How height can be increased?

Most of the small stature people are unhappy with their height. Sometimes they feel depressed, embarrassed and not confident about themselves. They always think that good height is very helpful for getting the jobs, promotion, going into the field of modeling and general impression on others. So they try to get taller by one or another way. Here are some ways that can help you to increase your height.

It is very beneficial to increase height even for the people for whom the height issue is hereditary. Yoga is a kind of exercise that speeds up the metabolism process of your body, which further helps the pituitary gland to secrete hormonal fluid. Height can be increased with proper secretion of growth hormones. More is your workout more is the release of growth hormones that help the bones tissue and muscles to increase in size. The best part of yoga is that it removes the causes that are responsible for short height and improper growth of the body. Various yoga exercises are very helpful to increase height:-
In this exercise (asana) your belly and the region around the belly gets stretched. This elongation increases your height from the trunk region.

In this exercise (asana) you have to stand straight on your toes keeping your backbone straight pull yourself upward from the top. This asana is very helpful to increase height.

Bhujang asana
Lay down facing towards the floor and then put your hands near your chest and shoulder. Keep your legs together, Now inhale and raise your head, chest and shoulder. Be sure that your thighs and knees and pelvis remain straight on the floor during the asana.

Other exercises (asanas) like dhanurasana, sheershasana, mayurasana are very useful to increase height.
Breathing exercise (pranayam) is very helpful in general growth of our body. Moreover, it can cure many other diseases because during pranayam (breathing exercise) we inhale the fresh air which reaches to each and every part of our body to perform proper metabolism functions, which further cause the general growth of our body.

It stretches your spine which further causes increase in height up to one to two inches. While hanging keep your body relaxed so that it can be stretched properly. Be in this position for more than 15 seconds. Repeat the process as many times as you can.

Swimming is very good for increasing height and general growth of the body. It also gives your body a good shape and prevents backbone distortion. We can say that swimming is the best exercise to get tall and slim body.
Dry land swimming
Another exercise is dry land swimming. In this exercise, you have to lay down on the floor, put your arms in front of you (the palms should be towards the floor), raise your right arm and left leg as far as you can but there should be no bend either in the arm or on the leg. Hold this position for 5 to 6 seconds. Try to improve your timing day by day. Now repeat the process with the other arm and leg.

Stand with you hand straight clutching each other at the back. Now bend your body and raise your arms high as far as possible. This is also a good exercise to stretch the body and increase height.

Sit with your legs extended straight in front of you; fold your left leg in a way that the lower part of your foot must touch your thighs from the sides. Pull the left leg close to your body as far as you can. Now the position of your legs should be almost like “p”, raise your hands above your head keeping your spine straight and inhale. Now bend your arms slowly towards the right foot keeping your arms and knees straight, also exhale at the same time, try to stay in that position. Repeat the process with the other leg too. Do this exercise at least 5, 7 times.

High speed sprinting, rope skipping, resistance jumping, playing basketball, cross stretching and elevated seat bicycling etc. are also very beneficial to increase height.

Spinal cord is very much responsible for height. Curvature problem in your spine resists the growth of height. Many people have this problem, but they cannot detect it and remain short heightened. So fix the problem of curvature and increase your height.

Lie down and bring your feet close to your buttocks. Now hold your ankles with your hands or clutch the fingers of both the hands in such a way that the feet get tucked in your hands raise your hips as high as possible, hold the position for at least 4, 5 seconds in the beginning. This is a good exercise for your spine.

One thing you have to keep in mind is to discipline yourself to exercise regularly because staying away from exercise for some days can cause hormonal imbalance which further causes the less secretion of growth hormones from the pituitary glands. Along with this you must have healthy and nutritious diet that contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. like fresh fruits, green vegetables, milk, egg, fish, etc. also start eating 5 or 6 meals a day instead of 3 large meals. Do not eat a large meal just before going to bed because it lessens the secretion of growth hormones.

Proper rest is also very important for your body to grow. A person who does not sleep well and take the rest may remain short in height.

Some pills and injections are available in the market to increase the growth hormonal level which further causes increase in height, but it is strongly recommended that these drugs should be taken under the medical supervision because they have some side effects like high blood pressure, dizziness, headache, hair loss, allergic reactions, increased sweating, etc.
One big disadvantage of having injections and pills is that your body becomes habitual of getting trigger from outside and stops producing growth hormones naturally.

Another way of increasing height is to go for limb surgery, but it is a very costly procedure.

Short heighten person can improve his/her looks by wearing high heels, choose the dresses which help you to look taller like vertical stripped shirts, maintain a good posture while standing or sitting position.
Some of these things help to hide your short height.

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