When was the internet invented?

Internet was not invented by a single person or company. It was developed by a team of experts. These developments and ideas about the internet started nearly a quarter of century back.

Development of internet started in 1957 when Sputnik I (the first satellite) was launched by Soviet Union. American’s felt threat by this and thought that the Soviet Union could also do bomb attacks from the space. So they created Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) in 1958. It worked for the safety from space based missile attack. Then they made another satellite which was the first satellite of U.S.

It also appointed Joseph Licklider who became the chief of New Information Processing Technique Office (IPTO) and contributed in the development of internet. Licklider thought that the communication network in the country can give benefits. He influenced other people and hired Lawrence Roberts who was also working in the field of networks. Because Liklider’s knowledge and experience of work was not based on computer programming so Robert lead a group which has to develop ARPANET (a precursor for the internet) and his ideas were based on packet switching. In 1969 ARPANET worked for first time with the communication between Stanford Research Institute and University of California in Las Angeles. After that more computers started connecting, which was a great success. Robert left his post in 1973 and made “telenet” which was the world’s first network for commercial use. He appointed Robert Kahn and Viston on his place at ARPA. They worked further on packet switching and eventually in 1983 created TCP or IP protocols which had become most widely used network.

National Science Foundation took the management in 1990 and then it was known as NSFinet which further contributed with its researches by connecting it to ESNET in universities of North America. The use of internet was exploded after 1990.

In 1992 internet access was available for common public and its use exploded.

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    “The use of internet was exploded after 1990. In 1992 internet access was available for common public and its use exploded”. Who writes this stuff? Anyway, i remember clearly being on and using a primitive form of internet in 1989. It was only “boards” which users could post on, but it could be seen by anyone worldwide. This was back when we would have to physically sit our telephone hand-set on an ergonomically accommodating pre-modem and allow for audio sounds to make signal transfers.

    I graduated high school in 1994.And we had no clue what the internet was back then.I think it was 1996 before I even heard of it.In certain ways I wish it would go away.It is ruining our world.

    I’m a web developer and I also agree the internet is degrading society but so is multimedia and in many ways its all connected in today’s world. Super fast information highway delivering content to our kids and changing the way they are raised no matter how raise them ourselves.

    I think internet is needed for some reason and yes i use it daily for my school work. but some of the things on here isn’t for kids and kids shouldn’t be on the internet without it safe guarded. alot of problems know days is the internet and parents not listening to the warning signs. i just think the world has went into hyper drive. and people should pick up books. because the internet is causing trouble for ignorant people……..


    I also graduated in 1994 and I can assure you that the internet did indeed exist. I was on Prodigy, AOL, and Compuserve. I got a computer for my birthday in October 1993. I bought a modem to go with it. We called AOL America OFF line because they didn’t have enough lines to dial into.

    I am a kid, 13 to be exact, and with out internet, I assure you that I would indeed fail my classes. It depends on the type of child using the internet, i.e. I use it to learn about science and history. I have an intricate passion for it and I cannot satisfy my lust for learning. If someone else who was looking for something inappropriate, then their parent/guardian definitely needs to pay more attention to their safety, security, and well being.

    1989 is a significant year.it’s the year satin took rulership of earth and the Internet was invented.the Internet will be the end of our world.it will be the primal basis of the coming enonomic meltdown.it will be what destroys the world towards the end of 2012.remember this comment in 2 years when it happens

    I would just like to comment on my hair, inwhich a website scammed me into buying hair dye. I received it in a box promising to dye my hair a lovely shade of brown, but it came out GINGER! Do not trust the internet, I say. I want to get that site sued.

    I was sending email in 1989. It was not called that, but we were doing it.

    I asked the computer operator if I could “type” directly with the other person if they were seated at their computer. She said that it couldn’t be done like that. The Jeopardy answers is…

    What is chat?

    All contact for us was point to point, and all done on slow telephone modems.

    The message boards you toiled on was not the “internet”. THE WELL, AOL, and all that stuff was on a private network. You had to call into those networks to participate.

    Reply to shawn,

    I too had a computer in 1989. I started learning programming in 1992 and there was this new developement called internet. I began using it to see if there was any information or help that I could use to improve my programming skills. Two days later I had a wealth of detailed information which helped me with my course. So to say that it is ruining our world is untrue, as it has helped people to communicate with each other, both from a business perspective and from a personal perspective.

    To ishkabibble, you’re an idiot; the internet was not started in the 80’s it was started in 1957. It wasn’t a commonly used thing until the 80’s, however it wasn’t a commonly used thing in households until the 90’s.

    it was not in every home tell 1992 now if you got tv a phone a car you have internet it was in big bussiness and college in 1983 it was apart of space deff in 1969 thay are close have a good day and hope the space deff sys don’t fall out of the sky there darpa

    I was born in 1990.

    I do not have any reccolection of there not being internet or cell phones.

    The only major difference I notice is that cell phones now take better pictures and the internet goes a bit faster and I can watch all of my TV shows on it. I can say that my generation and younger seem to be so bombarded with access to everything that our actual interest in it is lacking. I know very few friends who even care enough to purchase their own internet or answer their phone. We’re accustomed to having all of these convieniences. So although it may seem like a huge travesty to the older generation, after the initial awe of it’s use for making highschool papers take all of five minutes, we’re not really doing much with this. When we do it’s for a quick facebook check in to stay in touch, or random google searches because we’re bored (which is why I’m looking up super old webpages). We don’t ignore each other in social settings like I keep hearing concerns of. If you see a group of young adults all on their phones instead of talking, it is because they are most likely posting to each other through their phones. & if the internet is drawn up it is usually to answer a debate, or used to enhance the social setting with fun research or movie making or a funny clip.

    The draw of the internet and all of the horrible things it could offer is about as huge as the shock of cable was by 1997. I made that date up, but yeah. We essentially take it for granted. & therefore don’t obsess with it. It just is a way to make life more convinient at times.

    The world wide web is a infant form of media we will see in the coming years how it will grow and evolve but the journey will be amazing. thinking about not having Google or Youtube in our lives is unimaginable in this day and age. Lets just hope we will all be here to see it all unfold

    To the above posts, this is my insight. For me, I see a perfectly inverse relationship between technological advancement and our moral development as persons. We are progressing in terms of inventions but we are degrading in terms of values. I think this the product of getting used to everything being instant! Here lies the challenge, why not we change the way we respond to technological changes. Let use them to promote our well being and not to degrade our value as a person. For those who are using the internet, why not use it for knowledge accumulation and researches instead of indulging yourselves in pornographic and low grade sites! Let us parallel our personal growth in the same manner that our technology advances through time.

    Are you familiar with the IBM Information Network that became the IBM Global Network and eventually another ISP? In the 1985 Marketing Guide it included the statement that anything that can be recorded electronically can be delivered electronically. The marketing strategy was to connect IBM customers and suppliers to IBM’s network for Electronic Business. Once they were conected for IBM to many, the next step was any to any. Scanned pages from that document are online. It sure seems that the IBM Information Network Electronic support architecture and strategy was basically the invention of the Internet Business model. When you consider IP to be like concrete, then any technology could work for the electronic highway. When you consider that millions of networks existed while IP was being invented, then any protocol could work. IP just won the protocol war. Isn’t it fair to say that the 1985 IBM Information Network Marketin guide is basically the closest thing there is to having an Internet marketing guide?

    For all its faults, the internet is the only exchange of uncensored information and the last bastion of free speech. The ruling class doesn’t like that much.

    #1 RWH you are wrong. What you remember are Computer Bulletin Board Systems, not the internet. People could dial up another computer and play games etc on their system. Hardly the internet although some BBS’s did begin offering email vis their system. I ran one of them and the internet pretty much killed them.

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