How email works?

Almost all the internet users are sending billions of e-mails every day because it is a very easy and cheap way of communication but have we ever thought that how it works?

Earlier we had to send letters for the communication which took some days to reach the desired place while e-mail reaches just with a click of button. E-mail is the abbreviation of electronic mail. We send email through computers, mobiles, PDA’s etc. It is used for both personal and business purposes. It can send music, video clips, photos etc along with the written text.

Darwin magazine says that the first e-mail was sent by Ray Tomlison, an engineer in 1971.

Working of e-mail is similar to that of the letters. It halts at some postal stations so that it could reach to the correct place or address. Same is the case with electronic mail (e-mail). When we push send button from our computer it goes through the internet and moves on from sever to server tasked with MTA (mail transporting agent) and arrives to the receiver MTA. Then the MTA of receiver finally sends the e-mail to the destination mail sever and is kept in the mail box till the user opens it.

Different MTA’s talk to each other by using SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) or we can say SMTP servers. So the work of MTA is to transport messages and that of MDA is to store the messages till the user opens it hence it acts as a mailbox. For the security reasons MDA is protected by the user name and password so that nobody else can read the e-mail messages.

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    Since last Thursday, January 03, 2012, my computer has failed in Internet connection twice, in four days. The internet provider,last Thursday, had me do a number of things; (1) disconnect the modom for a few minutes, then re connect it. The Internet wouldn’t connect? She then had me (coaching me), go into my computer, to perform some few tasks,then she (instucting me), click onto the Internet, which I did and it connected? She said that this was normal and nothing I could do to prevent it? Today, at 8:30am, I went onto the Internet, no problem.But then at 3:30pm, the computer failed to connect with the Internet again? So I phoned my internet provider, and performed the same procedures as before with her help,all the way, but this time, still no internet connection? She then said maybe the modom should be replaced? (had computer and Internet and internet provider, for approx a year?) She set a time up for a service call. Then after talking to the Tech Support person, and through talking on the phone with this person, I completly shut down my cmputer, counting to 30 and then turned on my computer, everything works, and even have Internet now? It seems to be happening else where too in Ontario, what’s the solution?

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