How do search engines work?

The advent of internet has made a significant change on the entire world. People depend on getting their information from the search engine results. It is one of the fastest and quickest ways to get the answers to their queries. It is quite another thing to know, how a search engine actually works. Search engines utilize number of algorithms, search engine spiders and other programs to answer the queries. Each search engine has distinct set of methodologies. They work according to those methodologies and process the search result according to the requirement of the users.

Steps behind the Working of Search Engines

The working procedure of search engines is a bit critical. You will have to understand each and every step, to know how the search engines works and process the results. Once you get familiar with the steps that are included in the working of search engines, it will not be a tough task for you to determine, how search engines work.

• The first step involved in the working methodologies of the major search engines is the creation of local database. There are innumerable sites or pages on the Internet and so the search engines need to create a record of each and every page before processing the result.

• The crawlers of the search engines collect complete information about a page so that the search process is extremely quick and done in an efficient manner. As the search engines have a list of keywords, titles, urls and page information, they easily process the queries of people and provide them the complete answer of their query.

• Almost all the search engines perform a period crawling process to get the complete information on the number of websites present on the internet. The crawlers of the search engines check the websites thoroughly and the websites, which do not provide relevant information for the keywords do not get much acceptance from the search engines. Apart from the crawlers, some search engines, in the present days, use spiders or robots to collect the information from the sites.

• Before providing the reference of a website for a search result, the search engines use different programs to check the value of each and every page. If they find the pages to be worthy and informative, then only they refer to them. As and when they find spam pages, they reject or can even delete them from their data bases. In many cases, spam websites can also be ignored by the spiders. This helps to get the correct information to the users.

• The working process of search engines is developing constantly. For years, the search results provided by the search engines are based on the key phrases. However, the latest trend that is in the process presently is the concept based search result. It is expected that the concept based search results would be more appropriate than the keywords based results. It will help people to find out a better answer for each and every query. However, the concept is been worked on and would be suitably developed in the near future.

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