Why do we have nose hair?

Why we have nose hair? We always heard the answer for this question is that it protects foreign bodies and dust particles to enter in our body which is absolutely true. It acts as a filter for our nasal passages. We should not confuse cilia with nose hair. They are the small microscopic strands.
Cilia pull up a liquid known as mucus by capillary action from the epithelium. During exhalation it traps the humidity and maintains the humidity level and also during the inhalation this trapped humidity humidifies the air which we inhale. This moisture also keeps the soft nasal membrane lubricated.
Cilia moves forward and backward nearly sixteen times a second. This movement helps mucus to return back to oropharynx where it can be ejected or swallowed.

Trimming of nose hair can affect badly on nasal membrane, can cause allergy or cold symptoms and it is commonly believed that if we trim the nose hair then they will grow darker and longer in size. But in actual no such things happen. No doubt trimmed hair gives you dignified look than the untrimmed hair but it affects your health and will not prevent the entry of germs and other foreign bodies.

Generally men have to face this problem of overgrown nose hair more as compared to the women. The growth of hair is controlled by estrogen (female hormone) which is produced in both men and women but as its production quantity in men is very less so more hair can be seen in them. That is because we find most of the nose hair trimmers for men in the market.

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