormonal problems like imbalance in androgens and estrogens which are male and female hormone relates to hair problems. If thyroid gland is also not functioning in a proper manner then it can lead to hair loss.

Loss of hair is many times due to genetic problem or in other words passed from the parents to their child. This is mostly seen in males but sometimes happen in females too. Sometimes this factor affects in a young age and sometimes when you grow old.

Sometimes we neglect our hair and do not clean it properly, then the scalp become hard and restrict the further hair growth. Hair loss is also caused by using chemicals or low standard products for your hair.

During the pregnancy the level of estrogens (female sex hormones) rise and the women notice the growth of hair and after child birth this level comes back to its original level then the women has to face hair loss. Hair can re-grow with the consultation of doctor.

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