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When was the internet invented?

Internet was not invented by a single person or company. It was developed by a team of experts. These developments and ideas about the internet started nearly a quarter of century back.

Development of internet started in 1957 when Sputnik I (the first satellite) was launched by Soviet Union. American’s felt threat by this and thought that the Soviet Union could also do bomb attacks from the space. So they created Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) in 1958. It worked for the safety from space based missile attack. Then they made another satellite which was the first satellite of U.S.

It also appointed Joseph Licklider who became the chief of New Information Processing Technique Office (IPTO) and contributed in the development of internet. Licklider thought that the communication network in the country can give benefits. He influenced other people and hired Lawrence Roberts who was also working in the field of networks. Because Liklider’s knowledge and experience of work was not based on computer programming so Robert lead a group which has to develop ARPANET (a precursor for the internet) and his ideas were based on packet switching. In 1969 ARPANET worked for first time with the communication between Stanford Research Institute and University of California in Las Angeles. After that more computers started connecting, which was a great success. Robert left his post in 1973 and made “telenet” which was the world’s first network for commercial use. He appointed Robert Kahn and Viston on his place at ARPA. They worked further on packet switching and eventually in 1983 created TCP or IP protocols which had become most widely used network.

National Science Foundation took the management in 1990 and then it was known as NSFinet which further contributed with its researches by connecting it to ESNET in universities of North America. The use of internet was exploded after 1990.

In 1992 internet access was available for common public and its use exploded.

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