Who invented Google?

Google needs no introduction. A popular search engine with a host of other applications, Google was invented by Sergey Bin and Larry Page in 1996. What started off as a research project by Larry and Sergey when they were pursuing their PhD at Stanford University, California went on to become one of the biggest internet companies in the world. Google’s main purpose was to enhance the search technology over the internet.

Larry Page is a popular American computer scientist born in Michigan whereas Sergey Bin is a Russian American computer scientist and they studied together at Stanford University.

The Home page of Google is easy and simple to use. It loads very quickly and brings out the best results. To increase the revenue, Google Inc. gave out advertisements related to search keywords in 2000. In 2004, about 80% of the search enquiries made on the web used Google.

Google still needs to pick up as a search engine in Japan, China and South Korea. Google has emerged as a major player in Business and Technology. Today Google has its very own Google advertising program namely Google AdSense, an e-mail service namely Gmail, its own web browser namely Google Chrome and the most recent Google Wave. However the search engine is the most popular among all these developments. Google is also available in more than ten languages namely German, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, Danish, Italian, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish and Swedish.

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