Who invented Global Positioning System?

The global positioning system better known as the GPS was invented by Roger L Easton. GPS is used to provide reliable information on time and location at all times. The invention of the GPS has created a great revolution in the way we live.

Roger Easton was awarded the National Medal for Technology in 2004 by President George Bush for his achievements in navigation and timing technology, spacecraft tracking technology that ultimately led to the development of NAVSTAR-GPS.

GPS is used to calculate the geographical positions using satellites. Nowadays GPS is used in boats, cars, farm machinery, movie making, laptop computers and other avenues too. The specific and accurate distribution of fertilizer in farms can also be controlled by GPS. Hunters, boaters and hikers use this as a navigation tool. GPS is also used in surveying, map making, tectonics and recreation.

The GPS satellites orbit at an altitude of 11,000 miles from the earth. Large land-based radars adjust these satellites after a period of time and hence their position is known much in advance. This orbit information is stored in GPS receivers for future reference.

Today GPS is used widely by both civilians and military all across the world. However there are some restrictions on the civilians use of the GPS system.

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