Why do people need government?

A government is a body that takes the charge of administration of a particular country, state, town, city and village. Its work is to make laws, rules and regulations for the citizens of that particular area. These rules are to be obeyed by all the citizens else they would be punished.

Just think of a nation or city without government. The people will start doing whatever they will feel like without thinking that it can harm others. Crime will start increasing and nobody is there to keep a check on them. There will be complete chaos and confusion. Even a house or school cannot run without proper rules and regulation so how can we imagine a big nation without government. It ensures that the people in their community can live together happily and life will not be difficult for the citizens moreover the government will make the best decisions for its community.

Government becomes responsible for making a more perfect union, maintaining law and order, insuring domestic tranquility, look after and encourage the general welfare. These are many diffrent ways adopted by the government to rule over a particular nation or city.

There are different structures of government all over world. Different nations have different structures of government i.e. democracy, monarchy and dictatorship.

Frederic Bestaiat said about government that it is an “organized plunder”.

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