How do i know if a guy likes me?

Most girls and women can tell whether a guy is interested in them or not. For others who can’t get things in place and are confused, there are a few signs that would help them in choosing the next step.

Body language

Body language is the most indicative thing that tells your feelings. If you closely observe a guy, you can easily tell whether he is interested in you or not.

• He likes a little bit of touch once in a while and tries to put an arm around you whenever an opportunity arises!
• While talking to you, the guy will lean towards you.
• While going out in a group, you will get special attention from the boy, and he will be facing you most of the times.
• He will not miss a chance to hug you.
• Though he might be having other girlfriends, you will be treated differently.
• There is always a smile, rather a blush on his face while talking to you.


A guy tries to be at his best when he is with the person he loves. He tries to impress the girl at every step of the way. While crossing the road, the guy will escort you, hold your hands, hold out the chair for you if you go dining, and several other things that you would feel special about.

Eye contact

Look into the eyes of a person, and you will know what he feels of you. Feelings are best expressed through the eyes and even if someone tries, he will not be able to hide his emotions. When you get hold of him staring at you, he will immediately look the other way and feel shy about it. It will be evident from his movements. Playful and mischievous guys will wink at their (special) girlfriends more often.

Mind games

Flirting is an important strategy employed by guys to attract the girls. He may even flirt with someone else in front of you and see if you get jealous. On the other hand, if you do the same with someone else he will feel envious and may even get angry.

Attention to details

A boy tries his best to entertain you, make you laugh, sometimes even going out of his way. He will crave for your attention and will listen carefully to everything you say.

Other things

• The guy will tell that he is most comfortable when you are around.
• He shares everything with you, and looks for your support.
• He goes out of his way to help you out in your problems.
• He appreciates every good thing in you, and gives honest opinions.
• He supports in the things you undertake.
• You know his darkest fears and deepest desires.
• He will despise all your ex-boyfriends
• Last but not the least, if the boy is a creative one, he may even write a poem about you.

What matters is love and true feelings. However, many guys may just be after sex. So be sure you choose the best guy.

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