How to get rid of body odor?

Large numbers of people are effected by the problem of body odor. You feel embarrassed when your body stinks and you avoid getting closer to your friends.
Generally the body odor or bad smell is due to the growth of odor causing bacteria. Because when a person perspires the growth of bacteria increases causing the bad smell from your body. It affects all the people whether the men, women or children.

Some people are more susceptible to body odor. This condition is known as hyperhidrosis. Here are some ways to get rid of body odor:-

Take the bath at least once a day. People suffering from hyperhidrosis can bath twice a day. Pay special attention to underarms, anus, groin, belly button and the areas that produce odor. For better results you can use fragrant body washes or mix few drops of rose water to the bucket full of fresh water. This will definitely help to reduce body odor.

After the bath, dry yourself with a towel and then sprinkle powder on your body especially underarms and any other part where sweat tends to accumulate because powder acts as an absorbent.

Give special attention to the fabric of your clothes in summer. Wear cotton clothes in summer because it can absorb moisture and ventilate pretty well. It helps to keep your body dry.
Change clothes in the evening or after getting back from work. Do not go on with one set of cloths for the whole day.

Body odor is also caused by the type of food you eat. Eating excessive onion, garlic can increase body odor. Avoid substances that contain caffeine for e.g.:- coffee.
Also avoid refined sugar and fats because it feeds bacteria that can increase bad smell many times over. Drink lots of water daily.

Deodorants and anti perspirants are the most common ways to prevent the body odor and excessive perspiration. Deo only covers up the bad smell of sweat while the anti perspirants actually stops the perspiration process. Anti perspirants clog skin pores and do not allow bacteria and toxins to come out of skin. This can cause underarm cyst and pimples.
Both deodorants and anti perspirants can sometimes cause irritation and rashes. Scentless antiperspirants are the better option.

Underarms are the most stinky and affected part of the body. Removing hair will help you to sweat less moreover allows the deodorant to do its job more effectively.

There are some drugs that manipulate the level of some chemicals that regulate sweat causing glands.

Surgery is another way to get rid of body odor but do not go for it unless the body odor is too bad and no other above mentioned ways work.

Fungal infections, poor hygiene, and kidney and liver disease can also cause body odor. If you suspect these problems then consult your doctor.

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    im quintasia and i have been suffering of this bad smell when i was 9 i didnt kno where it came from it cause not to go to school, i get longly all the time, school, i love school and this smell is causein me not to go to school they people look at , sayin whats that smell is it was just to much getting over this bullshit it was to much i wasnt always like i was this pretty girl with this bright smile friendly to every one i want help really bad cant tell no one not even my own mother its just so sad im 12 comimg 13 on sept. 12 not happy at all i didnt went any where for four years now getting older ,ugly,meaner(when i be around people i be so silent, quiet,and shy) mireable if someone find this please tell what to do longly life , Quin

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