How to avoid acne?

Acne vulgaris is also known as acne. It is a very common problem among the teenagers and young people. Acne can appear anywhere on our body but mostly on the face and the back. Whiteheads and blackheads are the symptoms of acne. Acne can be very mild or severe that leaves deep scars.

The most common cause of acne is the removal of waste and sweat from the skin. When the body eliminates waste and sweat through the skin, some pores happen to block which further form acne.


Remove extra oil and dirt

Excess production of oil in the body, excess secretion of oil or sebum from the skin and accumulation of dirt on the skin pores is the main reason for acne. So you have to control the extra production of oil and remove the extra oil and dirt from the skin to avoid acne because this oil and dirt many times block the skin pores.

Wipe off the oil and dirt from your face with a tissue whenever you feel that your skin is getting oily. Wash your face gently only twice a day because extra washing will remove the necessary oil from the skin and will allow the body to produce more and more oil. Wash your face regularly before going to bed, especially those who put on make-up, a person who sweats more than the normal person and the people who do a lot of physical exercise like sports, swimming, dancing, etc.
If you have oily hair then wash your hair twice or thrice in a week because it can cause acne on your forehead.

Remove bacteria

Bacteria can cause skin allergy and acne. Washing your face twice a day with a mild face wash will also remove bacteria from the skin. Always use mild face wash to clean your skin because the soap bar causes dryness, irritation and can clog the skin pores. Warm water and mild face wash is the best option to clean the skin pores.
Try to change the pillow covers and bed sheet once in a week so that the oil and bacteria cannot accumulate there and again enter your skin pores.
You can also use anti-bacterial products that contain benzoyl peroxide to remove bacteria from the skin.
Drink lots of water (7, 8 glasses a day) because it helps to remove the dirt and bacteria from the skin. It also keeps your skin hydrated and soft, which allows the dirt and bacteria to escape easily from the skin pores.
If you use a phone a lot than do not allow it to touch your skin because this may also cause bacterial infection.

Avoid direct sunlight

Some people think that sun rays kill the skin bacteria, but it is a wrong belief. Over exposure of skin to direct sunlight can cause cancer and alzheimer’s. So avoid over exposure to sun to avoid acne.

Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking
Chinese people believe that alcohol in excess may cause acne because it increases the level of heat in our body.
It is an also common belief that smoking cigarette causes acne as it contains nicotine. So avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes in excess. They are also not good for your health.
Exercise is a good option to get rid of toxic substances formed by drinking and smoking.

Check your medications

Some medications may cause acne or pimples. Ask your doctor when he recommends you some medications. If he says yes then you can ask him for some other alternative medicine that does no trigger acne, if available.
Birth control tablets can cause acne in many ladies. Consult your doctor before having any type of birth control pills.

Use Good quality make-up products
Today different types of make-up products with different types of companies are available in the market. Always use good quality of cosmetics because some of them contain harsh chemicals. Some people use too much of make up to hide acne, no doubt it will hide them for some hours, but actually it will enhance the problem because make up clog the skin pores.
Girls having oily skin should not use oil based make-up. Before buying any cosmetics just check that whether it has oil controlled material in it.

Maintain hormonal balance

Sometimes acne appears on the skin due to hormonal imbalance in the body. Like eating too much of sugar in you diet will increase the secretion of the hormone named insulin. This hormone provides the environment for bacteria to grow and hence cause acne. When your hormones return to their natural level you will naturally get clear and acne free skin.

Proper and healthy diet

Healthy diet is very important for healthy skin. Include fruits, green vegetables, juices, etc to your diet. Fast foods may accumulate oil under the skin because they are heavily processed and have some chemicals in it. So avoid these types of food.
High preservatives are found in the cow’s milk and products made from it. This not only triggers the acne but also causes the cardiovascular problems. You can replace the cow’s milk with soy milk or use the fresh milk that does not contain any preservatives.

Remove dead cells from the skin

Scrub your face with scrubber or abrasive cloth to remove dead skin. Always scrub your skin gently with the scrubber. Do not give extra pressure or scrub hard this will leave your skin dry and cause red lesions.

Avoid stress

It is also believed that stress can cause acne and pimples. So avoid stress as much as you can.

If the problem of acne is severe then it is better to consult your doctor because it may be due to some allergy. Always consult the doctor before using any anti-acne products on your skin.

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