Why is alcohol addictive?

Any substance which alters our state of consciousness in just a minute is addictive and alcohol is one of them. Our mind gets habitual for this “crave” or “high” state of consciousness.

Alcohol makes its way through the small intestine and the stomach and it reaches to the brain in just 30 seconds which triggers and releases dopamine that is responsible for producing satisfaction and feelings. It also releases some kind of endorphins in the brain these endorphins are usually mood stabilizing like serotonin or norepenepherin. So with the regular intake of alcohol our body gets habitual for this endorphin and gradually our brain stop producing it on its own. So every time your body feels the need of endorphin it has to take it from outside like alcohol. That is why we can say that alcohol is addictive.

It is recommended that we should eat while drinking and if a person does not eat while drinking then the alcohol level in his blood is three times more than the person who has eaten. Everything is in control of our brain like memory, mood, and motor function and of course our emotions. Intake of alcohol effects all these things and it depends on firstly on the quantity and secondly on the speed of consuming. Reaction of alcohol with the body is also dependent on the factors such as weight, mood, food, gender, medications etc.

When we take alcohol it reaches to our brain and brain alcohol level will be same as blood alcohol level. Its depressive effects can cause poor balancing, difficulty in walking, speech etc and if the level is too high that can cause breathing level and heart rate to slower down.

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