Why do we need body hair?

Hair has many important roles in our body. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Hair is one of the important parts of integumentary system of our body. It serves us by preventing the foreign particles like dust to enter the body. For e.g. hair around eyes does not allow dust to enter in the eye same is the case with nose and ear. Eyebrows also check the amount of light entering the eye.
Another function of hair is to give you warmth. During cold days many times we must have noticed that hair on our body becomes erect, this is to create extra insulation and rise our body temperature a bit higher more as compared to surrounding environment. It also captures the air surrounding our body to reduce the loss of heat from the body.
Hair also reduces the friction to prevent irritation in our body when skin will come into the contact with the skin of the other part of body for e.g. we have hair under arms which reduces the friction of skin.
Hair helps the skin to accept the signals from the environment like touch. That is why we have hair on all parts of body except the soles of feet and palms of our hands.
Hair plays so many roles one of which is to help the olfactory communication (related to smell) our body releases pheromones a chemical which gives unique smell or scent to every individual. So hair helps to retain this unique smell of our body which will help others in sensing and responding you. Millions of money is spent by the manufacturers of perfumes, soaps to make our body smell more attractive to others.

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