How to play Chinese Checkers?

Chinese checker happens to be one of the simplest yet one of the most entertaining indoor games that can be played. It is also an immensely popular game that is played worldwide. Those that play Chinese checkers need a little bit of wit to defeat the opponent and win the game. Chinese checkers can be played with two players, and up to six players can play this game of intelligence.

Chinese Checkers-Setup and Rules

Chinese Checkers has a specially crafted board where the game is played. The board is designed in the pattern of star and has six triangles where the marbles can be placed. Each triangle will contain 10 marbles corresponding to a player. It is for an individual player to decide from which corner, he wants to start off his game. The aim of the game is to swap the marbles with one another and reach the other corner of the board. The player who manages to reach the opposite side/ triangle of the board fastest is declared the winner.

The moves by the players are done in a clockwise direction. Chinese Checkers allows one peg move at each turn. There are two options for a player in the game. The first option allows the player to move along all adjacent holes in the board while the other option lets the player to skip over a hole and place the marble in the free hole next to it. It sounds like a little complicated, but once you start off, in the right direction; it can be a whole lot of fun.

The game allows a player to make more than one jump at each turn. The moves can be in an asymmetric pattern. In other words, you might drift from the straight line the game doesn’t allow any of the players to remove any marbles from the board until and unless they block the way of the player who is winning the game. That is valid only when the marbles are filling up the space which is supposed to be the finish or the end point for the player (that is winning the game). The player who can successfully put all the pegs in the opposite trainable is declared the winner of the game; Chinese Checker can have only one winner.

The partners in the game

Chinese checkers is among the few indoor games which give each and every player of the game a chance to choose his or her partner. In the case that the player is eliminated from the game, he or she can actually help the partner to settle his moves and regulate his pegs in the correct direction. Also playing as a team with a partner motivates them and makes it easy for one to discuss over the possible moves for winning the game.

The Strategy to Win the Game

Although there are many expert advices available for the game which might help you to win it’s advisable that you carve out your own strategy when start playing the game.

When there are 2 players, the pegs must be placed in the opposite triangles. If there are three players, then the pegs should be placed in equidistant triangles and so on.

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