How do Google maps work?

Google maps is a free mapping service application that is available on the Google website. As the name suggests Google maps help us to locate any particular address or geographical feature, whether natural or manmade (such as dams and bridges). Just insert the location and the address, and you will get the specified address of the location. Just insert your own address, and you will be able to see, the map of your own locality and house. You can view all the images online and there is no need to download any software to run this application.

Are the maps accurate?

Google has designed this program to be simple and effective, so that it can be used by people quickly and efficiently. The maps are extremely accurate and show quite a bit of the detailing. With Google maps, it becomes easy to locate the places and refer to the destinations. Google maps ensure that you take the right direction as the maps are reliable.

Why do the images appear squeezed?

The images appear to be squeezed, since a single one page may try to fit in all the information. Sometimes it can get difficult to pinpoint everything. In these cases, you can try the zoom option of the map to get a better view. Google maps are always best viewed on a normal zoom mode. If you are really looking for something specific, then you can zoom in and find it.

How do I get the correct link of a map?

When we are searching for a location, we need to put in the desired address. Then when we are about to print the map, we must right click on copy link location. In this way, we will be able to print the exact link location along with the map.

Are these maps really helpful?

Of course, they are really very helpful. These maps can show us step by step directions to the desired address. You can also view the satellite images of the area. With the help of Google maps, one can easily find their way, even in unknown locations and destinations. This is a great advantage for any traveler.

For reports

If we find that there is any error in a location, we can easily report that error. We can report the error in the given link:

Other uses

Apart from the travelers, scientists, geologist, companies and just about anyone can benefit from the Google maps. These maps indicate the latitude and the longitude of places, which can easily help in finding a particular route.

Is, Google earth and Google maps the same thing?

Google maps and Google earth are two different things. Google earth is a program that we need to download and install in our computer, whereas for Google maps all we need to do is click on the location bar, add a location and get the map. Google earth allows us to see satellite photos, maps, 3D model of buildings and geographic terrain. We can also search for interesting and popular places.

Do we need an email id?

We can sign up an email id with Google and use it, whenever we use Google maps so that we can always save whatever maps is required in our account for future references.

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